In January, new energy sales are ranked, and domestic new energy collectives are open, Tesla is?

The multiplier data shows that the domestic narrow passenger car market has reached 216 million, a year-on-year increase of 25.7%, a decrease of 5.5% from the previous month. Surprisingly, in January, the new energy narrow passenger car sales reached 155,000, a year-on-year increase of 274.5%, down 25.3% from the previous month, leading the entire passenger market.

In the first 15 models, the domestic new energy models occupied 13 seats, and there was a substantial growth. Among them, Hongguang Mini force Tesla Model 3, winning the lead, BYD Han EV from the 4th to 3rd December, Chery EQ from the 5th to 4th, Ean (Aion S) by Section 7 Rising to fifth and Euler R1 fell from 3 to 6th. It is worth noting that ideal one, Xiaopeng P7, Wei to EC6, Wei to ES6 and other four new force models entered the list 15, foreign brand new energy models only Tesla 3), BMW 5 Series Phev Waiting for two models into the list.

How is the sales of all models, let’s take a look!

TOP 1: Hongguang MINI EV

Sales in January: 25778

As Wuling said, Hong Kong MINI EV really became the “People’s Totto”! In January, Hong Kong MINI sales was 25,778, and 27.2% fell by 35,388 in December, and the sales crown of new energy vehicles were won for 4 consecutive months.

The price is about 30,000 yuan, the price is cheap enough, three rounds 2917/1493 / 1621mm, the axial distance 1940mm, very small and exquisite, 120/120 / 170km three kinds of battery life, buy food enough, can be played, the old man can only do anxious Let it become a new era of aquaculture.

Maybe someone will ask this car safe? Safely collide a few stars? Is there any handling? Handling bar! This car is only 30,000 yuan, what do you want to get?

Moreover, the macro Mini EV also adopts a caged high-strength body skeleton, and the total use of high-strength steel is more than 57%. In terms of safety configuration, it also equipped with the function of ABS anti-lock system, reversing radar, EBD braking force distribution and tire pressure monitoring, and turning radius of 4.2m.

TOP 2: Tesla Model 3

Sales in January: 13,843

Tesra Model 3 After the domestic production, it quickly became a “leek car”, but also a “nightmare” of many domestic new energy vehicles. In January, Tesra Model 3 sales was 13,843, and the 10% decreased by 2,3804 in December.

As a “native” electric car, front box, frameless door, large glass dome, cool can’t. After Tesla entered the country, two cars appeared in the market: Tesla Model 3 and “spike” Tesra Model 3 car.

Whether it is the ES series, Xiaopeng P7, Guangqi Yan series model is still BYD Han EV, and it has announced that the product strength can be with Tesla Mode 3 “collision,” Sales after the listing are always unreasonable.

However, Model 3 has recently been above the rumor tip. The decrease of the door, the price cutter is detonating the crisis, and the leeks have been crying in the toilet, and Tesla should be treated seriously. On the contrary, it is a service that is “sea fishing” service, spends 400,000 to buy a car, enjoy 800,000 service, really fragrant!


Sales in January: 9298

Compared with the macro Mini’s winning, BYD Han EV’s hot sale is greater for domestic new energy vehicles. In January, BYD Han EV sales was 9,298, an increase of 3.2% from 9006 in December.

If you don’t want to be Tesla’s “leeks”, don’t want to open a Hong Kong mini EV, then buy BYD Han EV will never be wrong, not only you are cool, you will pull it, you can absolutely make eyeball.

The appearance is “the benevolent see the benevolence, the mouth is difficult”, but the blade battery, the longest 605km battery life, 3.9S zero acceleration, 80km / h through the hard-core power such as elk test, let the Han EV becomes “hanging” Tesla Model.

There are also work, although domestic sub-Tesra workmanship has improved, but only “qualified” is described, sheet metal seam, assembly accuracy, body paint surface also has a lot of progress space, and the gap between Han EV Very big. Han EVs reflects the luxury and grade of the flagship car, whether it is design, workmanship, and materials.

Finally, reminded, if I bought Han EV, I have to pay attention to the point, the 3.9S zero acceleration can not be vegetarian, don’t care about it.

TOP4: Chery EQ

Sales in January: 6316

With the rise of the macro Mini EV, the micro electric vehicle is reunited, and sales have gradually entered better. In January, Chery EQ sales was 6,316, an increase of 741.0% year-on-year, and 10.7% from December 7074.

Chery EQ’s design is more likely, multiple lines outline the front face of “sleep”, which can bring full young, no lack of spiritual effect, 301km battery life not only meets daily and down get off work Demand, can even realize close cross-city travel. In fact, Chery EQ is very simple, can meet the short-distance travel in the city, especially suitable for one or two people, usually go out to buy a dish to play, do not have to worry about parking, the price is cheap, so the audience is still very wide.

If there is already a fuel truck in the family, buy a Chery EQ as a top-off step tool, low cost, convenient, unlimited, unlimited, or not bad.

TOP 5: Ean (Ean S)

Sales in January: 6092

With high quality, large space, high intelligence, and long battery hard core, Ean S has handed over beautiful sales scores. In January, Ean (Ean S) sales were 6,092, an increase of 130.1% year-on-year, an increase of 12.8% from December 5,397.

I have to admit that the value is Ean S to conquer the killer of the consumer, and its design maintains a high degree of future feelings, it looks particularly simple and generous. Enter the car, a new liquid crystal dashboard and a suspended touch screen integrate, very fashionable.

It is worth mentioning that Ean S uses a three-in-one electric drive system from Japan. It integrates the motor, motor controller, and reducer, not only reduces the weight, narrows the volume, and reduces energy Loss, improve the overall efficiency of the vehicle.

Overall, Ean S will continue to win more consumers’ recognition, strength to build a sales volume of “double material champion”.

Write in the last:

Electric cars are separated from traditional fuel trails, bringing the changes in the rules of the automotive industry and the reconstruction of competitive patterns. This can be seen in the new energy vehicle sales list of January, and the domestic new energy models account for 86.7%. The new brand, the rise of the new supply chain will help Chinese brand cars to achieve real “corner overtaking”. As for who can run faster, faster, now the next payment is still too early, let us wait and see!

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