Industry is not swaying, encountering the chip crisis shutdown, how can I get off?

“These years are the industries, or if the title of this program may be our company, I have a group of information, I think I should not be eliminated,” , Car women workers Zhao Xiaolong said in this sentence in the “Division of the Show”.

Although this is a ridicule, it is also mapped in the automotive industry in this year. In 2018, it was affected by the global economic situation. The global auto market was cold and ended for 7 consecutive years of upward trend. The first time the global car sales declined, and this is not over. At the beginning of 2020, the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic allowed most of the world’s automotive companies to face sales-end problems, and the sales of car sales did not decline in the same year. It is difficult to come to 2021, a global “chip crisis” has made many automobile companies face the problem of production.

In fact, this “chip crisis” is not stopped in the automotive industry, TV, mobile phones, game consoles, etc., is facing the chip supply shortage, but the automotive industry that is in the intelligent revolution seems to be especially Poor. In the context of the automotive market, the intelligent revolution is gradually accelerated, and they are facing a large-scale reduction of production. Only this week, there is a news that Honda, modern enterprises have reduced production and discontinuation plan.

It is worth mentioning that this is the “core”, and the natural disasters come on the head of some chip manufacturers, such as Risa Electronics in Japan. “Anxiety” may be the most desirable words of the world’s mood.

Global refinement downtime

The emergence of “chip crisis” has already been a period of time, but it does not seem to stop.

According to overseas media reports, Honda announced on the 23rd that the problem of supply chain and other supply chains such as the global chip shortage, there is an extended work plant in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), and will continue to stop working on the 29th, but some factories Some of the production line will restart. There is a message at almost the same time. Due to the global chip shortage, South Korea is expected to face production interruption from April. According to reports, modern inventory levels have been tightened and will begin to slow down production.

At the same time, due to the shortage of chip, Ford car stopped production of a commercial vehicle factory in Ohio this week and cut the Yield of a truck factory in Kentucky. Ohio assembly plants in the production of truck chassis and commercial trucks will resume production on March 29, and the Kentucky Picca plant reduces a shift until March 29.

Honda, modern, Ford is not the first car company in the first batch. Previously, the Volkswagen, Toyota, General, Volvo, etc. have been affected by the “chip crisis” varying degrees. For example: General 3rd said that the time production time of the three factories in North America will extend to the end of March and in April, and the shortage may make this year’s profit decrease in up to $ 2 billion. Volvo expects the situation in the second quarter to become severe, and has recently added camps that have downturn due to chip shortage and reduction.

Downtime reduction is universal processing

For this worldwide chip crisis, downtime, production or reduction of some non-hot models is almost common choice, and is also the most common practice.

There are also some car companies on this basis “another way to find another way to compare alternatives and even extreme solutions. For example, Ford ‘s “Mr.’s product reload chip mode”, universal “manufacturing and selling a lack of chips”.

Ford Motors disclosed last week, will produce some F-150 pickups and EDGE cross-border cars that do not install specific electronic modules. But in the end, the Ford Motor did not perform this, but will retain these cars until the electronic module is in place and can be installed.

Compared with Ford, general methods are more bold and more difficult to understand. Generally, it is said that due to the shortage of chip, some 2021 light full-size leather card will be assembled, which will not install active fuel management or dynamic fuel management modules. The affected models include Chevrolet SilveraDo and GMC Sierra, but General Motors do not disclose the number of affected models. That is to say, in the face of missing chips, universal choice “less use”.

In theory, this method is not a prayer, after all, the product of the second industrial revolution – the car is originally not with the product of the third scientific revolution – the chip is integrated, in the middle, pure mechanical construction The car is not a few. General is only less likely to use a little chip.

However, cars that lack the active fuel management or dynamic fuel management module will directly affect the cost of use of consumers. According to reports, general use has been targeted with the US EPD and Sirah Roche and Sirah, and the two models of fuel consumption were higher than that of 2.353L. Despite the general representation, it is expected that the pickup that does not have an active fuel management module is only a temporary measures, which will only affect the remaining 2021 models. A GM has a $ 50 subsidy to affected customers. But who is willing to go to the gas station “Drink Coffee”?

Non-trafficking anxiety, always snow

The “chip crisis” has become a popular vocabulary in the 2021 automotive industry, and even two sessions, many car giants also mention “strong core” and other words. In the context of most automotive companies, the wave of shutting down due to chip problems, “anxiety” does not seem to come from.

It is worth mentioning that this “anxiety” does not seem to exaggerate, but it really needs to face it. About the shortage of automotive chip is multifaceted, for example: global semiconductor production, intelligent network car has doubled the demand for chips more than traditional vehicles; due to the rapid recurrence of the automotive market, some chip manufacturers have not reacted … When “Filling” is waiting for one by one, “Tianzi” is coming over the head of chip makers. In Febr Caste, US TX has caused the grid to collapse, affecting the chip and production of petroleum products for seat filler and automotive coatings. On February 13th, the Japanese Fukushima Earthquake caused some Japanese auto suppliers to stop production, affecting parts of Honda Automobile and Toyota Automobile to North American Market.

The snow is mixed, one of the world’s largest automotive microchip suppliers in the last week – Renesa Electronics in Japan is deduplicated by fire, complete recovery of production takes a month or even longer. What is worth paying is that the global market share of Risa Electronics is approximately 30% in the vehicle microcontrol unit chip market. At present, there is currently related news, Honda, Toyota and other companies are assessing the impact of this incident on production.

At present, optimistic expectations for the cost of achieving supply and demand balance in the industry are the third quarter of this year.

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