Live for a long time? BMW Chairman publicly angry Tesla! Who is not known in the future?

Tesla is a leading brand of electric vehicles, and its influence is extremely far-reaching, whether it is the impact of its models on other electric vehicles or the influence of Tesla stocks for other stocks. It is very huge. As the giant of traditional luxury cars, BMW Group still maintains a situation in the fuel trass. But just before, these two have gone. In the previous DLD All-Star Conference, BMW Group Chairman Qi Puch made an attitude towards Tesla.

With the continuous investment in the world’s major brands in the field of electric vehicles, Tesla may not be kept in the field of electric vehicles, which will not be able to maintain the previous rapid growth.

In the past 2020, Many models under Tesla were delivered nearly 500,000 new cars in the world, a year-on-year increase of 36%, and Tesla Group predicted that the increasing middle age of the next few years would remain around 50%. And Qi Pu said that Tesla wants to continue to keep such a high-speed development is not easy. To know that Tesla has slowed down in the European market last year, it is because more traditional car manufacturers have already Increased investment in the field of electric vehicles, with more electric vehicle products to resist Tesla’s “invasion”. BMW Group In recent years, the BMW Group has gradually increased, and the X1, 5 Series and 7 Series have added an electrified model. The current sales situation is gradually improved.

In fact, in the automotive sector, the heads of each group rarely evaluate competitors, but many traditional companies have different to Tesla.

Toyota’s CEO Toyota is once, Tesla did not make real things, and he also believed that Toyota is like a restaurant that has already had a large number of tables, and Tesla is just a new recipe. cafeteria.

Dallen Palmer, head of Ford Group Electric Vehicle Business, also secretly under an interview, he said that the filament of the Ford Muslim electric version of the door, the color parts and other parts of the vehicle are unified, the vehicle bumper will not Sad, the door handle will not be frozen in the cold in winter. Friends who are familiar with the car circle must know that these problems are a series of issues exposed by Tesla, and the speech of Palmer is self-evident.

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