It is officially entered the Norwegian market, what is the logic behind?

Today’s domestic new energy cars have become more and better, and the position of domestic car companies has improved in people’s hearts, especially the new power of the car, get rid of the “play” cognition, became the new energy market. Leaders. Among them, it is one of the best domestic cars that the electric car is doing, and it is also an absolute high end in the brand. When I came to ES8, how many people shouted, but it turned out that good products would be recognized by the market.

With the rise of domestic brands, it will not only look at the domestic market in the process of development, and expand the overseas market has become a necessary way to grow in the car. Recently, it is officially announced to enter the Norwegian market. After this news, it has attracted many people’s attention. So why choose Norwegian market in Europe?

In fact, it is not only a free, most cars are very close to the Norwegian market, and the car companies referred to here are mainly new energy vehicles. The first is a good market environment, Norway wants to completely bid farewrities thoroughly before 2025, which is to do the first country that implements all electricization. Therefore, the sales of electric vehicles in Norway is very good, and many policies have also promoted the sale of electric vehicles. For example, in Norway, the owner does not need to worry about the problem of charging piles, the basic construction of charging piles is basically all over Norway, and the owner wants to charge. In addition, there are free parking, using the advantages of public transport lanes.

However, it is not the ultimate goal of the Norwegian market, because the Norwegian market environment is very good, but Norway is less population, and it is impossible to bring quality leap for a car company. Therefore, from logically, the Norwegian market is just a foundation puzzle that will be entered into Europe or expand the overseas market.

By looking at the model, it is known that it is luxurious, and the model is also relatively large. It is a good example of ES8. The big model in the European market is actually general, but it is popular in the US market. It is necessary to use the way of entering Norway to drive the brand influence of overseas markets. This is also a promotion role for the US market. At present, it is mainly responsible for the role in the North American headquarters, and does not start selling products, and selling electric vehicles in the United States, it is also a thing that is going to do.

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