New energy vehicles have skyrocket sales in February, Model Y or the biggest winner

Just in February 2021, the latest statistics of the multiplink will show that the market sales in the narrow passenger car in China in the China Auto Market in February 2021, a year-on-year increase of 371.9%, down 45.5% from the previous month. Among them, the sales volume of new energy vehicles is 97,000, an increase of 675% year-on-year, the maximum increase in all market segments, and the market is increasingly recognized to new energy vehicles.

Look carefully that this list can be found that the sales list of new energy vehicles in February this year showed two high intermediate trends. High / low-end two types of models are gratifying, while the market sales of the main A-class car is relatively low. Some experts have analyzed that this is a large extent because electric cars have gradually gradually shared, the main development of the taxi market has become the main force purchased by private cars.

The most conspicuous thing is to rank Mili Hong Kong MINI EV in the sales list. Since its launch, there has been a shadow of the air, and the multi-month power pressure model has broken the Modol 3 for the monopoly of this field. . However, although the current A00-level car is developing rapidly, the development of the A-grade electric vehicle will continue to grow in the long run, the development of the A-class electric vehicle will continue to grow, and may compress the current A00-level car survival. In this regard, we can also analyze one two by list.

In terms of specific enterprises, there are several car companies to be approved by the market, and the advantages of strong brands are large. The total sales volume of the first five sales volume is 64% of all models. The above-in-the-stewardeous Wuling, Tesla and BYD have the most advantageous, and the total sales of three car companies have exceeded 10,000 units.

In terms of the model, Tesla Model Y domestic version is just on the line this year, sales have already boarded the sales list, and the third place in the list is second, second only to the national god macro Mini EV and the same brothers MODEL 3. From the current market to the attitude of the car, the sales of the car should continue to rise in the future, after all, Model Y current sales only reached one-third of Model 3, and there is still a lot of rising space in the future.

In addition to Tesla, BYD’s new energy car sales also excellent, and the overall sales rose 269.43% year-on-year, plus the Qin Plus DM-I model of the firefighter, and won the market, and believe that BYD will become a world. There are two new car companies within the range.

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