Mask speaks: do not make public relations, only focus on products, do you have to do in China?

In recent days, Tesla can be said to be a stall, which is affected by the Shanghai Auto Show “Brake Gate” incident, and many of the negative news about Tesla is swars, including some Tesla owners have some similar experiences sharing. On the network, the Tesla brand is on a very passive situation. And interesting is that Tesla does not seem to be very concerned about public opinion on the Internet. In addition to the simple apology, for the appeal of the “Brake Gate”, Tao Lin, Vice President of Terzergress, made a response Do not compromise, “Is it true that Tesla really does not need a public relations?

Interestingly, the recent Goldman Sachs Pre-executive Garyblack questions on the twitter to ask Mask, do you consider the employment of public relations? Mask’s answer is that Tesla focuses on product, not spending money like other companies. Obviously, Mask’s answer is very confident on the product, and the attitude of the public relations is refused. So, do you really don’t need a public relations?

In fact, this matter should be taken from two perspectives. First of all, in the perspective of foreign countries, Tesla boss Mask is the largest public relations team, why do you say this? Because Masque tweet has tens of millions of fans, like Net Red Large, he will bring a lot of traffic on the twitter, you can lead to many traffic. This is even more influence than some public relations teams.

And in the Chinese market, this way is clearly not available. First, there is no tweet this app, or the tweet users are very small. Although Masque has an account on Weibo, but compared with the tweet account, whether it is a fan number or the influence, it is far away.

Therefore, although Mask says not to make a public relations, only focus on doing products, it is just suitable for foreign markets. On the domestic market, Tesla has recently received a lot of negative public opinion, only deserves the hearts of the consumer, but also unable to save the consumer. Indeed, Tesla is one of the best-selling electric car brands in China, but after the “Brake Gate” incident, Tesla’s sales will inevitably be affected, even if this is over, there is similar in the future. Things, there is no public relations to do a good job, it is clear that the brand is unprofessional. So, do you think Tesla needs a public relations team? Or continuing to maintain the process of “uncompromising”, can you have to do in China?

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