Mercedes-EQ brings three new products to Shanghai Auto Show

On April 19th, 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show officially opened, Mercedes-Mercedes-Ben Brand Mercedes-EQ has three new products unveiled.

Among them, the new EQS is positioned as a large pure electric luxury car. It is based on the pure electric platform, which provides a variety of power versions. It is equipped with a dual annual magnetic synchronous motor with a maximum power of 385 kW, and the peak torque is 855 cattle. · Rice, the battery capacity is up to 107.8 kWh, and it can reach 800 kilometers under the CLTC operating conditions. It is worth mentioning that the new EQS is equipped with a comprehensive smart driving assistant system, and the L3-level automatic driving assistance can be implemented in the future.

EQA is positioned in the pure electric SUV model. When the battery capacity is 70.5 kWh, the CLTC operating condition is 500 kilometers. The new EQA is equipped with a Gaode map, and the function of smart electric travel such as EV optimization path planning and local scenes. Navigation service Combine. It is reported that Mercedez-EQ is also a luxury brand that realizes the depth fusion of mass production models and Gaode map AutosDK.

EQB is positioned in 7 pure electric luxury SUVs, with a maximum of 2,829 mm long-range widths in the same level to meet the travel needs of the whole family. It is reported that the EQB 350 4MATIC model has been launched, and its maximum power can reach 215 kilowatts, and there is 500 kilometers under CLTC operating conditions.

It is reported that the new EQB also matches the most enriched L2 intelligent driving assistance system with the same level, achieving all-round high-speed heel, variability, lane maintenance, active braking and smart parking.

David Co., Ltd. Chairman, Chairman, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said Mercedes – Mercedes-Benz is always committed to changing the sustainable vision to reality, Mercedes-Benz new EQ family models focus on digitalization and electricity. The big direction will open the Mercedes-Benz luxury new chapter.

Diamler Co., Ltd. is responsible for Tang Shikai, which is responsible for the large-scale school business, said Mercedes-Benz actively committed to promote sustainable development and the future of carbon. The company’s “2039 Vision” is also resoned in co-resonance in China’s carbon.

It is reported that by the end of 2021, Mercedes-Benz will launch 4 EQ pure tram types in the Chinese market, three of which will achieve local production. In addition to the new energy car product itself, Mercedes – Mercedes-Benz will also have a comprehensive promotion of related initiatives to help climate protection.

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