In the first probe, the T03 Teddy team name is released, exclusive painting is more cute

In recent years, with the blow of the net red wind, many powerful brands have begun to warm, and the cross-border is strongly integrated. Milk tea industry leader Naixue and chocolate giant Dove joint, Gucci and the United States Outdoor Brand The North Face (North) jointly, with its own huge users and good product performances with their respective huge users. Sales increase. In the automotive brand, the zero run is also launched by the Shanghai Auto Show.

As we all know, although Tesla has fired the electric vehicle market, sales main force is mainly based on A0 and A00-level pure electric vehicles. From the current sales of the first five-riling macro Mini EV, it can be seen that the biggest selling point of this small car and mini car is still cartoon cute shape, which can also be seen from the traditional model of the beetle and BMW Mini. The zero-racing T03 Teddy joint version has attracted the attention of many female owners with a Teddy bear.

From the appearance, the new car uses cartoon pink car paint. It looks more girl’s wind, and there is a styling cute cartoon Teddy bear pattern on the right side of the engine. The front headlights use the rounded rectangular design, more sympathetic. The middle of the closed front grille is a charging port and a stranded brand logo. There is a narrow air intake, and the overall appearance is a cartoon Teddy bear’s eye nose and mouth, very cute. The left and right mist lamps are more compact, and the design of the lower grid is also more simple.

From the side of the body, the zero run T03 Teddy ‘s name has adopted a variety of alloy wheels. There is the English letters of Teddy world on the front door. There is a cute little chicken and rainbow pattern on the back door. It is more cute and charming. , With a pink body, it is called a girl killer.

From the end of the car, the new car uses a split taillight design, and the middle is zero-running brand character. The position of the Teddy bear is printed in the position of the backup box door, and I still have me in English here next to the love peach pattern. At the bottom, the unveiled air port is used, highlighting the identity of the new car pure electric model.

In the design, the zero-racing T03 Teddy joint version also runs through the girl’s interior wind, three multi-function steering wheel and air-conditioned air-conditioned fumes and some of the door details are available in pale pink decoration. Small and exquisite full LCD dashboards and suspended central controls make the technology in the car more intense.

In motion, the new car is equipped with an autonomous development of the electric drive system, the maximum power of 75PS, the peak torque 155N · M, matches the three-dimensional lithium battery in the Ningde Times, and the operating capacity can reach 403km.

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