Hummer released the first pure electric SUV, thick shape, or officially launched in 2023

Since 2018, countries around the world have significantly improved environmental issues, and they are actively advocating the development of new energy vehicles. Many joint ventures have also announced the future of the future strategic plan on electrical transformation. As a off-road vehicle nose, Jeep also exposed its pure electric SUV model, and published a series of strategic goals on pure electric vehicles and charging piles. The same man, the murder that is murder is not fat, and the first pure electric SUV model has recently released. It is reported that the new car will be based on the design of Universal Ultium platform, the first model is expected to be officially launched in 2023, and the price is about $ 105,595, with a special kit, which has a price of approximately $ 11,595.

The Hummer is a luxury brand of tough guys, with the blessing of military blood, its off-road performance is top-level, which can be adapted to a variety of complex road conditions. Although the new model released this publication is a pure electric SUV, it still retains its thick and crazy design style. As can be seen from the appearance, the new car is more close to the armored vehicle setting, and the high chassis design can be smoothly seen from the bottom of the front of the front. The thick guard plate gives people a sense of safety. The through-type day-running lamp design not only does not lose tightening, but more off-country style, the middle is embedded in the “Hummer” identification, strengthens its brand identity. Vertical front windshield also drivers can have a better driving field of view, enhance driving safety.

From the side of the body, alloy wheels designed by the cobweb design brings a sharp offensive, and the exaggerated distance between the wheel arch is to disclose its strong off-road strength. Founded roof and vertical car tail design also make this car more hard and gangs. At the end of the car, the split rectangular taillights are mounted after the door-to-door spare tires to strengthen their off -ter identity. Only without rolling, this setting will make people think of this is not a consistent traditional off-road vehicle, but a pure electric vehicle model. .

In terms of interior, Hummer’s new pure electric SUV looks more combat cockpit layout. The three multi-function steering wheel uses a chrome-plated trim or a large-size suspended design, a more technological sense, and more technological, and the Fangzi mirror on the left and right is more compatible. The through-type air-conditioned air is more crackled. With the design of the domineering, the design is designed to make the new car feel full of military models.

In terms of power, the new car uses the power system of three motors, the maximum power can reach 842 ps, peak torque 15592N · m, 100 kilometers acceleration only 3.5 seconds, the expected life can reach 483km. It is worth mentioning that the new car also uses the Crabwalk four-wheel steering technology, so that the front and rear wheels can be turned at the same angle at low speed, so that the car is driving, just like Hummer’s brand style, ramping overbearing.

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