It is officially entered Norway, Li Bin: A country is definitely not enough.

At 4 o’clock on May 6, Beijing time, it officially issued the planning of Norwegian.

The first overseas Nio House will open in the commercial cultivation of the Oslo, Norway in the third quarter of this year. Within 2022, four NIO Space will be built in Norway, Stavanger, Trondheim and Khastiansan.

The first model of the first model delivered in Norway will be 2020 ES8, which is expected to be delivered in September; the next payment will be ET7, which is expected to be delivered in 2022.

In addition to opening the store, what details are worth noting in the first stop of the sea plan? During the group visit before the conference, Li Bin Qin Lihong also revealed what important information?

Start immediately.

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Knock on the gate of the Arctic

2021 The annual body color – Aurora Green Arctic Green is actually from the Norwegian “Northern Gate” Trom’s Aurora.

It is a 15 early employee. According to the representation of Marius Hayler, the head of the Norway, to the end of this year, Nio Norge team’s scale will reach 50 people.

Li Bin said at the press conference that before the official entered Norway, the goal of the awareness has always been “establishing a global competitiveness”, which has also set up design centers, R & D teams, and forward-looking projects in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany. team.

As for why the first stop chooses Norway, Li Bin means that not only due to Norwegian policy to electric cars, but also in Norway is a country that loves environmental protection and pursuit of innovation, compares with the DNA. .

Li Bin said that when Norwegian King visited China, he had participated in the relevant activities, and saw the determination of Norwegian popular electric cars – “activities”, refers to October 16, 2018, is an electric car with Norway Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

At the Nio Norway conference, the Secretary-General of the Norwegian Electric Automobile Association Christina Bu is also a platform for it:

The first Nio House, the first NIO House, which is located in Oslo City, Karl Johans Gate No. 33. According to Marius, here you can “walk to Norwegian Royal Palace”

In the interviewment, Qin Li Hong hit a metaphor: Eastern Plaza store in Beijing.

This 2,050 square meter Nio House has a design code for “Fjord Fjord”.

The fjord is the geographical soul of Norway. The Norwegian Bay was rated as “National Geographic Tourism Magazine” as “the best travel destination”, which is also included in the “World Heritage” in the UNESCO, 204 kilometers, Songna, 1308 meters deep. Bay is the longest and deepest fjord in the world.

Songna, Picture of

At present, Norwegian Nio House is still in construction, and it is expected to be officially completed in September, but we can see the 3D structural tube in the published 3D structure:

In addition to Nio House and Nio Space, NIO Power and Service Center have also been ready to go.

Including 7kw home fillet, 180kW super charge, and the most important second-generation power-saving station, NIO Power will officially debut in Norway in September this year:

At the press conference, Marius said that it will deploy 4 power plants in Oslo and surroundings in the year, and the charging map will also log in to Norway.

In addition to official charging facilities, it is also officially collaboration with European charging service providers plugsurfing to access more than 20,000 third-party charging piles.

The first service and delivery center is located in Oslo Eshe, Ji 5-7 km from Norway, and Enssen or Rail Transit Station of the Oslo City. It is advisable to provide delivery service at the Ens Delivery Center.

Including Oslo, it will establish a service center in Norway 5 major cities.

In addition to the Plugsurfing mentioned above, the Norwegian local partners also include battery recycling companies BatteriRetur, Autoretur, and Norwegian local insurance companies, etc.

Opened the store to sell the car, 2020 ES8 will be the first model that is willing to launch in Norway.

According to the press conference, the Norwegian ES8 is mainly fine-tuning in the charging interface and the body structure. The Norwegian ES8 of 100KWH batteries is used, and the speed of 500 kilometers per 100 kilometers is 500 kilometers. The WLTP works is 500 kilometers, and the drag ability is 1500 kg.

At the same time, Norwegian version ES8 also standards NOMI and NIO Pilot, but the specific configuration and pricing have not yet been announced.

The specific set of the awareness is as follows: July released a free Norwegian version app, Open ES8 test drive in August, open ES8 Booking and deliver / Nio House + service center + change station open, 2022 open ET7 delivery + Norway Nio Space. At the end of the conference, Marius said it will also open a user advisor group plan in Norway.

Careful preparation, keep patience, long-term strategy

Before the online conference was held, Li Bin and Qin Lihong held a media face-to-face in the general office of Jiman Anting, and there was more than one hundred media in the scene for one hour.

The media comes with a variety of questions, Li Bin, Qin Lihong almost a matter of mind. Below, it is an important issue related to Norway.

1. Why is Norwegian?

This is the problem that everyone is most concerned.

Li Bin responded to the past in the Norwegian king to visit China for two and a half years, and said that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Norwegian Electric Automobile Association. At that time, he said, “As an important oil production country, the determination of the Norwegian popular electric car has made an example for the world.”

This is accumulated.

Norway is one of the world’s most friendly countries. In the first quarter of this year, electric vehicles had further climbed in Norway’s market share, more than 50%.

Li Bin said that internationalization is a very difficult thing, definitely more than one level than the Chinese market. The size of Norway is not very small, and it is suitable.

He revealed that from the end of last year, it was awarded the Norwegian branch, and completed the formation in March this year. At present, “Team, Product, Service, and the service is almost the time.”

Qin Lihong then further revealed that although Norway is Nordic countries, it is a very narrow country, and the distance from North and South is more than 3,000 kilometers. Maybe everyone thinks that the Nordic countries feel that it is cold, but more than 90% of the sales is a few key cities in the south. The average temperature in winter may be compared with China, which is the level of Shandong to Henan.

“I think we can accept challenges in the northeast, the same determination, to deal with Norwegian geography and climate challenges.”

In addition, Li Bin and Qin Lihong have specially mentioned the sales volume of China and high-end markets in Norway. Overall, it is a higher proportion of high-end cars in Norway to be higher than China. This is also very important.

In the fans of the awareness, some people have sunacted Norwegian income is a screenshot of China’s per capita income.

2. Norwegian word of mouth seeds

According to today’s disclosure, the model of landing is first ES8, ET7 will be at ET7 next year. Although there is no announcement of the Norwegian price of ES8 today, it is clear that it will be delivered in September.

Li Bin’s original words is, “careful preparation, keep patience, long-term strategy”.

As the first stop of the European, Li Bin said that he would not expect to be a red, “There is such a expectation will be very embarrassing.”, “A place seed, don’t think about it is a big tree, we will become a big tree. We Not so high expectations. “

“Of course, how this seed has been cultivated (very important), we hope it is a reputation seed, and one day will bloom.” Li Bin finally said.

When the media face-to-face, Li Bin said that the Norwegian market is still in the early stage of the previous investment. “Frankly said that there is no goal for the Norwegian team, we have always felt that sales is a result.”

But he also said: “The product advantage of ET7 is no doubt … China is the most intelligent intelligent electric motor market in the world, can survive in China, no reason not to do in other markets. The key is determined and patience.”

Qin Li Hong said that it will still take the pattern of infrastructure, direct sales, and serve customers. From a deep level, there is no change in the Norwegian market and the Chinese market. “How to do China is done in China, the other markets in the world will do.”

Of course, it will also be modified according to the market regulations at the time. “A large number of artificial services in China will have a lot of autonomous services in Europe.”

Specific explanation, it is to do in the general mode, which is more familiar with the Chinese market. In some specific implementation, it will respect local conditions, scenes, user habits, and better integrate into the local environment.

He also revealed that it is already a person who has a European CEO, “from the Internet, experienced.” In addition, the US General Manager, Europe CEO is directly reported directly to Li Bin.

3. It is expected to enter five European countries next year.

“A country is definitely not enough, will definitely enter more countries.” Li Bin said when answering, the expansion of the global market is a long-term plan, which is very much thinking about these things.

For example, in the United States, it will enter the US market in 17 years, and a meeting will be opened every quarter.

Our live questions, ask why not choose Japan and South Korea, or Southeast Asian countries?

Li Bin suddenly filed a previous report, saying that it is the fifth place in overseas car brands in Koreans. “There are four in front, then wait.”

Of course, Japan and South Korea or Southeast Asia will be future choices. But for the propoy, Europe and the United States will be more natural choices. For example, there is a branch in Europe and the United States. With a large number of R & D designers, Li Bin Qin Lihong will also travel to European countries. Li Bin also revealed that in addition to Norway, it will definitely enter more European countries later. “Some things in some plans, we expect to enter five European countries next year. This is our current plan.”

Is there a French in five European countries next year? There are overseas media asking the site, and Li Bin’s answer is particularly interesting: sooner or later will enter France.

Qin Lihong said that the respect of people, transparent and convenient, good products, high levels of services, paying the fee level, these things are incomeping, “We feel that it is more differences to transcend countries and culture, this We are still very confident. “

As for the specific user acceptance and brand awareness, no matter how effort, it has to take a certain amount of time.

4. I believe in the overall rationality of humanity

Overall, Li Bin Qin Li Hong felt, Norwegian market, essentially taking the car in Northeast, and the difference is not big.

Even 16 shifting stations in Norway, there is no difference between the two levels of local markets in China. “In Shanghai, we have to add two-30 shifts this year”, Qin Lihong said.

As for the essential vehicle separation mode, such as Baas, it is also working with local government agencies to land.

“I believe that developed countries will have higher levels of Baas mode. From the direction, BAAS, and electric separation mode are in line with the interests of users, there is no reason not to be available outside China.”

Norway is the first stop for globalization, and global challenges are also concerned about the media concerned.

Li Bin said that although globalization has encountered great challenges, it is more than the challenges of companies in the Chinese background than five years ago. But “We have some very simple ideas, good products, good products, will have a good market.”

He even revealed that he has repeatedly seen the “civilization conflict”, and there is more thinking about the relationship between civilization. “Although globalization has encountered a very big challenge, such as disputes and epidemics, long-term, we still have confidence, human beings will reply the overall rationality.”

5. Take it all the time.

It is a very large meeting room of their home Anting headquarters today. The name of the meeting room is particularly atmospheric and macro. So, the media also asked a lot about the situation on the plane, involving the operation status, future prospects, human composition, etc.

Li Bin joke even when answering questions, said, “Are you sending a headhunting company?” He asked, because there is currently too many companies who dig off the company.

Valuable statements also include both below.

The first is the identification of the present state.

19 years is in ICU, 20 years is still in the ward, and 21 years is back to normal. In the case of Neopark’s starting ceremony, Li Bin has also made a statement on the current state: restoring health, starting to run.

Jida Norwegian Delivery Center

Second, it is the reaffirmation of the qualifications and final qualifications.

Li Bin said that before 19 years ago, he had to enter a qualifying stage before he encountered an extreme pressure test; from 19 years, by 24 years, it will be a qualifier.

He said that there may be two games in the game, and the first game is a 5: 0, the second game may be 1: 0 (small win), “Can you win the final participation final qualification, I It is really impossible to say it now. “

He believes that it is necessary to see the products that are just in 2024, go to the awareness of the system, whether it is product, research and development, service, basic settings, and even overseas teams to see a close. The system ability is a key competitiveness.

“If you want to rest, you will definitely don’t play. If the board of directors will do it, I have been doing it.” Li Bin said, if you don’t enter, this is an unlimited game.

6. Some small points

(1) The Norwegian Nio House is only 700 meters from Norwegian Royal Palace.

(2) Brushing points in Norway

It will provide a unified service in the world, including Nio Life, including integral use.

Qin Lihong said that a Norwegian users arrived in Shanghai center Nio House, theoretically open Norwegian’s 蔚 来, can directly brush the QR code, but because of the data regulations that are limited to Europe, this QR code cannot be recognized in China. .

“So he came to China, we might want to give him a temporary identity card like China to ensure that his experience is correct.”

Similarly, it is the same as the treatment and in China, which is the same in China, and the difference in China, which is the same in China. “You have the same good to China, the settlement behind it is our matter. This problem is more fun than we imagined. “

(3) More vehicles

European compact model sales is good, Li Bin said today, it is currently an ET7, there are 4 models, now only announced that ES8 and ET7 will go to Norway, “means that it will follow the product layout, will definitely for Europe There are some more ways to think about it. “(End)

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