New energy car shift business three giants, who can run?

At present, the number of power-saving power off the power will be around 600. In this track, it is mainly an Olympics, and the three companies in this company. Among them, the Olympics, the Bohe face to the public shift field, and it is served by our owners customers.

As of the end of March, the Austrian new energy is in the country, and the shifting station that is shipped is over 300, covering 20 cities. The Olympics has established a good reputation in the B-terminal industry such as rental and sharing. The model of the Olympics is currently not priced, and there is no price of more than 200,000 yuan, and even the models below 130,000 yuan are mainly for the TO B market and future unmanned travel market.

Börtit Technology has built 55 recovery power stations in 14 cities, with more than 8 million energy replenishment services, with a total exchange mileage of more than 1 billion kilometers. Börtit Technology is the constructors of the commercial ecological and technical system of “electricity separation, split box shift”, through independent research “standard box power batteries” and “Boxing modulation mode” to achieve all electric vehicle modulation compatible Highly ladder utilization and recycling of power batteries.

The existing shift station of the awareness is 201, and it is necessary to increase 299 this year, reach the total number of 500, which will increase the overcharging and charging stump, including third-party cooperation charging facilities, first-tier cities increase Density, the second and third-tier city expansion coverage will be slowed synchronously. 16 characters summarize the characteristics of the essential power-on power station is: stronger service, high efficiency and reliable, safe and reliable, and smart understand you.

The power-saving mode is not emerging industrial model. With the development of new energy automobile industry, it has never stopped from the mainstream position of the charging mode. However, this long-lost concept once quiet. However, after 2019, the policy resumes to raise the power transmission mode. The root cause is that the construction of the lag of basic supporting facilities has significantly affected the development of new energy automotive industries. I believe that in the near future, the power exchange industry will continue to usher in a new wave of development, and at this time, the three major changing giants will run out? We will wait and see.

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