Luxury flagship admission new energy, Audi A6 E-TRON concept car exposure video

At the moment, the trend of automotive electricization is inevitable, whether it is China’s market or overseas markets, many new energy brands have been forced to have an action in the field of electricity. Old businesses Toyota, Volvo and other manufacturers have begun. At recent, there is a media to release the concept car video of Audi A6 E-TRON, according to the news weighing production vehicle will meet in the formulating and consumer in 2023.

Audi A6 has always been loved by Chinese consumers as the most powerful flagship sedan in the Audi brand. Its atmospheric appearance and classic interior elements have made many consumers. After electrification, this A6 E-TRON has a large change, and the closed grille design plus the whole black direct tank on both sides, so that this car looks like the future in the sci-fi movie. The chariot is general. Audi said that “lamp factory”, the vehicle headlights are played by them, it is reported that the A6 E-TRON vehicle headlights can form different patterns, which is quite playable. At the same time, hidden door handles and new rear view mirrors further reduce the wind resistance of the vehicle, on the one hand, it is possible to improve the speed of the vehicle, and on the other hand, it can effectively reduce energy consumption.

The side part of the vehicle is excellent, and the streamlined design plus the right frontier, so that this car looks very harmonious. The waistline is added to the cookie, which creates a good sport for this car. The large size of the wheel is even more exciting. The end of the vehicle is used through the tail of many new energy vehicles, but the surprise is that Audi’s four-ring LOGO has also become a shiny lamp body, combined with the “lamp factory” has always been accompanied by lights. The tail of the trolley will become an object that many car companies compete.

Audi has always had a classic slogan: You just step on the throttle, and the remaining will be given to quattro. Although this A6 E-TRON is an electric car, Audi has always highlights the power of this car. The maximum power of the new car is 462 horsepower, peak torque 590 Nm. At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with 100 kWh-time battery pack, and the room is up to 700 kilometers. And in order to further solve the mileage anxiety problem of consumers, the manufacturer also equipped with 270 kW fast-charged technology, charging for ten minutes, can guarantee 300 kilometers of battery life, if the supporting facilities of the charging pile are perfect, even the long distance It is not a problem.

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