Leak 05 Phev Halo officially listed, 227,700

In the domestic auto market in recent years, the self-owned brand is called when Honglia, once crushed the mainstream Korean car, the rays of the French car, became a hot brand comparable to the German car, Japanese car comparable. Among them, the Great Wall, Chang’an, Geely is headed by sales, and no joint venture brand is sold. During the price range within 2000,000, the independent brand has already had a good sales performance. Not only that, including the Great Wall, Geely, Chery, Chang’an, a number of autonomous brands have also launched the high-end brands, used to impact more than 200,000 high-end models, trying to occupy the joint venture brand. Different a sharpen.

As a high-end brand of Giry and Volvo joint venture, since the listing of the market has been refeeded, it is quite a long-term progress from the Wey brand. With the accelerated development of the new energy vehicle market, the packet also began to accelerate the layout of the new energy product matrix. Recently, the pilot’s plug-in mixed model 05 PHEV HALO is officially launched, and the price is 2.277 million.

For this new car, many netizens also have some understanding, from the look, the new car uses the Chinese style design concept, China.com brings the passage of an ancient window frame, more similar after the black treatment Noble and elegant temperament. The front headlight continues the consistent family design, full and full of smart. The lower grid echoes the network and uses a mesh shape of the smoked process. It is worthy of that the packet seems to be intentionally created the PHEV plug-in mixed model, because the packet 05 PHEV uses purple paintings like the catenium 01 Phev, and people think of their plug-in The identity of a mixing model.

From the side of the body, the wheel hub of the plurality of blade models uses semi-closed design, more electrified style. The double waist line has nearly occupied the entire front and rear doors, with the sneak backdaking design, so that this new car is full of young and sports. It is worthy of that compared to the fuel junction, the new car adds a hidden charging port at the right-wing slab, which makes people better fuel and plug-in mixed models.

At the end of the car, the new car has a split taillight design, and the internal use of double row matrix arrangement is more personalized. The lower sides of the taillights are the silver-plated chrome logo of the packets and 05phev, which emphasizes its brand and model identity. The bottom of the new car uses bilateral single exhaust port design, more powerful.

In terms of interior, new cars use classic three multi-function steering wheels and electronic files to bring the driver more convenient to manipulate. The full liquid crystal dashboard is equipped with a 12.7-inch suspended middle control screen and full color hud looks up, so that technology is more highlighted.

In the power performance, the packets were equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine and a drive motor, and the maximum power of 193KW was more than 193KW, and the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox was matched. New car pure battery life can reach 81km, comprehensive battery reach 800km, 100 kilometers of comprehensive fuel consumption only 1.4L, has a good market competitiveness.

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