New energy stocks are not bored, some people may collapse

During this time, the friend who covered new energy car stocks was estimated to be panicked.

After February, the new energy sector for half a year was suddenly declined by a semi-free fall. Tesla leader, the share price of 900 US dollars per share from the end of January, fell to less than $ 600, and the market value was nearly 300 billion.

The same is also close to the US stocks, ideals, Xiaopeng, and share price are also close or directly. Even the big demon of the big demon and the Ningde era are also unsaicited. The former is even more than a plurality of falls, and people are scared.

This head is eye-catching, that head, before the capital market can only be used as a traditional vehicle enterprise on the backgroundboard, it is raining. Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler, General, Ford, Toyota, the stock price rose Qi Qi, although it is not like a new energy car company, but it is also enough to let them get the waist.

A comparison between the two heads, plus public opinion, it is difficult to believe that the new energy car companies have arrived, the foam is broken, the stock price collapse, avoids invasive.

New energy source “live” crash

Of course, the collapse seems to be unhable. After plumm, there are many more than a few more, the main new energy stocks rebounded one after another, and it is embarrassing to the market.

However, even if there is improved, the sound of the new energy car company is afraid, I am afraid it will continue for a while.

The red is not much. In the past year, new energy vehicles have been full of bonuses in the consumer market. In the capital market, it is necessary to wind in the capital market, so that traditional cars have no face. However, one side is soaring stock price, getting soft investment and traffic star-like treatment, but the other is negligible sales (compared to traditional car companies) and losing the loss.

In contrast, the sound of the empty voice is easy to take up the wind.

In addition to the uncertain period, people have a very anxious, unusual, unusually popular, and have been deprecated, and have naturalized a living target for venting pressure. So, in a period of time, the spraying energy cars seem to be a certain political correct.

Under this climate, in addition to the profit in this round, no matter how to eat “sour grapes”, it is still waiting for the jokes of new energy vehicles.

After February, the car enterprises have entered the financial season, which is more intense. With sales, the profit is still “steady, the old dog”, sold 500,000 Tesla, and profitability still wants to sell carbon emissions. As the warpage in the new car, the sales performance of the new car is not unique. At the same time, it has achieved gross profit, but the year is still 53,27 and 150 million respectively.

In particular, the three have sent some “finances”, and they will sell new energy points. Xiaopeng has a lot of short-term financial products in the short-term wealth management products in the fourth quarter with the fees of automatic driving services. Otherwise, gross profitability may be more difficult to see.

As for when earnings, the outside is expected to be unauthenticated. Considering that new car companies still need to invest in large investment in R & D and sales services, research institutions have been estimated that the annual sales required for Yanshan, Xiaopeng, and ideal to achieve 180,000, 120,000 and 60,000 respectively. Correspondingly, the three last year were 43728, 27041, 32624, respectively. The most recent ideals close to the standard, you have to turn over.

The performance and valuation are severely pending, in many people’s eyes, new energy stocks will be reasonable, and they are not normal.

There is a purchase, what is strange

Before the fall comes, a series of operations of the high-level capital has been seen by many people.

In the fourth quarter of last year, the Gao Rong will hold about 2.41 million shares, 16 million stocks, ideal stocks, and about 900,000 small pendant stocks all clear. Subsequently, in February this year, he turned a $ 200 million, participated in the new round of BYD. This “one throws a throttle”, how many “Victory Escape” tastes. What happened after February, it seems to have confirmed the initial judgment.

However, it is necessary to conclude that the market will see the decline in energy, which is afraid of being a bit bent.

It is not to mention the early investors such as high-spirited, and the high-level set is a routine operation. Strike “蔚 理”, start BYD, in order to be in the layout of the new energy, “Teng Chan”. Moreover, I really said that I’ve done nearly 20% of the “replacement”, which has lost nearly 20%.

Long-term holdings are imperative.

High-spirited operations actually represents the typical state of investors in this wave.

The fluidity is flooding during the epidemic, and countries meet the environmental requirements while stimulating car consumption. It is rushing to support new energy to support new energy. Located in the native new energy car enterprise, it has become a scarce standard, which is favored, and the price has skyrocketed natural water to the stream.

Since February, the epidemic has been controlled, and the market is expected to be tightened for fluidity. Especially in US stocks, recently, with the continued rising rate of US Treasury bonds, investors continue to withdraw funds from stock markets to subscribe without risk-free government bonds, indirectly cause “stepping” effect.

The same logic, you can also explain the share price of several traditional cars in the US stocks.

Toyota, General, Ford, etc., which is both extreme Buddha. If you invest in hot, you are not honest, and you will be a great choice.

But this does not mean that new energy is no longer hot. In contrast, the policies dividends in all parts will still have long-term existence, coupled with Biden’s policy steering, and new energy upward potentials do not increase. Although fluidity does not flooding as before, it is still conceivable that after brief panic, the capital will return to new energy to new energy.

Different, the ingredients of this investment are expected to have more, and the composition of the speculation is less.

Don’t stare at the stock

Of course, under the superposition of various uncertain factors, the trend of the capital market will only become more and more.

Good in today’s new energy vehicles, more or less have achieved “desensitization” on the capital market. Among them, it is a major factor in seeing the hematopoietic ability. For example, Tesla has increased to $ 19.4 billion in the fourth quarter of last year, and the free cash flow reached 2.8 billion US dollars. It is already a mature car enterprise, and there is a short-term change in the stock market. .

“小 理” still in the loss status, through the sale of cars / services, the stock market, the financing multi-pronged number, until the end of 2020, the cash reserves also increased to 425, 353 and 29.9 billion RMB. As revenue continues to increase and cost, it is necessary to have a lot of money in the capital market if they don’t have to be worried for a period of time.

Compared to stocks, new energy cars should be more worried that they have been copied.

Last week, the public imitated Tesla, and also came to “Power Day”, shared its own grand plan on battery technology, production capacity and charging infrastructure. At the subsequent financial report, the public continued to mad FLAG in electricization, including the 2021 electric vehicle sales of 1 million, 2025 became the global electric vehicle market leader, etc.

The financial report of the old opponent BMW is also full of FLAG, including the sale of 1 million new energy in 2021, and sells 2 million electric vehicles in 2025. Plus Daimler, which has already released planned, and demonstrates the three strong moods of electricity, and there is no mistake.

Put it in the past, the outside world is high-profile, mostly in the blame. But this time is different from the past, in addition to “gun gun”, there is no vague in action. Recently, the products that have been launched are still significantly improved, and the mass I.d series is more popular in Europe. In this case, the capital market also gives direct feedback. Since February, the three stock prices have risen all the way. The most ferocious, “battery day” has risen more than 20%.

The stock market is lost, indicating that there is no big problem, but at least one message is passed: new energy car companies enjoy the day of spotlights, will not return. Moreover, don’t forget, in addition to the traditional giants, a bunch of technology big plants, some have been in the game, some are hovering, waiting for the opportunity.

Such a fresh market is much more interesting than the stock market, but it is more interesting.

In short, no matter how far’s energy, or the red new energy, don’t just stare at the stock, and the mentality is easy to collapse.

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