If the name of “wild horse” is self-rescued, Ford finally wants to abandon Changan Automobile.

There is a rumor in the market “a hundred years of Ford, destroyed in Chang’an”, no matter whether it is actually, but also said Changan Ford’s development difficulties encountered in recent years.

Changan Ford’s annual sales of nearly 960,000 in 2016, step by step to 210,000 vehicles in 2020, seems to be a million-produced slide magic of Military Ruo Murattons in the repeating modern and Nissan.

Changan Ford’s dilemma is in place, there is a combination of economic environment, the rise of the Japanese car, the slow-renewal of the fordic model and the adverse effects of the three-cylinder engine, etc.

Change from Ford Luxury Brand – Lincoln Beginning, in 2020, Changan Ford finally stopped the sales of sales in sales since 2017.

The inside and outside of Changan Ford is not a way to change in a short, and Changan Sabes caused Citroen and Changan Suzuki to disconnect the analysis, Changan Automobile sets the joint venture brand as the first competitor’s discourse, may have made Ford to feel cold and chestnut.

So, in the past 100 years of Ford began to launch China’s self-help, even if the automobile manufacturing cannot be separated from the restrictions on the joint venture policy, in the latest electric car market, with the Mustang Mach-E, this has no Chinese name pure tram type, Ford finally abandoned Changan Automobile, become The first tradition of direct sales model and establish a traditional vehicle company exclusive electric vehicle sales network.

For traditional car companies, it may not be what the electric car itself is special, so that the model must be used, perhaps more because Ford “long-lived car has long been”.

With the largest dealer network, the first new pure electric car is the first, and the Volkswagen does not abandon traditional car sales channels. Although there is a problem of transformation, this existing channel is a total of re-construction to build much more rapid, and it is believed that Toyota’s electric vehicle will also be a mass model.

It is true that Ford abandoned existing dealers, using direct sales models, but also helplessly, after all, market and users are in a good reputation for Ford dealers, even one of the rings of the market, then rebuilding the channel, perhaps it will change users The beginning of the Ford impression.

Just this, there is more problems to be resolved:

One is this new electric car, the end of the “Changan Ford” logo, maybe the quasian user is troubled, because in Changan Ford’s traditional 4S shop does not see this car, it is difficult to be a cottage model?

Another problem is that the “wild horse” of this ship will not be named in the name of “wild horse”, because this title belongs to the self-owned autonomous enterprise that has no relationship between Sichuan Maka, and this car company is also working with Toyota. Production of Asian dragon, so that Ford’s “wild horse” is more cottage.

Of course, this star model in the car enthusiast circle, selling price from the entry level of 265,000 to GT version of 379,900, and it is found that this part of the user will be sought after.

It’s just that this market is too small, more is the sale of the sale, plus a completely independent sales channel with traditional fuel vehicles, and in Ford seems to form a linkage effect.

Before there is a famous reputation in Changan Ford, it is easy to confuse the “wild horse” title, and now only English “MUSTANG” brand and “Mach-E” model name, it is unable to let more Chinese users understand and become familiar with This Ford sent a model of transition.

A slap is not a sound, Changan Ford’s dilemma, single saying is a responsibility, which is a embarrassing thing for both parties, after all, will appear to be ignorant.

We are more willing to believe that both sides can sit down, open a good discussion, after all, everyone is not the oil light, but also sitting on the same boat, don’t play “who is the boss” this set of time.

Anyway, Ford finally took the company’s just arrived, and the performance of Mach-E was the test of Changan Automobile and the test of Ford.

We know Ford, but don’t know MUSTANG, don’t know Mach-E, but it is not a wild horse, nor a Ford’s wild horse, we don’t know, I only know that the 4S shop in Changan Ford can’t see it, then it is Who?

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