Huawei automatically drives true Bitsla FSD?

On April 17, the extreme fox alpha s brush, one is because of more than 400,000 prices, the second is because Huawei automatic driving blessings. I don’t know what everyone’s opinion is, anyway, I am very confused about the current situation.

More than 400,000 Beiqi, have anyone to buy? The extreme fox alpha s looks very beautiful, but in the past few years, Beiqi put the advantages of the first hair completely, and also made a reputation very stinky. Can you change your new brand, product and service quality? Anyway, I will not think so.

Another point, more than 80,000 Huawei automatically drive, more expensive than the most expensive Tesla FSD, too confident.

Many people say that Tesla FSD can’t be used in China, so even if only 64,000 yuan is sold, it is completely invalid. In response, it is the useful Huawei, the cost is higher, it is not expensive. @ 不 看 看 认

According to Tesla’s consistent style, China will definitely start to push in the United States, Canada, do not believe we walk.

I saw that many people said that Huawei automatically drove Bitzra FSD, I was still unrecognizable, because Tesla’s large amount of data support will never be meaningless.

I don’t know if anyone remembers, I can often see the rankings of automatic driving of each brand. Every time Tesla is the bottom. Waymo in front, there is no wide application so far. For a few days ago, Waymo also was too bad because of commercialization, and it was a joke.

In today’s brush screen, there is also a large number of NASA nearly $ 3 billion in Spacex. Prior to this, Spacex has been blown up to 4 star ships, but NASA still chose them. It is said that the reason is that they think that Mask’s team has super strong, even if the explosive spacecraft is connected to the other two PPTs.

In the case of Waymo and Spacex, Tesla, with the largest amount of data in the world, is definitely a difficult mountain in automatic driving. To say Huawei Bitcraqiang, or the waiter is delivered for more than a year, and the experience of true owners is the most reference value. The manufacturer’s, the media, the car is not very credible, and everyone understands everyone.

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