Li Zi Li Bin is so strong, how does He Xiaopeng compete with them?

If Li Ji, Li Bin, He Xiaopeng put a house, He Xiaopeng may be the most inconspicuous.

Li Bin has long sleeves, and it is very high, and it is always around.

Li Xiyu became famous, hey, fast people.

What Xiaopeng?

Not only than their short, the voice talking is more gentle, and there is a honesthed face.

However, Xiaopeng is now properly ramping the “three new cars”, and other new car potentials open a grade.

Many people may think that “the three new cars” is from the “entrance” of Wang Xing in the US Mission. In fact, there is no doubt that Wang Xing has been influenced by Li Xi, which he invests himself.

If I didn’t remember, before He Xiaopeng did not officially join Xiaopeng car, someone asked Li to think, who is your opponent?

Li Xiji made Li Bin and the aware car. He also mentioned Xiaopeng, the premise is – if He Xiaopeng personally puts the car.

What is Li I think “respect” He Xiaopeng is an opponent?

He Xiaopeng’s experience, can make any opponents can’t be easily enemies – create UC essence, 4 billion US dollars into Alibaba, serve as President of Ali Mobile Business Group, Ali Game Chairman …

Li Zi, Li Bin has their “murder”, and He Xiaopeng also has. Moreover, He Xiaopeng is not as inferior to Li Bin, and even a more tragic fight.

With his own methodology, He Xiaopeng trapezed that Xiaopeng has more than three years, so that it quickly climbed quickly. Just, He Xiaopeng also said that Xiaopeng Auto “leads the technology innovation of China’s smart electric vehicles.”

He Xiaopeng said this in the financial conference on Xiaopeng Machine on March 8th.

On the same day, Xiaopeng has announced the 2020 financial report. In 2020, the annual income of 5.84 billion yuan, an increase of 151.8% year-on-year. The key is that gross profit (4.6%) is achieved in 2020.

Xiaopeng Automobile’s performance of 2020, and the information disclosed at He Xiaopeng in the conference call, which allows us to understand why Xiaopeng is based.

Li Zi, Li Bin brings us a sense of refreshing in the truly Internet. Xiaopeng car, highlights the characteristics of Internet products, starting from a minimal available product, quickly learning, fast iteration, may catch up with powerful opponents.


Gross profit

And the ideal car, it is similar to the car, the 2020 financial report of Xiaopeng cars is also a highlight. First, it is a series of substantial growth:

The total delivery volume of 2020 fiscal reached 27,041, with 12,728 in 2019 increased by 112.5%.

The total revenue of the 2020 fiscal year is 5.844 billion yuan, an increase of 151.8% from 2.321 billion yuan in 2019.

The net loss in fiscal year is RMB 2.732 billion, which is RMB 3.692 billion in the last year.

Although the amount of loss is still large, Xiaopeng has achieved the annual gross profit: 2020 fiscal year gross profit margin is 4.6%, the last year is -24.0%.

Twisted the Qiankun is Xiaopeng P7. The smart electric vehicle that is listed in April 2020 and began in July, which is 150,000.

“We ended 2020 with strong momentum, under our second smart electric car P7 delivering, the total amount of delivery in the fourth quarter reached 12,964, which promoted us to achieve the whole year. Strong operation and financial performance. “He Xiaopeng said.

Xiaopeng P7’s momentum is still continuing. Xiaopeng P7 delivered 3,691 units in January; 1409 vehicles in February. Up to February, 20181, and become a model for the fastest and new forces delivered by 20,000 vehicles.

Xiaopeng Auto 2020 answers will not be here.

Software results may not be ignored:

In October 2020, Xiaopeng Auto OTA upgraded the second generation of smart cockpit systems, including the first full-time scenario speech system in the industry.

On January 26, 2021, Xiaopeng pushed the first OTA version of the full stack of Xpilot 3.0, which is NGP high-speed automatic navigation auxiliary driving system.

Xiaopeng cars are also developing in sales and charging:

At the end of December 2020, the national sales point reached 160, and the service outlet reached 54, then the coverage was 69 cities.

At the end of December 2020, Xiaopeng Super charging station has operated 159, covering 54 cities.

In December 2020, the first European version of G3 was delivered in Norway.

Xiaopeng G3 is transported to Europe

Xiaopeng Auto production is also fast:

The Guangzhou production base has begun construction construction, which is expected to be put into production in the third quarter of 2022. The production capacity of Zhaoqing’s production plant is continuously improved, and will be based on the annual monthly production capacity to reach 10,000 units.


“New Car” is endless

In 2021, the rhythm of Xiaopeng will be very fast.

He Xiaopeng announced a series of new car plans:

In March, P7 Peng Wing Edition issued by Guangzhou International Auto Show will be delivered.

April and May, the G3 and P7 of the lithium phosphate battery began delivery.

In the second quarter, publish third volume models and start sales. “This model is also a mass production car in the world’s first laser radar, will support XPilot 3.5, which will support the third-generation smart cockpit with new innovation, so that the car is more closely related to life.” He Xiaopeng said. According to the information currently master, this car should be the brothers of Xiaopeng P7 Xiaopeng P5. Xiaopeng P5 spy photos, source: play carriage

At the end of the third quarter, the medium-term change model of G3 was started.

In the fourth quarter, the third volume model (ie Xiaopeng P5) was started.

In 2022, Xiaopen 4th cars were launched.

In the era of software, a hardware is unchanged, it may be a new car.

At the financial conference, there is a questioner noticed that the automatic version iterative schedule of Xiaopeng car is in advance. The original plan will be launched in the second quarter of the XPilot 3.5 in 2022; the original plan will be launched in 2023 XPilot 4.0, 2022.

He Xiaopeng confirmed the advance of the automatic iterative schedule when answering. “With our development of Xpilot 3.0, we have more confident to Xpilot 3.5, 4.0, and even in the future 5.0, and relative to the original plan is in advance …”

Xpilot 3.5, with Xiaopen 3rd cars, laser radar in the first time. “Based on our visual-oriented, the integration of laser radar is the integration ability of the laser radar will enable Xiaopeng Automotive products to have such a comprehensive ability to have the main road of urban roads.”

The XPilot 4.0, which is introduced with the 4th car of Xiaopeng, 2022, “We are very confident] Xpilot 4.0 will bring a new subversive experience in the high-level automatic auxiliary system.”

Automatic driving assistance system accelerates iterative applications, “This is also based on our 3.0 a very large amount of use of data.” He Xiaopeng revealed that as of the end of February, NGP has been activated on P7 of about 20% of the batch of P7. Xiaopeng NGP penetration rate in February, that is, the NGP use mileage divided by NGP, more than 50%.

“Since the end of February, the NGP has helped our users have driven 1.3 million kilometers. Through the actual driving data of the user, we can continue to train with fast iteration, optimize our algorithms. Our users provide an automatic auxiliary driving system capable of driving scenes in China. “

Of course, subject to hardware, old models, I am afraid I can’t enjoy all upgrades. However, in addition to the iteration of the program, the XPilot 3.0 also has multiple iterations. “We also plan to release more new versions of XPilot 3.0 this year, including memory parks, and capacity enhancements for existing NGP functions, performance, security, etc.”

In addition to the automatic driving assistance system, Xiaopeng will continue to iterate the intelligent operating system XMART OS, but there is no clear timetable.

These “new cars”, many of them cannot be a new car according to traditional standards. However, the hardware, software rapid iteration of Xiaopeng Automobile models, eliminates old problems, enhances performance, creates new experiences, like Internet products, has the advantage of competition.


2021 accelerated research and development

“Looking forward to 2021, Xiaopeng will continue to provide our customers with more intelligent and differentiated products through fast hardware and software iterations and technological innovation.

He Xiaopeng said, “At the same time we invest our brand, sales service network, charging network, to develop a new intelligent system, three-power system, enhance capacity and supply chain ability, and in international business and including flight car Innovative product line, we will carry out research and development to support future growth in our years. “

In addition to the hardware, software products, Xiaopeng Auto 2021, in the previous, including:

At the end of 2021, the total number of sales outlets was increased to 300, covering more than 110 cities.

In 2021, he raised the supercharge network of Xiaopeng car brands, and reached more than 500 super charging at the end of the year. In 2021, more than 200 cities will provide Xiaopeng’s lifetime charging services, and to expand the charging experience of Xiaopeng owners at high speed, airport, shopping malls.

Those who are familiar with Xiaopeng have known that Xiaopeng cars have repeatedly repeated on the self-establishment of the electric field station, and the station will be suspended. However, after He Xiaopeng identified the new brand superchart construction target and mode, it showed the momentum of the fast layout.

Xiaopeng in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

The decisive spell is definitely research and development.

In the 2020 Xiaopeng Auto Fund, a slightly agreed decline – R & D expenditure is 1726 billion yuan, a decrease of 16.6% from 207 billion yuan in 2019. Xiaopeng Motor’s financial report explained that the reason is that the expenditure of Xiaopeng P7 in 2019 is higher.

However, the continuous expansion of R & D investment should be a must for the rapid development of enterprises. He Xiaopeng said:

In 2021, the R & D investment of Xiaopeng Automobile has a considerable proportion of reinforcement than 2020, and focuses on intelligence. “Including automatic driving software, data, algorithm, and automatic driving internationalization, as well as transformation of hardware-driven hardware-driven hardware related to automatic driving. This piece of technology is very big. Investment. “By the end of 2021, the number of R & D personnel will probably double the previous. “At the same time, we will also lay a lot of R & D staff in our ecosystem.”

Source: Three companies’ financial report


Fast, what is fast?

Fast, fast, fast … Xiaopeng’s 2020 and 2021, high-frequency words are “fast”.

It is said that “the world is martial arts, only if it is not broken”. However, if “Mongki is coming” on the wrong road, it will only accelerate the destruction.

Only fast trial, bad, fast adjustment, continuing fast, is really fast.

From the perspective of the history of the new car forces, Xiaopeng’s first car G3, the performance is far less than the ideal, and the first product of it is. It is also a burden that “outside” He Xiaopeng takes over. However, this super product manager defines Xiaopeng P7, word-of-mouth and sales, and many believe that it is only secondary to Tesla; Xiaopeng P5 will grab the first quantification of laser radar. This reflects that Xiaopeng cars caught up quickly.

In addition, Xiaopeng also grabbed a big flag – China’s only car company in the full stack of self-developed automatic auxiliary driving software and smart cockpit. Behind the early layout of Xiaopeng Automobile’s big hand, only the results have been blossomed in the near future, and the industry is coming. This reflects the deep depth of Xiaopeng.

The running of the smart electric car, the gun is just a long time, in the next competition, the player needs an exponential growth, so that he continues, it becomes strong, in order to defeat the opponent. For Ho Xiaopeng, this commander of the big army is concerned, it is very good. At this point, Li Zi, Li Bin, will definitely be expected.

Intelligent electric car age, see He Xiaopeng, Li Zi, Li Bin’s competition is also a pleasure.


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