Is it happy for 7 consecutive quarters? “The lawsuit” Tucla is busy voice

Rongshi and trouble coexist, Tesla is now just a state.

Recently, Tesla announced the earnings report in the first quarter of 2021. According to official, Tesla’s total revenue increased by 74% year-on-year and has been achieved in seventh quarter. Tesra said that the first quarter company realized the number of production and delivery in history. GAAP net profit reached 438 million US dollars, non-GAAP net profit for the first time more than $ 1 billion.

But in the face of such a bright earnings, Tesla is probably not happy. On the one hand, the bright financial report is not optimistic by the capital market, and the stock price has fallen 4.53%, and the market value is reported by 208.2 billion, the market value is 208.2 billion. In the two trading days, Tesla stock price is still down, deadline On Thursday, Tesla stock price is $ 694.4, falling below $ 700.

On the other hand, the Shanghai Auto Show Teslawi Rights sent Tesla to the focus of public opinion, and the heat was probably only strong enough compared with Xi’an female Mercedes-Benz owners. There is a kind of improper, but this is not a good thing.

Financial report is difficult to support the stock price

Only from net profit, Tesla’s performance is indeed satisfied, and even its founding people also gain an option reward worth more than $ 11 billion.

But Tesla’s profits are from “fishing bias”. It is understood that in the profit of $ 438 million, $ 10.1 million comes from the income of fried bitcoin. In January of this year, Tesla invests $ 1.5 billion for purchase Bit coins. In this news, it has caused Bitcoin to rise, and in the first quarter, Tesla took 10% of the bits of Bitcoin. 2.72 million US dollars, this part reduces the profit of $ 10.1 billion, and at the end of the first quarter, there are about 1.3 billion US dollars.

In addition, the data shows that in the first quarter of this year, the income of Tesla sell points increased from $ 354 million in the same period last year to $ 518 million, $ 117 million higher than $ 401 million last year. US $ 11.01 billion. “Selling Carbon Points” became a major source of income in Tesla 1-quarter performance.

If the shavings are sold, the money earned, and Tesla has actually lost $ 181 million in a quarter. This is not difficult to understand, and the report of Tesla has not stimulated the capital market in a first quarter.

“The lawsuit” is involved in the official

Tesla is more than a good source of profit, but after all, it is worthy of greeting. The Shanghai Auto Show defends this thing for Tesla, which is undoubtedly troublesome.

“Tao Ge said the car” editor noted that from April 19th, the Shanghai Auto Show Tesla car ownership incident occurred so far, Tesla official Weibo released 8 instructions or responses on this event within 10 days, and the content Slava communicates progress to the owner, apologize to the user, and respond to the municipal supervision, and even Tesla also requests third-party testing, and statements is willing to bear the cost and accept the test results (no matter what results).

Recalling that Tesla seems to have never made such a long time, a number of times a number of times for the rights and an accident. Just until today, Tesla and rights owners still have not reached a consensus.

At the same time, Tesla Tianjin used truck disputes that have been sensational will have “progress”. Weibo Tesra customer support released the “Situation of the Siki Cars of the Second-hand Car War of Tianjin”, the article responded to the prosecutive incident of Mr. Han Chao, Tianjin Han Chao and Tesla, the response content, statement The sale of used cars does not involve structural security, and the owner Han Tan has not returned to the tip of the car.

Tesla also mentioned that “Mr. Han in these two years, long-standing issued a lot of unreconfilled information about Tesla on the social media platform, spread unilateral materials outside the court, affecting public opinion. In addition, Mr. Han Personal information from lawyers and experts and others, even personal attacks, and participate in the Shanghai Auto Show ‘Rights’ incident. We reserve the right to maintain its legitimate rights according to law. “

And the other party Han Tong also issued a letter to this, and even broke the newspaper Tsra once entrusted the judge to inform him of the private mediation and was rejected by him.

In this regard, Tesla is in autumn. So that earnings for 7 consecutive quarters are also difficult to happiness, after all, Tesla has stood in the vortex of public opinion.

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