Interview with Extreme Jun CEO safe: Extreme “third track” depth gathering electricity

On the eve of 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, I just served as Ningbo Bikhryne Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the” Brand “) CEO’s Conghui accepted a number of media interviews including the Securities Times. See Geely to launch new brands. The original intention and thinking of the heights.

Does the Chinese auto market still need a new car brand?

When the Geely Holding Group announced the establishment of a new intelligent pure electric brand, various sounds appeared in the market. Some insiders believe that accompanying consumption upgrade, launching high-end electric brands has become a big trend, high-end electricity is a high-end power of various enterprises; there are also industry insiders that multi-brand operations will lead to enterprises, resource dispersion, Not conducive to the company’s strategic focus.

On the eve of 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, I just served as Ningbo Bikhryne Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the” Brand “) CEO’s Conghui accepted a number of media interviews including the Securities Times. See Geely to launch new brands. The original intention and thinking of the heights.

An And Cong Hui said that the birth of the hemnant brand is the result of the long-term layout of Geely Holdings Group on the electric motor. It is water to the stream. In his opinion, the establishment of the blood does not make the resources of Geely, but will make the company in the early stage of the intelligent electric industrial chain invested and layout more focused.

Extremely and Geely is a brother relationship

In March this year, Geely Holdings Group announced its intelligent pure electric company, and instantly triggered a hot discussion in the automotive circle. On the eve of this year, the first mass production model of the blood of the Shanghai International Auto Show is officially opened, and it will be delivered in October this year.

Previously, Geely Holdings Group has successfully created a pure electric car brand, and a high-performance electric car brand with Volvo Motors Group.

In the context of two new energy car brands, why is the Geely Holding Group to launch a pole brand? What is the specific positioning? What is the relationship between it and the geometry and polar stars? Is Geely in the electricity layout “fire power” will be dispersed? With the landing of the first mass production car, the above series of problems becomes the focus of attention throughout the industry.

“Geely is a strong enterprise in a crisis. We will not stop in front of you, but to continue to think about the future development trend of the automobile industry.” And Cong Hui told the Securities Times reporter, according to Geely’s judgment, the future industry’s big trend It must be intelligent electricization. Geely cars in recent years continue to surround the active layout around this field, the birth of the blood is the result of water to the stream.

According to the Securities Times, in order to address the change of the global automotive industry, the Geely Holding Group proposed two blue Geely Action Plan. Planning one is to develop intelligent energy saving and new energy vehicles, covering mixed, insertion, increase, small displacement and other energy-saving vehicles; and plan two is to develop intelligent pure electric cars, the most important initiative is to form a new Pure electric car company, positive participation in the competition of intelligent pure electric car markets.

An And Cong Hui revealed that under the guidance of these two plans, the future Geely Holdings Group will come together in both energy conservation and pure electric tracks. Among them, Geely and the packet brand will mainly force energy-saving vehicles, and the hemoders and geometric brands are mainly committed to developing electricization.

“From this point of view, the blood and Geely cars are not the top-level relationship, but the brothers.” An Cong Hui emphasized that the launch of the blood of the blood will not let the Geely Holding Group become dispersed in electricization, but will Helping Geely pre-layout and resource in the intelligent electric domain more focused.

According to the Securities Times, the positioning of Geely Holdings Group is equivers in the positioning of geometric brands, and the height is the high-end route, and the two will form differentiated competition. In the future, it does not rule out the possibility of geometric brands.

Extremely opened up “third track”

The public data shows that the brands of the Chikan brand are jointly invest in Geely Automobile and Geely Holdings Group, including 51% of Geely Automotive stocks, and 49% of Geely Holdings Group.

It is worth paying attention to the pre-sale conference of the extreme 001, the tensulum brand announced that the 4.9% of the shareholding rights support work, encourages users to participate in the development of the company with the highest level of enterprises.

An Cong Hui revealed that the positioning of the heuro brand is the user brand, incentive users in the form of equity, the core original intention is to promote the deepening of “maxi mode”.

In his view, it is currently on electric intelligent tracks, it is basically two major players, or a traditional automotive enterprise or a new crossover. The tensus brand hopes to create a “third mode” in this competitive environment and go out of the third path.

“The blood is completely independent, with a new organizational architecture, team, will create new products and business models.” An Cong Hui revealed that Geely did not want the launch of the gli brand to have a historical burden, so it took complete independent , Light assets, internet patterns work.

It is reported that on the basis of independence, the tensus brand will also make full use of the Geely Holdings Group resources in the intelligent electric field, especially based on the development of new products based on vast architecture.

An Cong Hui emphasized that the vast architecture is an open architecture. At present, 8 brands have adopted a vast structure development product, and Geely Holdings Group is very willing to open to more companies and brands. In his view, the development of smart electric vehicles, the scale effect is critical, but through the mode of the functional architecture, it will not only promote cost reduction, but also more conducive to the scale of smart electric vehicles. It is understood that in addition to adopting the model of users, in the sales level, the tenshal brand will break the proxy system taken by traditional automotive enterprises, turn direct mode to further close the distance between the vehicle enterprises and the user. At the same time, the heuro brand will also build a full range of accommodation system, including online communities, OTA Mall, pole life, etc., has achieved full life cycle management of products.

An Cong Hui believes that although the direct model will bring a large investment, but it is integrated, the benefits brought by the direct mode are far more than traditional 4S shop sales model.

It is reported that the extreme 001 will be delivered in October 2021, and the tensile brand is expected to be 7,000 to 8,000 this year. An And Cong Hui said that in the next three years, the tensus brand will launch two products every year to deal with different market segments, and these products have been developed. At the same time, the gli brand does not reject the docking with the capital market, but in the view of the gli brand, the role of capital is to add flowers on the brocade. For the current extreme, the core work is still doing products and Service, this is the basis for determining the development of the extreme.

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