Name the country’s first unmanned driving model, Weima W6 16.98 million

On the evening of April 16, the third new car W6 in Weima was listed. W6 has 5 configurations, and the price is $ 169,800-2.598 million, which is 30,000 yuan than the previous pre-sale price.

The arrival of this car further improved the product matrix of Weima, which will also compete with other brands on the SUV market segment of Wema.

Compared with the two models of Weima, the highlight of this car is reflected in:

1, no one driving.

2, user-defined cars.

Among them, no driving is more important. Weima founders and CEO Shen Hui have repeatedly stressed that W6 is China’s first mass production model for unmanned driving. He also revealed that Wei Ma will implement a part of the L5-level unmanned driver in some scenes in 2022 next year. ”


W6’s unmanned driving: self-service parking under some scenes

“Unmanned” is the first selling point of W6.

Specifically, the automatic driving of W6 is achieved by AVP (unmanned self-paying system). Strictly speaking, AVP is not “automatic driving” in a common sense, but “automatic driving under specific scenes”.

Weima’s AVP unmanned parking system is divided into two aspects of HAVP autonomous learning parking and PAVP high-precision.

Among them, HAVP is suitable for residential, company, etc. Fixed parking space scenes, and vehicles can be used to find trips. For example, after the owner drives to the company’s door, you can get off the bus. When I go home from get off work, the owner can also pass the APP control, so that the vehicle will open to the designated driving place.

PAVP is suitable for non-fixed parking space scenes such as large shopping malls, office buildings, relying on high-precision maps, vehicles can automatically plan parking routes, through cross-layer cruise, unintended parking, pick up.

In addition, the implementation of these functions, unless the core, radar, camera and other hardware. In this regard, W6 is equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong SA8155 chip, with 5 77 GHz millimeters, 12 ultrasound radar, 2 HD front photographers, and 4 HD comic cameras.

Among them, Gao Tong Xiaolong SA8155 chip is 8.5 times higher than the ordinary chip, and image processing capacity has also increased by 20 times.

At the on-site meeting, Shen Hui has repeatedly said that the W6 unmanned parking function is not futures, and the HAVP function can be implemented. PAVP will also be gradually released to the user through OTA during the year.


Different “user-defined cars”

Break the barrier of mobile phones and cars through SOA technology

In addition, another selling point of W6 is “user-defined car”.

Shen Hui said that W6 is the first mass production model based on “user-defined automobile” concept, and is the mass production model in China to achieve SOA technology applications.

SOA is the English abbreviation of service-oriented architecture, meaning in Chinese means a service-oriented architecture. This technology is generally applied to the Internet field, which splits different service functions on the application and links good interfaces and protocols between these services. This allows services in the system to interact in a unified and universal manner.

SOA technology is used in cars, in fact, is a collection of various services through software.

The “user-defined car” is the most popular vehicle term. According to the previous car companies, “user-defined cars” refers to the user participates in product development and manufacturing.

However, “User-Defined Car” in the eyes of Weima refers to the use of levels, it is popular that the owner passes the car through the Weima Ivoral app. Thereby realizing the barriers of Shen Hui said to break the phone and the car.

Specifically, SOA technology is mainly reflected in W6 in the owner’s customization mode.

W6 has the use model of “Small Drain”, “Family Space”, “Smart Energy Saving”, “Performance Mode”, and “High Speed, Safe”. According to its own needs, the owner can spontaneously adjust which mode is used.

At the same time, the owner can also customize the mode of use.

The owner can open the self-programming from the Weima Zhiline App to realize the free combination and setting of the driving aid, window, seat, air conditioner, driving mode, music, atmosphere light, etc., and according to oneself The car is like a “scene card” in different travel styles. After the custom is complete, the newly added scene mode is turned on in accordance with the trigger condition set by the user.

“When you sit into the W6 main driving in 0.6 seconds, the camera can already identify your face and modulate something to your most comfortable location. All the information in the car is all through your account. Synchronized. “The Horses chief architect Torres said.

Simple point, the owner can adjust the various functions required for driving before entering the car, and do not need to get the car and adjust. For example, from the way to the company from the home, the owner likes the main air conditioner to 25 degrees. Driving mode chooses Sport. To listen to Li Jian’s latest album, the main car window is half open, but also open the atmosphere light.

Then, the car owner has a self-visual identification, open the account, start all the function settings, and does not need to set it again.

At present, there are 25 functions that W6 have been open, and 200 arguments can be implemented. 03

Basic model information:

Positioning compact SUV

NEDC maximum battery is 620 km

Finally, let’s take a look at the modeling design and basic model information of this car.

Overall, W6’s modeling still continues the Weima family style, and it is very “Wema” at a glance. For example, the family-wide logo style, the front headlights, etc.

Compared with EX5 and EX6, the W6 overall line is more round, with 4620 * 1847 * 1730mm long-width high size design, more compact. However, the wheelbase of W6 reaches 2715mm, the same as EX6.

In addition, W6’s interior design style has a big difference in the top two cars. The central control part eliminates the previous rotatable iPad design, and selects the 12.3-inch full liquid crystal meter, multimedia medium control screen, and the I-Touch console on the sub-station stage. The W6’s seat material and ergonomics have been well received by many media.

In terms of intelligent auxiliary driving, W6 is equipped with Weima Living Pilot 3.0 intelting auxiliary system. On the basis of the previous basis, the chart (ALC), traffic congestion guidance (TJP), automatic navigation auxiliary driving (NLP), front walking (FCTA), the rear linear warning (RCTA), the rear through the brake (RCTB), open the door collision warning (DOW), remote parking (RPA) and other functions.

However, these features are only equipped with an ACE Edition and X special edition of the ACE Edition. Pro Allergens and NEX Exploration Edition two models are only equipped with partial functions.

At the same time, Weima launched a Pikaica Voice Assistant WiMi on W6. WiMi has three image, 48 expressions, support natural wake-up, keyword wake-up, shortcut to wake up, also has 15 seconds continuous voice conversation capabilities, and you can freely interrupt multiple times after waking up, and support the main police district identification, total 120 common function voice control can be implemented.

In addition, in terms of endurance, W6 provides two capacity battery pack configurations for 65kWh and 83kWh. Among them, the former NEDC endless mileage is 520km, the latter is 620km.

W6 will be officially delivered on April 20. Can this car becomes an EX5, Wishma’s sales are good? Please leave your opinion in the comment area.

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