Is there a chance to enter the pure electric car? To see market share, sales growth

Is there a chance to enter the pure electric car?

Is the market prospect of pure electric car?

Is the market potential of pure electric vehicles?

When I have been chatting with friends recently, many of them have been engaged in the traditional industry. I want to take the car electricity, and I also have a piece of it. This is a good thing, indicating that electric cars are out of turn.

As for the future of the pure electric vehicle industry, the judgment of @ 不 看 车 is a wave of small gods in this industry. Whether it is Tesla, it is a small pendant car, BYD, the development momentum is very good, in the past In the past year, friends who bought pure electric car company stocks also earned a lot of money, and one is simply! However, in the long run, the industry still starts period, and there is still a period of time from the big climax!

That @ 不 看 看 信? How far is it? @ 不 看 车意 建意 Everyone is judged after reading the following data.

First, 2020 market share

1, 2.8% worldwide, 1.8% in 2019

2, China 5%, 4% in 2019

3, 1.8% of the United States, 1.4% in 2019

4, 6.2% in Europe

5, Western Europe 13.4%

6, 54.3% in Norway, 42.1% in 2019

7, 2.3% Italy

8, 6.4% of Australia

9, 12.5% ​​in Japan, 5.5% in 2019

10, 6.6% in the UK, 1.6% in 2019

11, Ireland 4.54%, 2.54% in 2019

12, New Zealand 33%

13, Germany 6.7%

Second, 2020 pure electric vehicle area delivery volume growth

1, 33% worldwide (13% in total new car)

2, China 19.19% (2% of the total new car)

3, 72.8% of Australia (25% decline in new car)

4, 185.9% in the UK (29.4% of the total new car)

5, Germany 207%

6, 9% of Canada

With the full speed of automotive electricity, the world has more clearly clarified their own fuel-saving schedule, early 2025, late 2040. Therefore, in the next 5-10 years, there will be a large number of regions to bring the market share of pure electric vehicles from the number of 50%. How big is this space, how fast the growth rate is, and everyone can judge it.

Explanation: Due to too many data sources, this is not listed here, the data cannot be guaranteed to be accurate, for reference only.

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