Interview with General Manager of Guangqi Group, Feng Xingya: Committed to the new four-way transformation and adhere to “two legs” walking

Feng Xingya, General Manager of Guangqi Group (601238), said in an interview with Securities Times reporter that the automotive industry chain itself is very long, there are many areas involved, and the vehicle enterprises want to achieve electricization, the network is transformed, and cannot rely on “single Fight. “

On the eve of the opening of the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021, Huawei’s automatic driving technology has truck, causing high concern inside and outside the industry, a number of A-share listed car companies that have cooperated with Huawei have ushered in the daily limit.

Huawei’s huge waves set off in the car circle, showed the development of the current automotive industry. Feng Xingya, General Manager of Guangqi Group (601238), said in an interview with Securities Times reporter that the automotive industry chain itself is very long, there are many areas involved, and the vehicle enterprises want to achieve electricization, the network is transformed, and cannot rely on “single Fight. “

It is understood that the Guangzhou Automobile Group has been working with Huawei, and is the first company with Huawei to realize 5G communication. Feng Xingya revealed to the Securities Times. At present, the Guangzhou Automobile Group is working with Huawei to create a driver-oriented driver-oriented car for L4 level, which is expected to be officially put into production in 2024.

“Guangqi is in the process of ‘new four-modified” transformation, has always adhered to the model of independent innovation + joint venture collaboration’, “Feng Xingya said, under the guidance of this principle, Guangzhou Automobile Group continues to expand” friends circle “In this year, Shanghai Auto Show, also signed a framework agreement to deepen strategic cooperation with Tencent.

New four-way transformation requires “two legs” walking

In the face of the big trend of the “new four” transformation of the automobile industry, Guangzhou Automobile Group has been actively expanding the Internet “Friends Circle”, and Tencent, Huawei, Science and Technology Flying and other technology-type enterprises to launch a strategic cooperation.

At the “Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day” and this Shanghai International Auto Show held in April this year, the Guangzhou Automobile Group system demonstrated the results of the Adigo 4.0 Zhi’s mobile Internet ecosystem jointly created by the above-mentioned enterprises, and officially announced that it will develop L4 with Hua as cooperation. Level automatic driving, plans to produce in 2024.

What is worth paying attention is that at this Shanghai Auto Show, Guangzhou Automobile Group also signed the Deepest Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Tencent. This is a strategic cooperation upgrade after the first cooperation in 2017.

Feng Xingya told the Securities Times, the automotive industry chain is very long, the area involved is very wide, and Guangzhou Automobile should achieve electricity, the transformation of the network link, and it is difficult to achieve it by its own power. Therefore, in the face of the “new four-generation” transition trend, the general principle of Guangqi Group has been insisting on: independent innovation + open cooperation two legs.

In his opinion, there is no independent innovation means that the company has no core technology, but lacks open cooperation, the company will not go to the industry’s leading edge.

“Huawei is a global leader in the electronic and electronic communication field. Our cooperation with Huawei has been started very early.” Feng Xingya revealed that Guangqi is the first company with Huawei to achieve 5G communication, Huawei’s earliest 5G chip is mostly Purchased by Guangzhou Automobile.

It is reported that the GAC group is currently working with Huawei to create a automatic driving car for L4-level. Feng Xingya told the Securities Times, this car is based on new electronic electrical architecture development, not based on existing products, and current research and development work on new cars is now advanced.

In addition, Feng Xingya also revealed the reasons behind Guangqi and Tencent deepen cooperation. He told the Securities Times reporter, Guangzhou Automobile is the first company that realizes WeChat on the bus, and jointly funds the company in the shared travel area, these are all gradual explorations of the cooperation, so the current strategic cooperation upgrade It is water to the stream.

Feng Xingya revealed that in the future, GAC Group will cooperate with more crossoverners to continue to explore in intelligent, weblinks and digitization.

Practice “two carbon” targets a variety of technical routes parallel

The reporter noted that in the Shanghai Auto Show, in addition to deepening cross-border cooperation, Guangzhou Automobile Group also issued a major program, “Glass Green Scheme”.

It is reported that the program aims to practice carbon peaks, carbon neutralizations, and Guangzhou Automobile Group will practice green procurement, green manufacturing, green recycling, etc. in the implementation of electricization and other measures. Production, from the purchase to the full chain green low carbon new ecology.

“In the face of the trend of ‘two carbon’ targets, Guangqi Group rationally conforms to historical development and the national requirements, contribute to green development; the green development itself is also the goal of Changqi Group,” Feng Xingya revealed, in the specific implementation process Guangqi Group will insist on mixing, pure electric, hydrogen fuel, etc., etc.

Feng Xingya believes that although the development direction of electricization is already an important strategic support of the Guangzhou Automobile Group, the company has clarified that it is necessary to strive to achieve 50% of the electric target for layout products in 2035, but the energy conservation and emission reduction of traditional fuel vehicles cannot be ignored. Therefore, the Guangzhou Automobile Group has been driving the development of the hybrid technology route.

At this Shanghai Auto Show, Guangqi Group has issued “green technology” for the intensive power field, which is intended to fully promote the mounting of the two-motor mixing system.

Feng Xingya revealed that in the field of mixing, Guangzhou Automobile Group has adopted a two-line development route, and on the one hand, it will actively promote the application of Toyota THS hybrid system. On the other hand, it will also strengthen the development and landing of the GMC 2.0 second-generation electromechanical coupling system of GMC 2.0. It is reported that at the end of this year, the first Guangzhou THS dual motor hybrid system will be officially available. In addition to accelerating the layout on pure electric and mixing, the promotion of the Guangzhou Auto Group in the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is also in the front end of the industry. Feng Xingya told the Securities Director, and Guangzhou Automobile has driven a demonstration operation of 10 hydrogen fuel cell networks.

In his opinion, the energy-saving and emission reduction of the automobile industry will not only rely on products, but also need to start from the production and manufacturing link to achieve the green development of the whole chain.

It is reported that the Guangzhou Automobile Group has set up 2% of the annual production emissions. At the same time, Guangzhou Auto Group will also strengthen the scrap recovery of automobiles, batteries and waste power batteries, and achieve 100% recovery of power batteries.

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