If you have money, you can’t buy it. What is the difference between BYD?

BYD recently launched a car, even if you have money, it is not necessarily to buy, it is not like the red flag L5 or Rolls Royce, the price is only 151,800, it is BYD D1, the car is with the drip The net approximate car of cooperation is developed. Let’s take a look.

First, let’s look at its design, the overall appearance gives people a very fond of technology. The front face is a very simple enclosed grille, and it is very smooth, almost no line decoration, giving a very soft and easy to feel. The headlights on both sides have been connected with a trim, and the width is also different. It gives it a very flat face-to-face sense. The air intake is very similar to the style of the golf club, which meets the overall sleek style, very cute. The bottom of the bottom is surrounded by a white trim, and the feeling of the whole face is a lot.

The side is the whole of an MPV shape, and its head is more short and flat. The two-color vehicle makes him feel very fashionable, and I like the side of the side is to surround the white trapezoids at the bottom of it. Generally, there are few models that use white as a white, after all, it does not increase the effect of the body, but It hooks a black line surrounded by the white under white, which makes it a more harmonious with the whole white roof, and the overall, the feeling of comics, identity and aesthetics It is very high. And its design is also very understandable. After a prominent highlighting design, his wheel made a smoked treatment, although the shape is quite, but there is no chance to seize the head.

The styling and head of the car ends, the whole is also relatively smooth, and the taillights are connected to a black tailor connection. The golf club at the bottom is also very cute echo, and the bottom of the bottom is pure black, and the rear window corresponds to the shape of the car.

The interior is very simple, and the overall color matching plus the simple central console. The entire center console has used a black paint-paint area that runs through the left and right, and it is a strong sense, and then a large size is large. The central control screen is almost no other thing. The whole is very simple and clear, and it is also in line with the public’s aesthetic taste.

It is worth mentioning that BYD D1 is designed as a professional webmark. It is different on both sides of the door. The front and rear doors of the driver are still routinely open, but the other party is more convenient for passengers. The car, made a side sliding door, which also increased the safety level of the right side. And, in the position of the co-pilot, there is a driving light. The passenger can adjust the color of the mobile phone app to facilitate your call. The multimedia entertainment screen is also set up behind the covarian seat, and you can query a variety of information. This series of settings give passengers more comfortable and convenient ride experience.

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