Hydrogen fuel cell car “ride” starts “use car” problem

Since this year, the hydrogen fuel batteries of individual cities have increased significantly, and the market heat is warmed.

Recently, many hydrogen fuel cell automotive companies revealed the reality of hydrogen energy downstream demand, and emphasized that the amount of hydrogen fuel cell car order increased, which significantly drove the active in the upper and upstream industrial chains in hydrogen energy. In terms of policy guidance, domestic hydrogen fuel cell investment is warming, all localities are actively layout.

Despite clear prospects, there is still a lot of constraints in the scale development of hydrogen fuel batteries. At the national two sessions of this year, a number of automotive circles representatives, members suggested that in their opinion, in their view, the scale development of hydrogen fuel batteries, can force my country’s power industry cleaning transformation, and help carbon neutralization Realization.

Positive gave birth to market climax

Under the influence of new crown epidemic and subsidy, the production and sales volume of hydrogen fuel cells in 2020 declined. However, the recent demand has revealed rebound.

According to hydrogen chain data, as of February 22, the number of hydrogen fuel batteries car fuel batteries exposed to the bidding in 2021 was 690, which was about 79% of the annual bidding procurement of 2020. Open bidding for the purchase of hydrogen fuel cells is mainly state-owned enterprises in Guangzhou, Baoding, Zoucheng, procurement models for self-unloaded garbage trucks, hydrogen energy heavy cards, bus.

Yutong Bus is earlier, and the relevant person in charge of the company has been introduced. The relevant person in charge of the company has the advantage of long life, short hydrogenation time, low temperature adaptability is better than lithium battery cars, and the environmentally friendly benefits is clear. Current domestic hydrogen energy vehicles It is mainly carried out in the commercial vehicle area. For example, Yutong 12m fuel cell bus is filled with hydrogen, and the endless mileage can reach more than 400 kilometers, and the hydrogenation time is only 5-10 minutes.

Hydrogen energy industry is once policy support. As early as September 2020, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Development and Reform Commission, and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the “Notice on Carrying the Demonstration Application of Fuel Battery” (hereinafter referred to as “Notice”), clearly “The prize-thased” method encourages the development of the hydrogen fuel cell automobile industry, and has been labeled as a “ten city” in the field of pure electric vehicles.

According to the subsidy policy, the city to join the demonstration urban group should promote more than 1,000 fuel cell vehicles that meet the relevant technical indicators within 4 years, and the average bicycle accumulated hydrogen operation has more than 30,000 kilometers, and the standard Hydrogen station is completed.

“The launch of fuel cell cars demonstrates the driving effect on the entire industry. It is understood that there are currently many regions that have active declarations in many regions in many regions, especially those with rich hydrogen resources. According to incomplete statistics, More than 15 urban groups participated in the Demonstration Declaration “, the interior of Zhongtong Bus told the Securities Times reporter.

The local level support policy has also emerged. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2020, more than 40 special policies related to the hydrogens industry have been issued a total of many provinces and cities. Stepping into 2021, Shandong, Shanghai and other places have successively introduced the corresponding guidance and plan.

At the same time, the proposal of carbon-up peaks, carbon neutralization goals has also become the power of hydrogen energy promotion. The Securities Times noted that at the national two sessions this year, a number of automobile circles representatives, and the members mentioned this. The National People’s Congress representative, the Great Wall Auto President Wang Fengying said in the interview with the Securities Times, the development vehicle hydrogen energy industry, promoting the scale of fuel cell vehicles, improve the proportion of renewable energy hydrocarbon, is an important way to achieve low carbon emission reduction.

The upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics will add a fire to the hydrogen application. According to the plan, the Winter Olympics will run a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will reach 2,000.

There have been companies in preparation of this opportunity to exhibit hydrogen production in this time. “The company will seize the Winter Olympics Operation Hydro Fuel Automobile and Hydrogen Station, Joint Jingneng Group, Jingbi Gas and other companies to provide green transportation services.” Yao Jinlong, chairman of US Jin Energy, said.

US Jin Energy’s company flying a car has delivered a hydrogen fuel battery in Foshan, Yunfu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities. According to the statistics of the potential silver, in January 2021, the national fuel cell vehicle company was completed with 83 fuel cell vehicles. Among them, the number of uses in Qingdao has a maximum of 50 vehicles, which are 12m long 12m, which is produced by Spike. Engine fuel cell buses. According to the company’s previous announcement, Bichi cars intended to be distributed in the GEM.

Yang Coal Chemicals also lay out of the production of hydrogen production and hydrogenation station. The relevant person in charge of the company told reporters that there has not yet to feel the price fluctuations that the downstream demand increases, but the 2000 hydrogen fuel cars in the winter Olympics scene. Using, the construction of the hydrogen station is a great promotion, which is bound to have a positive impact on the promotion of the hydrogen energy industry.

In addition, the modern car group has recently completed a largest hydrogen fuel cell industry project in the beginning of the year. The Group’s first overseas hydrogen fuel cell system production and sales base is officially started in Guangzhou, accounting for 207,000 square meters, and the total investment will Reached 8.5 billion yuan.

Under the multi-sufficient superposition, a number of hydrogen fuel cell automobile companies expect that the 2021 hydrogen battery car market is expected to usher in a small climax, which is expected to exceed 2 times last year. The relevant person in charge of Yutong Bus also said that it is expected that the growth rate is approximately 200,000 years. In the future, with the implementation of the fuel cell demonstration city, the cost is rapidly decline, and the infrastructure is constantly improving. It is expected that market demand will have a substantial growth. The constraint cannot be ignored

Although the market is significantly warmed, there is still a bottleneck in the scale development of hydrogen fuel batteries. Relevant data shows that as of 2020, my country’s hydrogen-fuel cell vehicles have only 7,355; January 2021, 63 of the hydrogen fuel batteries sold 63.2% year-on-year.

“Vehicle is expensive” is the primary problem facing the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. “A 12-meter fuel cell bus is nearly 3 million yuan, which is equivalent to 2 times the pure electric, which is really difficult to accept customers,” said the inside of Zhongtong Bus.

The relevant person in charge of the reshaping shares also pointed out that the contrast of hydrogen storage, hydrogenation and other supporting facilities, changes in the industrial policy, and the imperfect supply chain supporting system, which restricts the rise in the market demand for fuel cells.

“Currently, my country’s hydrogen prices are mostly over 60 yuan / kg, the hydrogen storage system costs more than 10,000 yuan / kgH2, and the cost of the fuel cell system is mostly 6,000 yuan / kW. A number of costs are superimposed together, resulting in hydrogen fuel The production cost of the battery car is too high. “Wang Fengying told the Securities Times reporter, the cost decline is the embodiment of the competitiveness of hydrogen fuel cell car products and is also the premise of launching scale promotion.

The application scenario of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle needs to be further developed. Interior of Zhongtong Bus believes that the current hydrogen fuel cell vehicle does not have a large-scale promotion, and should be deeply explored from the demonstration scenario. It can be considered in the public transportation market, port terminal tractor, shuttle, airport connection market, etc. Scenes take the lead in applying promotion demonstrations, under the guidance of policies, let everyone want to use, with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The fuel cell system of the reshaping shares has been used in a bus, transport vehicle, refrigerator and other models. The relevant person in charge of the company pointed out that hydrogen energy can be used in non-automotive sectors, such as construction machinery, ship, etc., such as 2019. The main varieties of China’s construction machinery have exceed 8.8 million units, and they continue to expand and bring huge fuel cell system requirements.


In fact, for the existing problem of hydrogen fuel cells, from the country to the local, from the industry to enterprises, all are seeking cracking.

Chen Hong believes that a unified China Hydro-energy strategic planning and roadmap should be formed from national levels as soon as possible, and the focus of the entire industry clearly phased goals and step-by-step implementation.

After the top design is determined, the most critical core is a problem that the cost is high. According to the relevant people of Weichai, it is necessary to replace the industrial chain of the industrial chain by the Government to drive the cooperation model of the enterprise, with the help of the demonstration promotion opportunity to form an industrial scale effect.

Specifically, first, it is necessary to break through the technical bottleneck of the new material and key components at the technical bump of hydrogen fuel batteries.

“Taking the hydrogen fuel cell system as an example, the current domestic engine system is still not mature enough. High-performance core components also rely mainly on overseas imports, leading to the cost of this part.” The relevant person in charge of Zhongtong bus told the Securities Times Reporter, only in the core technology, realizes the autonomous control of core components, in order to effectively reduce the cost of the product.

Wang Fengying revealed that in terms of vehicle manufacturing, the fuel cell system and the hydrogen storage system account for about 65% of the cost of the vehicle, and it is the key to the present. Therefore, she suggested to increase key technologies from the main development, breakthrough fuel cell components to reduce key material costs.

In addition, speeding up the industrialization of fuel cells, encouraging multi-means to reduce promotion costs. Wang Fengying believes that it can actively promote the reform of investment system, build a variety of investment financing platforms, open up diversified funds, and encourage local capital injection, investment subsidies, etc. to invest in hydrogen energy industry infrastructure.

“With the support of the government’s multi-policy, I believe that the entire industry will gradually develop more healthy orbit.” A industry insider judged that in 2021, the hydrogen fuel cell automotive industry will take a big breakthrough in the wind of the policy, the market is also It is expected to reach a new height.

In this regard, the relevant people of Weichai also believe that the hydrogen fuel has a long battery, the advantage of shorting the short time, and the future must be the mainstream technology route for new energy commercial vehicles.

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