Jaguar Land Tiger released the new strategy of “reshaping the future”, Jaguar will become a pure electric car brand to 2025

Jaguar Land Tiger recently announced its new strategy “reshaping the future”, focusing on the high-end and luxury auto business of Tata Automotive.

Jaguar Land Tiger CEO THIERRY BOLLOR é said in the announcement: “Jaguar is a unique brand in the global automotive industry. Not only has unparalleled model design, but also has a unique understanding of customers’ future luxury cars, and there is still a long history of history. Assets and pure British blood. In terms of technology and sustainability, we have a broad cooperation with the world’s leading participants in the Tata Group. We will rehabilitate future business, brand and customer experience. ‘ Rehabilving the future ‘strategy will help us improve and play the uniqueness of the brand. Through joint efforts, we believe that you can bring more sustainable and positive impacts for the world. “

Jaguar Land Tiger said that the core of the new strategy is based on two different platform architecture to support the development of the Jaguar and Land Tiger, and give “two brands distinctive brand personality”, and they are focused on the development of electrification.

The Land Rover will continue to launch products around the three series of Range Rover, Discovery and Defender. Jaguar Land Roker said the brand will use the upcoming longitudinal modular architecture (MLA) that can support the electric internal combustion engine (ICE) in the initial period, which will also support pure electric (BEV) models with the development of future product lineup. . The lady will also introduce an electric module architecture (EMA) that is biased toward the pure electric vehicle, which will also support advanced electric internal combustion engine models. Lu Jun said that six pure electric models will be launched in the next five years, and the first model will be launched in 2024. By 2030, all models will launch a pure electric version. In addition, about 60% of the vehicles in 2030 will be equipped with “zero exhaust emission power system”.

For Jaguar brand, Jaguar Land Roker will fundamentally adjust its strategy: “Before 2025, Jaguar will usher in revival, become a pure electric luxury brand, with a very attractive design language and pioneering next-generation technology. “Jaguar Land Rover added, the future Jaguar model will be made entirely of brand-specific pure electric car architecture. In addition, as Jaguar seeks to achieve its unique potential, the original planned XJ replacement model is no longer part of the future model lineup, although the Jaguar LAN said that its nameplate may be retained.

In addition to the pure electric power system, Jaguar Land Tiger is also preparing to use hydrogen fuel cell technology. The company stated that relevant R & D work has been in progress, as part of the long-term investment plan, the prototype will perform road test in the UK in the next 12 months. This plan is mainly targeted for long-distance driving and models with off-road performance.

Jaguar Land Tiger said that its annual investment is about 2.5 billion pounds to enhance electric technology and R & D network services to enhance customer vehicle experience and further optimize the data technology of vehicle ecosystems.

Jaguar Land Rover New Architecture Strategy is streamlined by integrating existing platforms and models in the global plant, helping to promote the “New Standards for High Efficiency Size and Quality] of the Luxury Automotive Industry.” The company stated that “the production and assembly factories retained in the UK local market and around the world”, the UK Solihr Factory will be responsible for the Jaguar Land Tiger pure electric architecture and MLA Land Rover models.

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