In order to prove the low probability of violations of new energy vehicles, Sails employees have repeated red light test

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Electric Top & King Kong New Energy Reporter noted that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

Wang Mou said so:

“After a few months, I can get a conclusion that the new energy car violation is grasped by 60% -70% higher than the fuel car. Borrowing the police, the camera is mostly the boss, unrecognizable Crawler more new energy number plates. Plus the monthly fee is only two or three hundred yuan, how many advantages are free to stop the airport, strong Amway everyone, buy new energy cars to be early. “

Yes, the red light is clearly a matter of illegal things, but it is strict in this righteous word by Moumou. Surprisingly, she didn’t forget to make a wave of advertisements for their own new energy cars – “Buy Xiaoyang Electric Vehicles”.

The Internet is illegally, seeing this value of this to destroy people, and his friends’ migration pointed out: Is this value orientation?

Recognizing that the text has a serious error, the king will delete it, and make a apology, clarify that his words and deeds have nothing to do with the enterprise. Obviously, after things fermented, Wang Mou’s first thought is that the company is discovered with the company, which is essentially a self-policy.

However, the key to this matter is not in the relationship between Wang Mou and Sails, but she “many red lights in a few months”, and the red light is a illegal act. She is now vowed to say, and if they are not found. Is this here to be surrendered to the public?

Yesterday, the Sails car issued an announcement:

“In response to our company’s employee’s” new energy car violations, the chance of the “new energy car violations” is highly valued than the fuel car, we highly attach great importance to serious treatment. After investigation, the above speech is released by the company staff Wang someone, and We adherored to the values ​​of the values. After the matter, the company attaches great importance to it. The internal investigation is given, ordered to delete improper remarks, and apologize to the public for the adverse effects of the speech. For their individual, the company has worked serious Criticism, will arrange a limited time to conduct traffic safety regulations. The company will actively cooperate with relevant departments for investigation. “

Sails’s official announcement is also sincere, which recognizes the seriousness of things, and the handling of the employees, there is no illegal behavior of her.

Understanding the development of the Sails brand, compare the new power of other PPTs, Sails is in the car, and according to the electromotive observation, their technical heritage is also quite solid, especially electric drive, increase Program electric assembly.

Although the strength is not bad, the Sails market is slow, and the first mass production car SF5 is listed at the end of 2019, but in 2020, only 1051 sales. As a pioneer in China, SF5 is difficult to accept, and it is necessary to know that the desired one of the later people has broken 40,000.

From Wang’s words and deeds, the market department is very large, and the market of Sails is driving hard, and it is not difficult to understand.

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