Li wants to be the world first, is it ideal to expand?

Car circle, will always release some words, especially the new forces of the car. For example, Xiaopeng said that he would not find the east this year. The concealed Lee wants to mention the internal letter of the company. The ideal car should be made in 2025 to take the first throne of the world in the first 2030.

Not a black horse TOP3, but ten years later, the world’s first

In 2020, it was a new year of the new forces. In this year, we not only looked at a large pile of live-action enterprises, and also saw the enterprise against the continued dance, the most proud of them should be the ideal car. Because in 2020, the first troops as the new forces were ideal for a long time without moving, and their first product delivered in December 2019, Wei came, Xiaopeng and Weima have formed a three-legged head camp. .

In the face of a price of 320 million reducing products, the industry did not have too many people to sing more ideals, of course, to rule out the founder of the US group. Wang Xing did even expressed the social media early, and the ideal of the new power to TOP3 will triggers, which also triggered the founder of Weima. But the ideal of the 2020 is like open, the annual delivery rate reached 330,000, only 44,000 vehicles in the whole year, the second, not only more than 25,000 vehicles in Weima, but also beyond the small 27,000 vehicles in Peng.

Only by a product will sweep the competitors, the ideal of 2020 is undoubtedly successful. Of course, it is also a more idealistic scenery, but also first Xiaopeng landed in Nasdaq, became the new power of the second US stock market, and its market value was approximated. When the pot is full, Li Xi, who is fascinating, is also more active, such as that most of the car companies have not made it clear how to win, for example, in public cases, explosive DISS, not optimistic The technique of technology, as well as the topic of the car burning money, “We can make a profit for me $ nillion.”

But this time, Li Xi’s words in the internal letter are more embarrassed, and there is a meaningful meaning of the unique. Li Xi said that by 2025, the ideal car should be the first place in China’s smart electric vehicle enterprises, and get more than 20% of the market share; 2030 vision is to be the world. According to Li Xi’s estimation, the sales of smart electric vehicles in 2025 have reached 8 million. If the calculation of 20% market share, Li wants to reach 1.6 million. It can be seen that Li Xi has long been disdainful and Weima competes for TOP3 seats, but to kill all China’s car companies in the next five years, and to do it in ten years, including Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW. New and old forces worldwide.

Despite the decline in the new forces, it is not fresh, but it is afraid than Li.

Happiness is already out, where is the feat?

After every heroic language, it will usher in a batch of DISS. This time Li Xi is destined to be hung on the flagpole of public opinion, because in the current view, Li Xi’s 言 is more like expansion. In the eyes of the author, the goal of Li Xi’s setting is indeed unreal.

It is not based on ideal and self-information, but is based on the ideal and self-interest, but is set by the survival law of the smartphone industry. Because he believes that 25% of the market share of the global market can only enter the head camp, so that the ideal car must be more than 20% to be “boss”. I am afraid, any company’s decision makers will not give yourself like this. Otherwise, there is still a need for corporate strategy. No company shouted out the first slogan of the world, because only the world can call success.

Second, even more than 20% of the market share is not coming out of the brain, how much is the possibility of this achievement? The ideal annual sales volume of 2020 is 330,000, and it will reach 1.6 million vehicles for five years, and it is said that even if it is ideal, it will not complete the task. Ideal and what can I achieve? Don’t forget, the ideal product system currently has only one increase-run product, and the ideal product in the previously exposed product plan is the fastest product to be introduced, so this difficulty can be imagined.

Of course, 8 million smart electric vehicles set by the ideal is actually unfounded. According to the previous State Council’s new energy vehicle industry development plan (2021-2035), the sales volume of new energy vehicles in 2025 will reach 20% of the total sales of automobile new cars, and the Sino-Central Auto Part is predicted is 2025 national auto sales. It will reach 30 million, which means that the new energy is only about 6 million vehicles. It is worth mentioning that the State Council has reduced the new energy market in 2025 to 25% to 20%. Obviously, Li Xi’s judgment of the market has to take much, as for 2030 new energy sales reached 40 million, and the Chinese market reached 20 million units.

Note that there is still a different concept. Li Xi’s 8 million is only a smart electric car, and the CCAC Association is worthwhile, it is a new energy vehicle. It is clear that not all new energy cars are smart electric vehicles. Of course, there is no clear definition for this concept. This may be Li Xi to leave the rest of himself. For example, in Lee thinks that in addition to the ideal products cannot be more smart electric vehicles, then ideal will become the global smart electric car first. In fact, behind Li wants to call these rhetoric words, we can’t see the ideal car support point, whether it is technology products or production and sales, so 1.6 million vehicles is also 20% market share, Li Xi’s goal is undoubtedly Too much hole. If only the internal letter is the employee, it is not very thick, but once it falls into the whole industry, it will become a common enemy, I am afraid I can only accept the DISS in the whole industry.

By the way, remember the last one like this, causing the people of the auto industry DISS?

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