If it is not difficult to defend, who will stand on Tesla on the same as a clown.

On April 19th, the media day opened by the Shanghai Auto Show, Ms. Zhang came to Tesla’s booth, climbed a red exhibition car, standing above, yelling “Tesla brakes fail”, the body is wearing I have customized the “brake failure” and T-Luo T-shirt, and after 5 minutes, Ms. Zhang was “physically discounted” by the live staff.

This is not the first time, Ms. Zhang, the roof of the Tesla car. On March 9th, Zhengzhou, Henan, Ms. Zhang, who was sitting in the Zhengzhou Fuda store, Tesla Model 3 model roof Pull the banner for rights protection.

Ms. Zhang said that the vehicle was imported from Tesla Model 3 purchased by 410,000 yuan. During the Spring Festival, Ms. Zhang and his parents and his 1-year-old little niece were driving out, and the traffic intersection was found to find brakes. Then, the car took a rear-end accident until the vehicle was stopped on the cement table of the roadside. Subsequently, Ms. Zhang found Tesla store, indicating that there is a brake failure problem in the vehicle, and thus leads to the incident. Since February 21, Tesla has not yet given a reasonable explanation of Ms. Zhang, and has to take such a way to carry out rights. On the morning of March 10, Tesla gave feedback, according to the vehicle background data, the vehicle was in a normal driving state before the accident, the vehicle manager stepped on the brake pedal to 118.5km / h, belonging to speed, this is this The reason is caused by chasing. Ms. Zhang said that the speed was only 60-70km / h at the time of the incident. Tesla only provided the brake data before the car accident, but when she stepped on the brakes, she has been going to the Guas slammed into the rail. During the period, the brakes could not be used, so she asked for complete brake data, This Tucla did not respond.

On April 10, after many coordination and no fruit, Ms. Zhang was placed at the entrance of the auto show, the owner and several models showcase the accident car to the surrounding people. Ms. Zhang continued to tell the surrounding passers-by, and the use of ambiguous speaker loop “will never be black pot, will protect the right.”

From the beginning of the start until now, this Shanghai Auto Show is visible to Tesla still gives a reply.

On the afternoon of April 19, Tao Lin, vice president of Tesla, said in an interview in the booth. The recent negative news is contributed to her (Ms. Zhang, the right to rights); we have no way to compromise, this is a new product development For the process, we surveyed that 90% of customers are willing to choose Tesla again.

In the evening, Tesla official Weibo released statement: if it is the issue of Tesla products, the loss of the payment, the penalty of the penalty, the unreasonable appeal is never compromised, almost the focus of the afternoon Tao Lin also emphasized Once again.

In the author’s view, Tao Lin’s words and released Weibo characters reveal arrogant and unremitted, and people who don’t say 90% are willing to buy Tesla again how to choose this sample. All all criticisms we are invisible. This sentence is enough to ironically.

Rehabilitate recent events:

1. On October 23, 2020, Tesla recalled in imported Model S, Model X, with a number of recall because the front suspension rear bolts will be broken, there is a safety hazard, Tesla will Replace the improved left and back to the right front suspension. Subsequent Tesla is in a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, denying its vehicle suspension has hidden dangers, and indicating that damage is not quality, but some Chinese owners are abused;

2. On January 30, 2020, Mr. Coat reflects that the car is filled with electric charge, and the vehicle has dramatically jitter, and then a series of fault codes are displayed on the main screen. After the official after-sales prompt operation, the vehicle status is still not improved, and the window glass can’t be shaken. After the after-sales, the cause of current overload is that the voltage of the national grid will suddenly rise. On January 31, the official website of Nanchang Power Supply Company, the official website of Naburo, said that Tesla is advised to carefully find the cause of the vehicle. Guo Nanchang Power Supply Company said that Tesla has its own special charging technology standard, Tesla electric car is directly connected to Tesla’s special charging device, not by the power supply line to Tesla Electric Vehicle ;

3. On March 11, 2020, Mr. Yokkou drove to Teslin energy vehicles purchased in January this year to prepare parking. At that time, the vehicle speed was about two or 30 kilometers, and at this time, Mr. Meng found The vehicle can’t stop, the vehicle is rushing into the guardrail. Mr. Mont recalled that in this process, he had stepped on a three-foot brake. Subsequently, Mr. Mongolin contacted Tesla official, and after-sales staff came to the scene, and driving another Tesra new energy vehicle, but also did not have brakes in the driving process. On March 14, Tesla official responded to a traffic accident in Hainan on March 11. Tesla officially said that in viewing vehicle data and after the scene, the main reason for the accident is that the road surface is slippery and the owner is slightly pulled, resulting in the brake distance. Very important point, this is the first time to prove Tesla in the case of Tesla twice, and the video of the heavy brakes will not live in the case of the road. As for the pavement, there is already a vote. The car has been tried there, Tesla is the only brand in the paving road with water. Xinhua News Agency also issued a review of rights protection incident: “Top Tropical rights” into hotspots, who makes no “decent”? Between the owners and car companies, there will be contradictions and disputes. In fact, this is not the first time I encountered “Top Rights” in the relevant car. This is not the first time that the roof of the roof is caused by public opinion. The top of the station on the station is neither safe, and it is more no longer in public order. In the Shanghai Auto Show, there is such a thing, and the relevant parties shall follow the rules according to law, the survey of the survey, the treatment of this treatment. At the same time, there are also many public opinion on social networks that consumers should be more serious and faceful for consumers for product quality and service. As the “star” brand of the automotive industry, Tesla’s self-request, the user’s commitment needs to match the market expectation, which can get more consumer trust and favor. A ring must be a bell. For any business, it is the right product and service.

Today, the Shanghai police also gave a response, and Ms. Zhang administrative detention was 5 days.

The behavior at the Ms. Zhang is really improper, but this is really a complaint, if it is not the power of rights, who will stand on Tesla’s roof. Tesla does not recognize that there is no problem with the vehicle twice. Hainan’s collision accident video has clear Tesla does have a brake failure, but Spencers does not admit, and does not take out the actual background data. It can’t take actual evidence that Tesla has a brake failure problem, and its rights cannot be guaranteed.

Tesra Model 3 only reached 35,478 sales in March, once again refreshed the highest record of China’s single month sales, and there will be no brake failure in the back. The owner’s vehicle driving data is stored in Tesla backstage, and we should try to make this data transparent, go to the owner, give the society a true result, quoting a sentence of Tesla Weibo – if it is Tesla products The problem, the loss of the payment, the penalty of the penalty, the unreasonable appeal is never compromised. The gradual improvement of products is the necessary process for a new product development, but product reliable security is the red line of the product listing, and the product listing must ensure that the product is safe and reliable.

Finally, the sentence of Xinhua News Agency, Tesla as the “star” brand of the automotive industry, the self-quality of quality, the user’s commitment needs to match the market expectation, in order to get more consumer trust and Favused. A ring must be a bell. For any business, it is the right product and service.

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