Model3 dropped 79,900 yuan, 3.3 seconds! The squid effect exerts the extreme

At this stage, consumers have more controversial and worried electric vehicles, so consumers will be more cautious when choosing them. In order to stimulate the development of domestic electric vehicles, Shanghai specially introduced Tesla in the country, and his performance is absolutely known. Most people are attracted by Model Y, but in fact, MODEL 3, which is again reduced, is a real syndrome killer.

The new car Performance high-performance full-wheel drive version is priced at 339,900 yuan, which has dropped directly 79,900 compared to previous versions.

The new car does not have much change in the look, just in some details, it has made a smoked design, enhances the motion and fashion atmosphere of the new car. In terms of interior, it has also maintained the same as the old model, and some wood grain trim strips are added, it is worth mentioning that the new car upgrades the new heat pump air conditioner. In the winter, especially in the north, the battery car’s battery life will have a large reduction, and even a 50% off. For consumers, life anxiety has increased dramatically, but in the hot pump air conditioner, this situation will greatly slow, and the change in the new car is in the winter life.

Of course, for Performance’s high-performance full-wheel drive version is the most important or power performance, the maximum horsepower of the double motor can reach 461, which is more excellent than the maximum number of models. Coupled with the four-drive performance to meet the owner more air scene, 3.3 seconds of 100 kilometers acceleration, which is also the top level in the same level. Since it is four-drive, its battery life is not particularly superior, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 605km, if it is normal, the life is enough to reach a week or even two weeks, plus Tesla’s fast charge It is also convenient to use it.

For most domestic electric vehicles, this new car has brought them a great pressure. For example, the recent BYD and Xiaopeng P7, etc., has lost the advantage of the price, and the competition between them turned into a real contrast. It seems that Tesla took some market share and played a competent squid role. But in facts for domestic electric vehicles, this is precisely an excellent thing. Excellent products are compete with each other, and there will be no so-called “you die”, but it is a kind of benign industry competition. The new energy market is currently a huge incremental market. No one can eat all the cakes, and consumers can also enhance the status of electric vehicles throughout the market, thus greatly promoting the development and layout of the entire electric vehicle.

So in the author’s view, Tesla’s price cuts seem to be the air of domestic electric vehicles, but in fact, the goodness behind it is far more than negative emotions, I believe that under the driving of this big squid, electric vehicles at home and abroad The market will have faster progress and development.

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