In February 2021, motor, electric control, and reducer (new plates): What companies have in list?

According to the insurance data, in February 2020, the new energy vehicle (Bev & Phev) was sold 94,000 units. The electric drive product is equipped with an amount of 113,000 sets, of which 550,000 is three-in-one, and the remainder is discrete component or two in one.

According to the partial part, it is better than the vehicle affected by the whole vehicle, and the shipments of Hong Kong MINI supply chain enterprises are better.

In the three-in-one market, Tesla, the three-in-one product occupied the 81% market, and the three-in-one products of the whole vehicle were also shipped. Independent enterprises in motor products are obvious, Tesla, BYD, Founder, Uk, Shuanglin occupies 61% of the market. In Electronic Control Products, Tesla, BYD, is a 64% market in Tesla, BYD, Sichuan, Sunshine. The replacement products are mostly companies in the host factory, and the third-party independent reducer suppliers face a big challenge. Tesla, Wuling Industry, BYD, Yibang Transmission, SAIC Take a 56% market.

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