In less than 200,000 to buy a joint venture electric car, Guangqi Honda EA6 does it bring to the owner?

Nowadays, the electric vehicle has been purchased in the car market, and now electric vehicles are mainly based on domestic vehicles, and the joint venture car is relatively small. So, how do you buy a joint venture car with less money? Perhaps you can find answers from Guangqi Honda EA6.

Let’s take a look at how this Open’s first pure electric car Honda EA6 is designed. The first is the front face design, we can see that its front face is a very whole design, the closed grille representative of the pure electric model, is designed to have a strong cutting, and the entire design is not monotonous. . The headlights on both sides are also a sharp type, and from the front face extends a line to the inside of the headlights, the whole face and headlights without the grill will not seem to be individual individuals, and the overall design seems to be integrated. Woke up. Then we look into the middle, very interesting is that its label is not a sign of Honda, but the Logo of Guangqi Chuanqi, this fascinating operation does not know how everyone is watching. Overall, the design of the whole face is a more sharp, and the block is very strong. It is like a honest but in the face of angry, it should be very scared but give people Feeling of seeds.

The side lines are also a type of flowing sense, and the advantages of the 4800/1880 / 1530mm body size are still obvious relative to the same positioning compact sedan, plus its two-color body, but also add some visual effects. The overall effect on the side is still very good. The entire highlight of the tail is the taillight of its “2 meters 2 long big knife”, which increases the hierarchy of the whole tail space, and the width of the tail on the tail is also increased.

The interior is the whole texture, the overall ring-style design plus black yellow color, the whole interior is instantaneous, coupled with the design of the realistic control screen and button shifting mechanism, the overall interior It can be said that both texture and scientific skills are both.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with the TZ180XYA2601 drive motor produced by the largest power of 135KW. The battery is a Ningde era NCM811 three-dimensional battery with a capacity of 58.8 kW. The battery pack energy density is 170Wh / kg, and the NEDC endless mileage reached 510km, this life mileage is OK, daily travel is still unsatisfactory.

In terms of the price, the car was priced at 16.78-18.98 million. So, do you think Guangqi Honda EA6 can be the explosion of this price?

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