Net letter office “stares” Tesla

Once again, Tesla received the “super-specific” competent authority.

On February 8th, the Market Supervision, the Central Net Trunkers, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Transport and the Emergency Management Department of the Fire and Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management jointly talk about Tesla, and the content includes the abnormal acceleration of consumers. The battery is fired, and the vehicle is remotely upgraded.

The car enterprise is not a new thing, but many sectors are in common but not more. In particular, from the official website of the Net Letter, the Net Letter office is talking about the car company, or the first time.

This time, I couldn’t help but remember the predecessor of the Net Trust 11 years ago, the object is the same as the Google of American Star Technology Enterprises.

Google ultimately chooses to withdraw from the Chinese market. And Tesla is openly disclosed, “sincerely accept the guidance of government departments, and deeply reflect on the shortcomings of the company in the business process, we will strengthen self-test self-examination. We will strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations and always respect consumer rights.”

At the moment, Tesla has also happened in China, and many automatic driving accidents have also caused worry about their data security.

In February 2020, 11 departments such as the Central Net Truna Office jointly issued the “Smart Automobile Innovation Development Strategy”, clearly strengthen data security supervision and management of smart vehicles, improve the data security management system, strengthen supervision and inspection, carry out data risks, and data exit safety Equal evaluation.

Tesla is talking about, you can see the first case of the Central News Network Office to implement intelligent data security management. However, how the smart car data is managed. At present, the competent department not only lacks specific policies, but also lacks ideas. Early exploration of Tesla’s smart cars should be the material of the authorities research policy, and can also reveal the data management of subsequent smart cars.

If the web letter will play smart car data management this knife, Tesla is only a sharpening stone.


Unprecedented “Joint Talk”

On February 8th, on the eve of the Spring Festival 2021, the Market Supervision, the Central News Network Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Transport and the Emergency Management Department of the Fire and Rescue Bureau of the Transportation Department jointly talked about Tesla’s news, and became the headline of the industry. And quickly out of the circle, triggered hot discussion.

Some people guess that Tesla is because of the “Pot” State Grid, refers to it, Tesla charging the user, and attributed to the national network current.

However, it is not easy to see about the talks.

The vehicle enterprises were interdependent, according to the suspected violations, the competent department of responsibility is the same, but in most cases, a competent department launched a disciple.

For example, the last time is November 2020, due to power battery capacity and protection, tire specifications, logo logo and other projects do not meet national standards or management regulations, Beiqi, Guangzhou Automobile, Guangqi Honda, BYD, Geely and other 25 car companies were worked by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Distance.

In August 2014, Toyota, Audi was interviewed by the National Development and Reform Commission;

In March 2016, the FAW Volkswagen was interviewed by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine;

In March 2018, Dongfeng Honda was interviewed by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection.

In May 2019, Mercedes was interviewed by the State Market Supervision;

In November 2020, Beiqi, Guangqi, Guangqi Honda, BYD, Geely, etc.


In contrast, Tesla’s Treaty is much bigger.

In addition to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the direct authority department of this new energy vehicle, the Market Supervision Administration, the Central News Network Office, the Ministry of Communications and the Emergency Management Department of the Emergency Management Office are about the discussions.

In particular, the Central News Network Office, participating in the car company is very rare.

The Central News Service is fully called the Office of the CPC Central Security and Information Technology Committee, which is the Office of the Central Security and Information Commission. The latter is a Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China by the original Central Internet Security and Informatization Leading Group in March 2018.

Ensure the security of the national and Chinese citizen network information is the focus of the CCM information. So far, companies in the Central Netcom Office mainly include Internet platforms, network media, e-commerce, webmark platforms, etc., about the first time.

In recent years, with the rapid development of smart cars and automatic driving technology, the importance of the CCMS on this technology is also improved.

In February 2020, 11 departments such as the National Development and Reform Commission and the Central Net Letter Office jointly released the “Intelligent Automobile Innovation Development Strategy”.

This document clearly enhances data security supervision and management, establishing the security management mechanism of smart car data full lifecycle, clarifying data security protection responsibility and specific requirements for relevant subjects. Implement important data classification decomposition management, ensure user information, vehicle information, and mapping geographic information and other data security control. Improve the data security management system, strengthen supervision and inspection, carry out data risks, data exit safety, etc.

At the same time, the document also suggested that the national intelligent automotive big data cloud control foundation platform is required. However, existing national-level monitoring platforms, such as new energy vehicles, national data alliances are also very limited in the supervision of intelligent network car cars, and have not covered depth data such as automatic driving.

Especially for the foreign-fund-funded car enterprises such as Tesla, only 2020 sales are nearly 140,000 in 20020, and it is still not sold in China, and completely departing from the national platform supervision. Model.

On February 27, 2014, the first meeting of the Central Network Security and Informatization Leading Group pointed out that “prism door” incident shows that in addition to adopting various information security measures, self-controlled domestic hardware and software is network information security The necessary conditions, the country strengthens network security and information development is the situation. However, the domestic new energy car intelligent level is low, the state’s attention to information security issues is mainly concentrated on Google, Apple’s Internet giants. Today, Tesla’s rapid expansion in China has begun to challenge the management scope of the competent department.

In the past year, the accident involving Tesla automatic driving, OTA upgrades, many accidents, the accident vehicle owner reflects Tesla after the incident, is also not an example of deleting the background data. There is also a media called “National Supervision Tesla’s Background Data”.

The Net Letter Office participates in Tsra, it can be seen that the hidden smart car information security issues behind Tesla sells, has attracted the attention of the national authorities.

This time, the last State Hospital News Office Network Bureau criticized another American science and technology giant Google, has been 11 years.

Google in that year, Google refused to perform China’s laws and regulations, and chose to withdraw from the Chinese market, and Tesla was issued on the day of the discussion, and the issuance responded, “sincerely accepts government department guidance.” After all, Tesla has been from China’s huge electric Great income in the automotive market.

Tesla issued a statement, responding to the five sectors

Moreover, Tesra reported to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the 2019 report, the company has signed a Shanghai factory for 50 years of business lease agreement, such as the end of the two parties, that is, from 2023 , Taxation of 2.23 billion yuan per year, it is returned to land, and the land leases are lost.

Tesla, which is firmly bound to the Chinese market, in addition to cooperation, there may be no law. However, how Tesla will cooperate with the country’s data supervision, can we disperse the doubts about the security of national information security, and is still not known.

In addition, for the Ministry of Intelligent Automobile, the Ministry of Wein, how to manage smart car data, and have not disclosed specific policies. Early exploration of Tesla will also add material to the competent department, and gradually form the idea of ​​intelligent automotive data management and express provisions.

Due to the Internet properties of smart cars, the supervision ideas are likely to take the Internet industry. For example, the data generated by smart cars will be required to be in China.

Let many “network security laws” that have a headache of foreign Internet companies, start implementation in 2016. Article 37 of the Act stipulates:

“The personal information and important data collected and generated by the operator of the key information infrastructure should be stored in terms of domestic storage. Due to business needs, it is necessary to provide to overseas, according to the relevant state department of the State Administration. The formulation of the formulation is safely assessing; the law, administrative regulations are also provided in accordance with its provisions. “

Smart car itself is personal information and important data collector, and “operators of key information infrastructure”, switching to smart car operators, distance is not far – to know Apple, Yahoo, Google is in its column.

Moreover, the network defined by the Act is “systematically collecting, storeing, transmitting, swapping, processing, processing, stored, transfers, exchanges, and processing information in accordance with certain rules and programs composed of computers or other information terminals and related devices.” Smart cars have undoubtedly have these features.

In addition, for the viewing permissions of these data, it is definitely not exclusive by smart car manufacturers, especially when there is a safety accident, consumers, and competent authorities should have the right to view. Data similar to the owner of the Tesla accident should be supported.

In addition to the storage and view of the data, there are also data development, commercial applications, etc., are facing supervision gaps. From the Distra Slade, there is still a lot of work to do with the competent authorities such as the Net Letter Office.


Production, after-sales problem centralized detonation

Before being disclosed by the five sectors, Tesla has caused a hot discussion for many years of production and after-sales.

In the last ten days, Tesla is unprofessional “” national network, there is no sincerity “to the pot” female car owner “step on the brake strength”, and rushed into hot search, and several times Criticized by Xinhuanet Name, refers to its “malicious potted pot is the unreasonable pride of Chinese consumers.”

In February 2021, Xinhuanet official micro-hair two comments, criticized Tesla

The five sectors are about to talk about Tesla, and the criticism of Tesla is pushing to the climax. Many netizens, the industry clapping the faster – see, this is the consequence of Wude. It can be said that the official and folk pain Basla is a centralized detonation of production, after-sales and fire problems.

○ Market Supervision State Council

Among them, after-sales service difference is one of the focus of the public criticized Tesla.

We analyzed that the Market Supervision Administration in the five sectors should reissount to the vehicle after-sales matters, such as the consumer reflects the “abnormal acceleration” problem in the notice. Last year, Tesla Model 3 had a number of brake failures in China. Most of them were attributed to the operator ‘s operation. One of them, Tesla considers that the female driver is weak to step on the brake strength.

In January 2021, a report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also shows that the 246 Testra “suddenly accelerated” complaints, the cause of the accident is also user error operation. Subsequently, Tesla China executives forwarded the report, intended to be famous for Tesla, while closed the after-sales service issues. In addition, in November 20020, Tesla Model 3 skylights fell out of a driving, Tesla wandering the cause of the accident to the vehicle for repair; January 2020, a Model 3 When charging in the national network, the inverter burned, and Tesla was originally called due to excessive current current.

Although Tesla came out after the national network, Tesla came to the other side, but China netizen did not buy, arrogant, proud, and the panorama of Tesla.

○ Problems such as the consistency of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

The product consistency of Tesra exposed should be mainly covered by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. And this is already the second time I’m talking about Tsela for the Secretary of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In March 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology interferes with Tesla Model 3, the HW2.5 component problem is concerned about Tesla, and ordered its “Road Motor Vehicle Production Enterprise and Product Access Management Measures” to rectify immediately. Perform a responsibility of enterprise entity to ensure consistency and product quality.

But Tesla clearly not pay enough attention to this interview.

In February, 2021, Tesla recorded the State Market Supervision and Administration General Administration, saying that from February 5th, some imported Model S, Model X electric vehicles, the recall is to recall the hazard of the front suspension of the vehicle.

Subsequently, Tesla is in the letter to NHTSA and denied that the vehicle suspension has a safety hazard, claiming that the part is damaged by non-quality problems, but some Chinese owners abuse (Driver Abuse). And emphasize that “can only choose voluntary recall, otherwise it will carry heavy administrative burden.”

Subsequently, Xinhua News Agency released “Lookout | Tesla malicious pot is the unreasonable” one article of Chinese consumers “, criticize Tesla”, this kind of strange thing in China’s mouth, in the United States. “

Almost at the same time, Tesla CEO Mask admitted when accepting US media interviews, Tesla did not have a problem during the production of energy climbing, but also recommended “If you want to buy Tesla, you can buy it, or After the production is stable, buy again. “

○ Fire problem and OTA upgrade problem

The Fire and Rescue Bureau of the Emergency Management Department mainly assumes fire fighting and other emergency relief work, and is one of the new energy vehicle safety supervision departments. Obviously, in the joint talk about Tesla, the main talks of the fire rescue bureau is the fire accident of Teslao. The nearest time is January 9, Tesla 3 is a fire in a community in Shanghai.

However, similar to the Net Letter Office, before this, the relevant unit of the fire rescue bureau is more than the mall, supermarket, residential community, warehousing logistics community, etc., and talk about a car company.

The content of the Ministry of Transport should be complicated with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, involving OTA upgrade.


Still selling

It is worth mentioning that the official and folk criticism did not affect Tesla hot sale.

According to the statistics of the multiplier, in January 2021, Tesra Model 3 sold nearly 14,000 in China, rose 4.6 times higher than the same period last year. Considering that Tesla originally stretched the capacity of the elbow, some of them will be partially given to the new model Model Y, this grade is quite bright.

In January 2021, the new energy passenger car insurance TOP5 model, data source: multiplier

However, as a business card opened in the new energy vehicle field, Tesla has enjoyed the super-preferential policies of the country and the Shanghai government. Today, after the “Special Treatment” of the five-sector joint talks, if the “cooperation” is still staying on the paper without making practical actions, then, can it still sit in the electric car altar, I am afraid Tesla himself I don’t dare to guarantee.


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