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Bat to sach hai Magar Bat hai Ruswai ki ( Parveen Shakir )

25 years have passed since the death of Parveen Shakir, a poet with a unique tone who expresses the fragrance of love in poetry, but his words are still making thousands of hearts feel alive, and this great poetess is among us. Are testifying to be. Khushboo poet Parveen Shakir was born on November 24, 1952 in a religious family in Karachi. Her father Syed Saqib Hussain was also a poet. He graduated in English Literature and Linguistics and later obtained his MA in the same subjects from Karachi University. Parveen Shakir also had the honor of obtaining an MBA degree from Howard University in the United States. Parveen Shakir was associated with the teaching profession as a teacher for nine years and then took up a government job. Served as Secretary in the Customs Department in 1986. However, a dissertation completed for a PhD from a US university could not be submitted due to non-compliance. As a poet with a unique Urdu accent, you gained the fame that very few people get in a very short period of time. Thanks to his God-given talents, he performed feats in a short period of time, which earned him the Pride of Performance and Adam GK Awards, as well as the title of “Poet of Fragrance”. VK also appeared as the best host in the programs. Even before the publication of her first book, she had won the hearts of thousands of people through literary magazines, while in 1976, at the age of just 24, Parveen Shakir’s first book, Khushbo, was published. Mili, and the fragrance of Parveen Shakir’s art spread four hundred. The popularity of the perfume was such that a second edition had to be published six months after its first publication. And as the book began to take the form of gifts, it breathed new life into Parveen Shakir’s literary career. Parveen Shakir, translating the sentiments of the younger generation and the new generation by tying words and emotions in a unique relationship, turned feminine ego, desire and denial into poetry in simple words. Deep poetic style soon made Parveen Shakir famous. Delivered to heights. Let’s take a look at Parveen Shakir’s personal life. The sadness of Tawan’s personal life ended at the end of his married life. She married Dr. Naseer Ali of Karachi, from whom a son, Murad Ali, was born. Later, she divorced Dr. Naseer and said goodbye to her married life. While there is a precious sense of love, woman and values ​​in the themes of Parveen Shakir’s poetry, a state of sorrow and grief also emerged in his poetry.
I will tell the truth but I will still lose
He will lie and do the wrong thing

Parveen Shakir is one of the few women who convinced herself. He portrayed the Eastern feelings of a woman, the hardships, sorrows and boredoms that no poet before her has described feminine feelings so delicately. Mother’s feelings, infertility and separation from husband, working woman’s problems, all of them They are very beautifully written. While his poetry also shows denial and rebellion against tradition. Parveen Shakir’s entire poetry is an expression of his own feelings and feelings of the pain of the universe, the seven colors of the rainbow are seen in his poetry. For this reason, he has a prominent place in modern poetry. His poetry collections were published in 1976, Khushboo, Sadburg in 1980, Khod Kalami in 1990, Ankar in 1990, and Mahi in 1994. He wrote poetry as well as columns. Van Shakir, on his way to his office in Islamabad on Monday, December 26, 1994, met Khaliq Haqiqi at the age of 42 in a traffic accident. You said in your poetry that
Even if I die, where will people forget?
Words will testify that I am dead

While it is a fact that the words of his poems and ghazals are still alive in the tongues and hearts of the young generation and lovers of poetry. She liked the way she spoke. Parveen Shakir’s poems are of the same quality, which are immersed in a deep creative impression and are enough to prove his greatness. He sang the ghazals so well that the language became special and common. For example, let’s see some verses of the ghazal.
Introduced the word spread to
He greeted me like a perfume
How can I say that he has left me?
It is true, but it is a matter of shame
Wherever he went, he came back to me
That’s all there is to it
Let your side be like your heart
Doomsday is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power
When he put his hand on the burning forehead
The influence of the Messiah reached the soul
The body still breaks on rainy nights
Wakes up wondering what to do.

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