Long test ideal one, so alternative, but really bad?

As a new energy vehicle market, an ideal one is self-contained, which is the alternative between fuel and pure electricity, which makes it a black body.

It is an ideal one for more than half a month. This is an old car who has already traveled more than 30,000 kilometers. Let’s first summarize the special skills and special techniques of these self-belled.

First, Ideal One is only one highest?

Before Ideal One, almost every new car has high school low version, and there is also a version of which version to choose to choose is the most cost-effective business.

Ideal One has only one highest model of 328,000 yuan, all the features give you a match, let you choose, don’t choose, I like it. In order to say, you can choose the body color, wheel style and six or seven seat layout, etc.

The ideal car may be the most stringent car enterprise for the cost of the car cost. Many times the market will believe that the control cost is equal to the reduction, but if a car company does not consider profit, it is only burn, its future is definitely not Long, its days are certainly not good, then how do you think about how to do it for you, how to make you a long time?

In contrast to do hundreds of thousands of traditional car companies, the annual sales of new cars are still struggling at 50,000 targets, and the volume is too small means that development costs, parts cost, etc. can not get a greater limitations. In this context, high schools are low, and the cost is higher.

For example, the same seat, 300,000 and 10,000 costs are different, and the number of all car parts is superimposed, and it is finally reflected to the price of the whole vehicle.

From another perspective, as a whole new design and manufacturing, there are many waste and low efficiency in the manufacturing process and production process, and only one configuration of a model is produced, which is obvious to produce multi-models. The efficiency is much higher, the efficiency is time, time is money.

Ideal One is only one highest, not allowing users to have no choice, but allow users to have high quality cars with the highest cost-effective.

Second, is it really good?

Today, the automotive power has three major mainstream power systems with fuel, plug-in and pure electricity, and there is three kinds, one is fuel and pure electricity, one is oil and electricity mix and pure Electric, then one is the expenses of the ideal one.

For easy attention, ideal one can be charged, can also refuel, achieve the NEDC800 kilometers of endless miles, but only by the motor, the engine charges the battery, or directly supplies power, the engine can be in the best work condition, so Ideal One’s driving experience is infinitely close to pure electric cars.

There is a part of this Dong’an 1.2T three-cylinder engine that does not feel the slight vibration of the engine at a low speed stage, but far within an acceptable range, and most use of the scene, so The vibration and noise can be completely ignored.

In addition to the Huitian and Honda’s plug-in hybrid system, other plug-in hybrid systems are not as good as ideal one, because in pure fuel mode, driving the car’s engine is still possible. Push the fuel consumption in non-best conditions.

Ideal One of course also has improved space, such as a larger capacity battery, a four-cylinder engine, or three-cylinder engine NVH more improvement.

Third, just the most central control screen?

Car intelligence allows the entire central control to start screening, such as instrument screens and medium control screens, and ideal one is introduced in one time, and the instrument, central control, co-pilot entertainment and function control are realized.

Today, the screen is flooding today, maybe those showing the effect is poor, the interface design is rough, and a thousand third-party solutions is easy to make people feel boring.

Ideal One is constantly spending in these four screens, thinking about how to make interfaces and functions more close to the use habit of owners, such as common functions directly on the main page, or set in a shortcut button, such as tap mode and front -oustay start a reminder Waiting for personalization.

We don’t dare to say that the ideal one’s central control system is the most perfect because this system is regularly upgrade optimization, because we also want to have a full screen navigation display like Audi on the instrument screen, but ideal one’s central control system can It is a system that makes people feel comfortable and convenient.

Fourth, the fun characteristics of ideal one

4.1 No start button

Like Tesla, Xiaopeng P7, Ideal One doesn’t start the button, we will start with the key to sit into the car. When you take the key away from the car, it will turn off the car, which may become the standard of electric vehicles.

If you press the start button, the fuel engine’s instant beep can make us feel the feet of “all things recovery”, an electric car, press or press, it is quiet there, why Have a start button? Design and hardware costs can be decremented.

4.2 Tony

This is the most distinctive application of ideal one. Electric smart cars should be very simple, but how to make the intelligent hardware bring warm heart to the user, then more flowers.

Press to the shortcut menu of the function control screen of the hand box, press “Tony Mode”, set the rest time in the center control screen, the vehicle will switch to the quiet mode, the seat will automatically adjust to a comfortable rest, when the rest end The vehicle will be reminded with sound. This is a simple ability to implement, this is a smart and intimate function, but is your car?

4.3 For the former car away from the reminder

The smart car of the automatic driving assistance system is added, the body is covered with various sensors, visual, radar, and infrared, can these only use the automatic driving system?

Modern information and network linking society, everyone has something to handle, mobile phones are always talking, waiting for the red green lamp for a long time, the low head is not a few, generally rear the vehicle The speaker looked up.

Regarding the reminder function of the former car, I believe that some friends have experienced this function in the installed driving recorder, but the ideal one original car integrates this function, and the owners will take the instructor to step on the throttle through the instrument screen.

4.4 Orchard Fine Pedal

The arrival of electric smart cars is not only the change in power and the increase in intelligent hardware, while the original design is adapted.

Future automatic driving, from the appearance to the interior, the change of the sky, but before this, the L2 and L3-level automatic driving assistance system under the eyes can realize the automatic driving of specific scenes, but human beings are car driving The owner, but also ready to take over the car.

For a simple example, how should your feet put in a vehicle in an automatic driving scene? On the floor, the brake pedal is also on the throttle pedal? Just look at the left foot, you will know the most comfortable posture of the right foot should be placed on the throttle.

There are two types of accelerator pedals. Most models are hanging types with brakes, and the other is a stent type, also known as a piano type, and the foot is on the fixed pedal on the fixed pedal.

It is true that there is a model of automatic driving assistance, which should be used in this way, not only makes the right foot more comfortable, but also faster and convenient when switching to the brake pedal.

This is just a change in small details, and such detailed changes will also have more.

In recent months, we didn’t deliberately try to test what content, restore daily car scenes, short-distance, travel on the weekend, there are highways, there are urban roads, and all kinds of scenes should be available.

You may ask the ideal one without a shortcoming? Then I will ask you, do you tell me which car doesn’t have a shortcoming?

For Ideal One, this is a model listed in 2019, and its research and development time is earlier. We look forward to it in the next change and substitution evolution.

For example, a more advanced automatic driving assistance system, such as a variable color panoramic sunroof, such as HUD, such as rear seat massage, such as many more than.

Rome is not built a day, I don’t cover up, Ideal One is already the mainstream car selection of the current, you can enhance its small shortcomings, but you should enjoy the more user-friendly driving experience.

Ideal One is not perfect, but who is perfect?

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