Major signal: 19 micro electric vehicle declaration announcement

Macro Mini EV leading micro electric car wind is about to come. In addition, the return of lithium iron phosphate enters the new climax, and the use of pure electric vehicles, more than 50% of the car is mounted on the lithium iron phosphate.

On April 12, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a publicity of the model of the 343th “Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturer and Product Announcement”.

In all models publicized in this batch, there are 276 new energy vehicles, including 42 new energy passenger cars, which have decreased in previous periods.

In the pure tram section, 32 pure electric cars, 1 convertible pure electric car, 17 pure electric multi-purpose cars 17.

Insert the coast, a total of ideals, Great Wall Wei three brands declared three models, a total of 9 plug-in hybrid multi-purpose passenger cars.

There are not many new cars declared in this batch, and there are simultaneous declaration of increased range and pure edition models at the same time, and the Great Wall Wei is reported to Macchiato PHEV model.

Change the model part, Ideal One, Guangqi Ean S change is worthy of attention.

It is worth paying attention to the 19 micro-tram type declaration, showing the competition of this class. In addition, in the case of all pure electric passenger cells declared in this batch, the quantity of lithium iron phosphate battery is used in the quantity of three-dimensional lithium battery.


Pure electric car

At the pure electric car part of 343 batch of car announcement, a trend is worthy of attention, a total of 7 manufacturers have declared 19 pure electric mini cars, accounting for 60% of the total number of pure electric car models.

In many small cars, SAIC is based on Baojun E200, and Wuli Nano EV, which has been exchanged for Wuling Silver, is most worthy of attention.

Wuling Nano EV has declared 4 Chinese and external colors, compared with Baojun E200, re-design in the position of the front and rear bumpers, and has a two-color vehicle consumers.

Wuling NANO EV car is 2500mm, which is more short than MINI EV.

In terms of three-power system, Wuli Nano EV uses lithium iron phosphate power cells, battery pack rated voltage 122V, rated capacity 230AH, total electricity charge 28.06kWh, battery is provided by Suzhou Keyi New Power Technology Co., Ltd.. In terms of the motor, the vehicle is a single-peak power 24KW motor.

Among the Baojun E200 models, Baojun E200 models, with the same three-electric assembly, reached 305 kilometers.

Therefore, it is expected that the row of the Wuli Nano EV model will be 305 km.

In terms of model positioning, since Wuli Nano EV has only 2 people, the battery is longer than Mini EV, so the car or will be positioned in the boutique 2 generation.

In this batch, Wuling also declared two mini EV models, which did not differ from the MINI EV models of this declaration than the MINI EV model declared before.

After Wulinghong MINI EV is hot and heat, multiple car companies use a follow-up strategy to launch a variety of micro-pendant pure electric vehicles.

In this batch announcement, Beiqi declared the subsequent models of the EC series, Changan declared the Benn E-STAR model, Lingbao, Mustang and other manufacturers also declared miniature pure electric vehicles.

The miniature pure electric car declared by this Sichuan Gao Mae, the tail marker name is the Mango, which is a car, which is launched by the microcontroller, and launched the Sichuan Ganma brand.

On April 12, the car has just completed the offline ceremony, and the pre-sale price of 29,800 yuan, the endless mileage is divided into 130 kilometers, 185 km and 300 km.

In this batch of car announcement, the Sichuan Guanyu Ma has declared six Mango models, and lithium iron phosphate batteries were used.

In terms of high-end pure electric cars, Guangqi Eman declared the change model of Ean S.

In terms of shape, the head of Ean S is re-designed and added a new hub style.

At the end, the new Ean S changed the taillights.

In this batch announcement, Ean S has approved two modified models, all of which use the three-dimensional lithium battery provided by China AV.

In the pure electric multi-purpose passenger vehicle (pure electric SUV), the Nort-South Volkswagen filed an ID.6 dual motor version, in which the front motor used an AC asynchronous motor, and the post motor was a permanent magnet synchronous motor. The peak power of the motor before and after 80kW and 150kW.

In the car announcement information submitted for the car authority, it is extremely rare. For car companies, this behavior is a display of its own technical strength. On the other hand, similar information will have to make the car enterprise to bear huge pressure.

Unlike the description information of the pure electric version, in the description of the quasi-ruppuance version of the FREE model, the “guaranteeing the battery in the absence of heat, no smoke, no fire, not fire, not exploding”, The indicator of “the car is equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder extension, the generator power is 80kW, the vehicle is completely used in power driver”, and the vehicle’s battery life has been introduced, and the integrated battery life has more than 800 kilometers.

In this batch announcement, the Great Wall Motor declared the Wei Pai brand Macchiato Phev model. The car was the first inserted hybrid model based on lemon DHT mixed technology.

The power battery of the car uses a three-dimensional lithium battery supplied by honeycomb energy.

In this batch announcement, the ideal automobile declared 6 ideal one models, and its car header was 10mm longer than the cash type, reaching 5030mm, which is expected to be expected to be expected by consumers.


Lithium iron phosphate returns strong

In the pure electric new car declared this batch announcement, the model of the lithium iron phosphate battery is equipped with more than 50% of all pure trams.

The reason for this phenomenon is that there are many micro-treated electric vehicles declared in this batch, most of which use lithium iron phosphate batteries. However, high-end pure electric vehicles are still dominated by three yuan lithium batteries.

Among the total 42 new energy passenger vehicles, 9 plug-in hybrid models are three-dimensional lithium battery models, so the three-dimensional battery models are still in the overall number of new energy vehicles.

In the previous declaration of the previous period, the low-end pure electric vehicle replaced the phosphate lithium iron battery, high-end pure tram and insert tricycar using the power battery technology route of the three-way battery, should be the mainstream technology route for the next time.


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