Insertion to pureness, close up: Ultra-long pure battery + DC fast charge

The car enterprise finally realized that the plug-in mixing car also requires a long-lived battery life and DC fast charge mode.

BYD, SAIC, Great Wall, etc. have released lower cost plug-in hybrid technology, and hopes to replace fuel vehicles with plugging mixes.

With such an idea, far more than independent brands, the joint venture brand has even put into action for this.

Honda brand first plunked mixed car, CR-V sharply, listed before the Spring Festival, the sale price is 273,800 yuan, and the price of models with non-plug-in mixed version is only 20,000 yuan. Toyota’s first plug-in mixed SUV model is expected to be listed in this spring.

New BMW 5 Series plug-in hybrid

The German joint venture brand has even achieved results in the field of plugging, such as BMW’s new BMW5 system plug-in hybrid models have become synonymous with luxury plug-in mixing sedan.

The first brand of independent brand market, BYD, launched the Qin Plus DM-I model equipped with DM-I super mixing technology after New Year’s Day, compared with the Qin series plug-in mixed family car, pre-sale starting price of 40,000 yuan The price is only 10,000 yuan from the price of fuel models.

It can be seen that the plug-in mixing car does have the possibility of replacing the fuel car.

In addition to the low price of the vehicle, the pure electricity is ≥80 km, the DC fast charge, iron lithium battery three characteristics, becomes the trend of the new generation of plugging mix cars. In the direction of insertion technology, the low speed increase, high-speed direct drive, but also a consensus of many cars.


Pure electricity ≥ 80 km

The pure battery life mileage of the plug-in mixing model is generally raised to 80 kilometers.

This trend is very obvious on the twenty-third batch of taxi pays before the Spring Festival.

The second thirteen batch reduction of the dosing mixing car life during the car taxation catalog

Not only 80 kilometers, there are many pure electricity to reach more than 100 kilometers or more, and the pure battery life mileage of Mercedes-Benz E350El is even 120 kilometers.

The pure battery of the plug is ≥80 kilometers, which is the power of the policy.

2021 new energy car subsidy plan

In terms of lure, inserting the tram is not limited to purchase subsidies, it is great. The reason why the car enterprises have traveled in the Mashangmi-Purgent Endurance mileage, an important reason is that in the technical standards in the new energy vehicle subsidies, the intercourse is 80 kilometers to divide the subsidies.

New energy car subsidy technical requirements details

Whether pure battery life exceeds 80 kilometers, the difference between the insertion carrier is qualified.

More than 80 kilometers, the subsidies were issued with pure electric vehicle technical standards. It is below the assessment subsidies based on the fuel truck technical standards.

Therefore, on the policy level, the car enterprises tend to make the intercourse have a higher pure battery life, and more subsidies and lower technical thresholds.

The impression from the policy is the implementation of the national six B auto pollutant emission standards. After the gasoline cart is forced to match the particle trapping GPF, how to meet the requirements of GPF reliability in the Six B standard, which is the real problem in front of the technical person in charge of each car company.

A simple solution is that the fewer GPF, the better the reliability. Improve the pure electrical life mileage of the insert tricycle, reduce the frequency of the insert truck to start the gasoline engine, and then reduce the frequency of using GPF, is the simplest way.

The policies’ powerful lure is one of the reasons for the promotion of ultra-long battery life, while in the market level, car companies also tend to manufacture multi-long battery intercaratory vehicles.

Because there is experience in the first: Ideal One, BMW 530LE 110KM Runar is recognized by the restricted purchase of urban consumers. These two models have more than 5,000 high-gloss times.


DC fast charge

Another sign of a new generation of plugged over a mixture is to support DC fast charge.

Benefiting from the rapid development of pure electric vehicles, the DC fast charging pile is fully spread and form a charging network.

Existing in the sale of the plug-in mixing vehicle, Ideal One supports DC fast charge, and therefore benefits.

Ideal One in DC Charging

In the charging station in the country and the network, it can easily find information on charging with DC fast charge piles.

Even some consumers bluntly, the reason is ideal one, because the car has direct charging function. An indisputable fact is that some ideal one consumers do not have private AC charging piles, and the common DC charging pile is the only charging method.

Benefit from communication, DC, refueling three more convenient energy supplements, ideal one has achieved great success in sales, and has become the fastest supply of 40,000 yuan.

In fact, whether it is for pure tram consumers, it is the same for how to charge the car, it is the same. When solving this problem, consumers, even car companies are in a weak position, unable to challenge the material and power company.

Cannot help consumers solve the construction of private exchange charging piles, and car companies should change their ideas and provide consumers with other charging methods.

The consumer personal modified BYD Tang DM

Ideal One will support the consumer to provide DC fast charge function, the BYD DM-I super mixing technology model will also support this function, while the Great Wall car will release models based on lemon DHT mixing platform, which will also support this feature.


The lithium battery lithium iron phosphate battery quietly completed the return.

Although Ideal Auto Chairman Li wants to think that the lithium iron phosphate battery is not suitable for plugging mixed cars, but BYD, SAIC, etc. The new plug-in mixing vehicle has been changed to the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

The lemon DHT mixed platform of Great Wall cars also does not exclude lithium iron phosphate batteries.

In 2020, the new energy vehicle promotion catalog, the March 6 Phev models of the Shangqi Biji car declared the version of the lithium iron phosphate battery, and the Roewe brand, which is the Roewe brand, which is also the Roewe brand. Change to a ferrite lithium ferrite battery.

BYD DM-I super mixing technology, even completely based on the iron phosphate blade battery.

BYD DM-I super mixing technology is equipped with power-type phosphate blade battery, support liquid cooling and heating function, and uses CTP structures, and has made breakthroughs in terms of group efficiency.

In terms of lithium iron phosphate batteries, in terms of winter battery performance, BYD developed pulsed self-heating battery technology, can improve battery performance problems.

In fact, the return of lithium iron phosphate batteries on the plug-in mixing vehicle is also benefited from the change in the development of car companies in the internal combustion engine, gearbox development and the technology development ideas of plugging.


Low speed increase, high speed direct drive

Unlike the old generation of the plug, the new generation of plugging mixes is full of power or loss, the driving experience and fuel consumption are maintained at excellent levels.

Before the Spring Festival, some media and owners have tested the BYD DM-I super mix model. In the comparative test, Qin PLUS DM-I super model is below 3.8L / 100 kilometers in the loss of 3.81 / 100 kilometers. Japanese mix model.

And in this technology can achieve such a good strength, it is from the change in the research and development ideas.

BYD DM technology has developed to the fourth-generation model. On the previous generation model, BYD DM car has created a number of records such as automobiles accelerating their own brands. In the case of the sick of the owner, the DM models in the two states of full power and loss have a different driving experience and fuel consumption.

There is no such situation in the upcoming Qin PLUS DM-I super mixing mixing model, the reason is the change in the research and development ideas of DM-I technology.

BYD EHS Clear System Work Logic

In the technical classification, DM-I is at low speed and large load acceleration states belong to the incremental series mixing power vehicle, while at high speed travels, attributing to the engine directly driven the parallel mixing technique.

Low speed increases, can maximize the high-efficiency advantages of electric motors. High-speed direct drive, when traveling at high speeds, maximizing the efficiency advantage of utilizing gasoline engines at high speed traveling.

DM-I super mixing uses low-speed rate, high-speed direct drive technology ideas, long-term extension, on the one hand, play out the motor city driving advantage, on the other hand, avoiding pure surged interrupted mixing vehicles in high-speed driving state Low, high fuel consumption.

Also use low-speed rate, high-speed direct drive design ideas, as well as Great Wall Lemon DHT Mixing Platform.

The platform is further in the lemon DHT platform, Great Wall Automobile R & D utilizes two electric motors and dual-gear transmission.

In the lemon DHT system, the urban working condition will use the series mode, that is, the extension mode drives the vehicle, and at high speed conditions, the economic direct drive of the double-speed transmission drives the vehicle, and under high speed load conditions The power direct drive is powered by a gasoline engine.

The development of the joint venture brand car company is basically designed in accordance with low-speed rate, high-speed direct drive research and development. Honda third-generation IMMD technology, earlier Volt second-generation models, all of which are different from the technical details.

Honda third-generation IMMD technology with BYD is the same, except for high speed, all running in a rapid speed. The general Volt second-generation model, that is, Buk Velite 5 models uses three motor layouts, which is better at the driving experience, but the cost is slightly higher.


Oil electricity is another step

The drop in the plug-in mixed car has increased, which seems to achieve a certain effect, but in actual use, there are still many practical problems that affect promotion.

Although many car companies propaganda have the same cost of consumers to purchase and plugging the mixed car, that is, the oil and electricity.

However, in reality, if you lose your license and exemption from tax payment, free shipping tax, the cost of use of full life is still difficult to compete with pure oil vehicles.

For ordinary household consumers, the initial purchase cost of the plug-in mixing vehicle is still 15% -20% higher than the fuel truck, corresponding to the A-level household car, with a cost of about 20,000 yuan.

The cost is not easy to save the cost of fuel costs.

Ordinary household car drove about 15,000 kilometers a year, the oil price is 6.5 yuan, the A-grade fuel car is 6.5L, the plug is calculated by 3.5L according to the fuel consumption, and the consumer is completely not charged. The annual cost advantage is only 2,700 yuan, and consumers have to use the car for more than 7.5 years to reach the cost of the plunger and pure oil car.

Even if consumers never refuel, only charge the use insert tricychers, 100 kilometers of power consumption of 15 degrees, cost 0.5 yuan / degree calculation, the annual cost is not more than 5,000 yuan, still need 4 years to reach oil and electricity. In fact, family consumers who have a mileage of less than 10,000 kilometers, and they will further eliminate the end of the cost.

At the market level, consumers have begun to gradually accept the technical advantages of pure electric vehicles, and began interested in new energy vehicles, and plugging mixing vehicles are most likely to be a car choice for consumers’ initial electric shock.

Although the oil and electricity is simply a head, the cause of the car and enterprises may be in this reason may be here, there is still a large number of consumers difficult to fully accept pure electric cars in the short term, but for improving certain purchase costs, enjoy Electric driving experience can be accepted.

Regardless of the conclusion, with the ultra-long pure battery life, support DC fast charge, the price of a large price reduction has entered the large-scale promotion period, but the hidden worry inserting the coast still exists.

In the Spring Festival, the Shanghai Municipal Government issued a notice, which clearly issued the car license from the beginning of January 1, 2023, which made the car license for the plug-in mixed car, which allows the plug-in mixed car to lose a generation. Another big city Beijing, from the unless the plug-in mixed vehicle is issued separately.

Since 2023, insertion is mixed, it will face the loss of the purchase tax, free of car and vessel tax.

After losing the license, tax-free, subsidies, etc. Experience. The technical reserve is strong, and the market experience will have a bigger advantage.


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