Kia New LOGO hidden mystery

Source / thedetroitbureau, Autonews Author: Michael Strong, HANS GREIMEL

New Year’s new weather, no exception in the automotive industry. Following January 1, 202, BYD released a new logo. On January 6th, South Korea has released a brand new logo and a new slogan in Incheon.

The new logo and slogans were announced in the fireworks performances in the Incheon in South Korea, and the most popular drone performances were used, which used 303 drone sprayed fireworks to spell out new logo pattern. Kia has issued two videos on YouTube to show new brand logos to the world.

At the end of 2020, he received foreign media “Automobile News” to interview, and Ho Sung Song, the President and CEO, said that Kia will abandon “an old ellipse LOGO” in January 2021, and start the brand restart. Since 1994, Kia has been using the current LOGO variant: the word surrounded by the ellipse, slightly adjusted in 2004 and 2012.

The iMagine electric concept car on the 2019 Geneva Show is displayed on the new logo.

The new logo design uses a style of handwritten signature, and Kia enlisted the brand’s commitment to start the planned brand reshaping. The Kia high-level said that this logo is a symbol of the subcrete brand, and it is also the value provided by the future products and services to customers, as well as the experience of these products and services.

The line is uninterrupted, it can be written. It is very rhythmic. This conveys the determination of Kia to bring the inspiration moment; the symmetry shows the confidence of Kia; the new logo style is the top-up gesture reflects the rising ambition of the Kia brand More importantly, it can provide customers with.

“The new logo of Kia represents the company’s transformation of its business and product, and promises to become a leader in the field of personal mobile travel.” Song Hao Cheng said that “the automotive industry is experiencing a rapid transformation, and Kia is actively shaping And adapt to these changes. The new identity represents our wishes, that is, as the customer’s mobile travel needs, it is the inspiration of customers, and our employees meet in the fast-changing industry. “

The new LOGO of this Korean car manufacturer also comes with a new global brand slogan: Movement That Inspires, replacing the previous THE POW SURPRISE (Passion Beyond Dreams, Kia Official Translation).

Kia official will introduce the specific content and the latest business strategy in the USA, January 15th, January 15th, January 15th, China, and the latest business strategy will be introduced to the company’s YouTube Global Channel Live broadcast. This activity is called digital “new Qia brand display”, which will outline the outline of big knife.

The company pointed out that these new initiatives are part of the “S plan” long-term business strategy. According to the “S plan”, one of the goals of Kia is the leading position in the global auto market. Its focus is to popularize electric vehicles and launch large-scale mobile travel services to meet the needs and tastes of individuals and local markets.

The program will set this year’s global sales target to 2.92 million. This figure includes 2.39 million in 5.35 million in Korea and overseas markets. Kia also strives to enhance profitability through flexible operations in various regions.

The sales target has a significant improvement compared to the number of 261 million vehicles in the world in 2020. Sales in 2020 have fallen by 5.9% over the previous year, but they are in the case of epidemic and global markets.

“The launch of the new identity represents ambition of the ambition of the leadership of the future mobile travel industry by transforming almost all of the business.” Kia said in a press release.

Kia hopes to increase the mass production of electric vehicles before 2025, and quickly expand to the company’s “special use car”, or PBVS. These are specially used in new mobile travel companies, such as webmarks, Robotaxi and Portable E-commerce.

All in all, by 2025, Kia will invest $ 25 billion in new technologies.

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