Jia boss’s turning opportunity? Geely Group has officially signed a cooperation agreement with Faraday’s future

If you want to say which brand is the most topical in the Chinese market, you may have a different answer. But if you want to say which boss is most impressive, then this answer must be the “next week” Jia Yueping. He founded the Faraday to boast the Haikou, to be the world’s first electric vehicle, however, In the past, FF91 did not have a corner. However, Jia Boss’s turning opportunities may come, just a few days ago, Geely Group has signed a cooperation agreement with Fara, and the software of the new car may be delivered to Geely and Foxconn.

For a long time, FF can say that it has been sold, and the public does even think that this is the “run road” of Jia Bo. But recently, this time law pulls the future, there is a strong sense, first, there is news that the domestic auto training leader Geei will cooperate with its, now this is already true. Then there was news that Zhuhai City State-owned, invested 2 billion yuan to Fa La’s future company. As a return France, the future will be placed in Zhuhai City. And this matter has no specific news, what happens to wait for the development of the situation.

Not only that, as a family in the United States, Fara, Fa, the company, also actively contacted overseas capital. It is reported that on January 28, the United States, Farassa’s future company and special purpose acquisition company PSAC has signed an agreement, including business combination, etc. After the merger is completed, the French will be listed in Nasdaq, and the stock code is FFie . This merger agreement provides a listing opportunity for Fara, and $ 1 billion in funding support, Fara’s future valuation exceeds $ 3.4 billion.

With the sponsorship of such multi-line investment, FF91 is expected to start sales delivery after 12 months, which is a high-tech electric super run, how we will wait and see. The FF81 will be commissioned in 2023, FF71 will be listed at the end of 2024, this year’s new car plan, it is true that the law is really the future. Many netizens said that after the launch of Jia boss, he must take a look at it, spend so much money, such a car made in this long time, the value is not worth the boss “as a dream asphyxia”!

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