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Teaching but what is the reason you have shifted from teaching to librarianship?
A: To me librarianship has never been inferior. When I entered library science, I had English and mass communication in mind, but I took library science with interest. The main reason was that the book was with me from a very young age. The library has always been a source of information for me.
When I got admission in library science, I could not get admission in Punjab University because merit was very high. The situation was that 5 marks were given to B.Sc. I had first division in BA but I got admission in Bahawalpur University. Here I got admission in Mass Communication and English but I thought it best to go to Bahawalpur and do MA Library Science from there but at the same time Urdu literature was also my favorite subject so I studied Urdu literature in 5th year. MA done.
Initially I had the opportunity to work in large libraries. I spent 2, 3 years in the Quaid-e-Azam Library. After that, he stayed at Beacon House National University Library and served at the International School and College of Pakistan Library in Kuwait. He was the Chief Librarian at GCO Library, Faisalabad. People ask me why I did my PhD in Urdu Literature. The reason was that at the time I wanted to study further, there were no opportunities to study further in library science. After MA Urdu, M.Phil had started.

Now it was difficult for me to come back to M.Phil Library Science. I thought it best to do my PhD in Urdu. Then came the teaching of Urdu. I was teaching at MA, M.Phil and Ph.D level. You can’t call coming here Tarzan’s return. The librarian was inside me and I want to proudly say today that I had a PhD or I taught. Anyway, I did this librarianship, I never felt inferior in it, but I feel proud. Even today I think that if you want this profession and knowledge of the book can take you much further if you are a librarian but can not improve your knowledge, your character and your caste. Then you can’t do it anywhere. This is my firm opinion about it.
Question: It is common to see that our teachers are looking at librarians in a different way. Isn’t he satisfied with his profession?

Answer: If people underestimate the librarian, then we also have a little shortcoming and guilt in it. Let me give a small example that there was an attendant in our library who is now retired and is a sanitary worker. I respect him and I do this because of his work. If these people can earn respect by working at this level then why can’t we earn respect. If we do our work with hard work and honesty then we will also get respect. Dr. Anwar Ahmed of Bahauddin Zakaria University who was the President and Dean of Urdu Department Whenever we talk about librarians, they definitely mention my name and Naeem’s name.

When I was appointed, I read his post that among the other decline in the society, the decline of libraries and librarians is also visible. It is a good thing that Dr Muhammad Haroon has become the Chief Librarian of Usmani Punjab University. It is a pleasure for me to be the Chief Librarian not because of my PhD and Urdu but because of the Librarian. My colleagues in the Urdu department used to contact me if they wanted to get scientific or biblical information. Librarianship has always been a source of power for me. People will respect you if you work sincerely. This is the problem of people who feel inferior. How is it possible to get respect without working, respect comes from work whether it is sanitary worker or librarian.

Question: Do you feel any change before and now with regard to library services?

A: No, there has been no major change in the last two and a half years. I saw former librarian Chaudhry Hanif Sahib working with great dedication. He wanted to take this library far beyond imagination. He laid the foundation for it. Then Haseeb Sahib came and I worked with him. We have already taken these basic things so that the library can develop. Now various courses are also being conducted here. We had a dream for the HEC Fund to expand the library building. This dream has come true. It is now the largest library among educational libraries.
Question: God willing, you are lucky to have been appointed as the Chief Librarian of a large library of a large educational institution. What role will you play in its further development?

Answer: In fact, the Punjab University Library has the status of a traditional library and librarianship. Apart from this, the university is also adopting modern technology and modern means of librarianship. We are advancing the resources we have. There is an Oriental collection of books which contains manuscripts and ancient magazines. We are taking further steps to protect them. We will pass them on to the readers online. We are embarking on this big project. We are working on another information literacy circulation and we will expand its scope. We can’t wait any longer.

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