Huaying Technology achieves net profit of 201 million yuan in net profit increased by 79.14% year-on-year.

April 28 announcement, Huaying Technology (603306) released the 2020 annual report show that the company realized operating income of 95 billion yuan in 2020, and the net profit of shareholders attributable to listed companies was 201 million yuan, of which operating income is 335 million yuan in the fourth quarter. The summit is high in the quarter, an increase of 14.83% year-on-year, an increase of 25.93% from the previous month.

Continue the recovery situation, Huaying Technology is still bright in the first quarter. In the first quarter of 2021, the company achieved operating income of 265 million yuan, an increase of 105.34% year-on-year, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 0.56 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 79.14%.

In 2020, China has changed, and this annual report is also the first transcript of Huaying Technology new real-fired person. In the field of main business airbag textile materials, the company uses the transition and upgrade of the automotive industry, the opportunity for sale, 339 air bags, 41 airbags, including new fixed-point project air bags (including OPW), the seat belt 15 and achieved the new project of Otot Luff, Yanfeng intelligence, whatever, and the new project of the airbag bag and the airbag cloth, the company OPW, the company OPW also achieved speed growth, all year round Sales revenue increased by 17.25%, revenue, net profit and cash flows have good performance.

As a traditional manufacturing company, the company continues to invest in R & D innovation. It is understood that in 2020, China’s annual investment costs were investigated for a total of 0.46 billion yuan, accounting for 4.88% of operating income, and 201 of R & D staff, accounting for 10.57% of its total number of companies, which is greatly leading to industry average.

In recent years, my country’s automobile industry has rapidly developed rapidly, and automotive safety regulations and standard construction are becoming more and more improved. The installation ratio of airbags continues to rise. In 2017, my country’s positive (driver and occupant) airbags have exceeded 80%, and the proportion of the future will continue to rise, the contrast of the airbag and the side of the curtain airbag are gradually improved. According to Hengzhou Boxi Automotive Research Center, in 2025, my country’s passive safety system production will exceed 180 million sets. Hengzhou Boxi Auto Research Center’s research on the development status of automobile airbags in the Chinese market has shown that the market size of airbags is expected to grow to $ 5420 million during 2017 to 2025 million dollars. The average annual growth rate is 6.03%.

Huaying Technology pointed out that according to the predictive output of various types of automotive airbags given by the research center, according to the average price of the company’s 2018 safe air bag, the price of the annual rate is considered, and the 2019-12025 is estimated. The market size of the safe gas bag increased from 4080.8 billion yuan in 2018 to RMB 5.58 billion.

While consolidating the main business, the company is still exploring new business breakthrough points. Huaying Technology said that since its establishment, the company has been focused on the field of airbag textile materials. It has accumulated rich experience. At present, the business market is relatively stable, so the company will continue to adopt the new material field “to achieve business, actively expand new fields. “Development Strategy.

In January of this year, Huacheng Technology announced the company’s industrial fund Dongyang Kaiyang Science and Technology Innovation Development Partnership (Limited Partners) on December 30, 2020, with Fu Zhiwei, Shanghai Bokang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Bo Kang Information Chemical Co., Ltd. The “Investment Agreement”, marking the company’s determination to make a positive layout to the new material field, cut into the semiconductor core material photoresist, and this project is still continuing.

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