New forces, new brands are unveiled in 2021 Shanghai Auto Show revealed industrial multiple changes

On April 19th, the Ninth Shanghai International Automobile Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as “2021 Shanghai International Auto Show”) officially kicked off. As the first A-level International Auto Show this year, the Shanghai International Auto Show not only became the stage of the world’s largest cars, show technology stage, but also carrying the special deep meaning of promoting comprehensive recovery of the global automobile industry.

The 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show uses the theme of “hug” as the theme, deeply focused on the most core “keyword” of the current automotive industry, and attracted more than 1,000 companies in the world. On the day of the car show, the A-share automobile section broke out, Dongfeng Automobile, Chang’an Auto, Guangqi Group, Xiaokang Shares, Beiqi Blue Valley, etc., all ushered in the daily limit board, Great Wall Auto, BYD, Jianghuai Automobile, SAIC Group, etc. At the same time, the driver’s plate also ushered in full rise, the sector has increased by 7%.

Sichuan Cai Securities Analysis said that smart driving is the core highlight of this Shanghai Auto Show. In the future, smart driving will be the core selling point of new energy vehicles, and with the continuous maturity of technology, the medium and low-end models are also expected to carry intelligent driving technology.

High-order automatic driving into the full outbreak period

On April 17th, in the early stage of the Shanghai International Auto Show, the Alpha S Huawei, which was built by the polar fox brand and Huawei, and the new car equipped with Huawei ADS high-end automatic driving system, and Huawei’s highest order automatic driving ability. At this Shanghai International Auto Show, Huawei also participated in the exhibition as an important exhibitor, and the system demonstrated the technical capabilities of Huawei in automatic driving, car and other aspects.

The Baidu, which is the crossover, also appeared in this year’s Shanghai International Auto Show. At the auto show, Baidu Apollo announced that Baidu Apollo automatic driving will usher in the second half of 2021, there will be a new car listed every month. It is reported that Baidu L4-level automatic driving cumulative test mileage has now exceeded 10 million kilometers, and the model created by L4-level automatic driving technology has been carried out in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou three cities.

The Securities Times Note that in this Shanghai Auto Show, many car brands have launched a new model of the main automatic driving function, such as the Wey brand’s Mocha, which is an ET7, etc.

Chuancai Securities Analysis said that with the continuous breakthrough of 5G technology and artificial intelligence technology, the future my country is expected to be the world’s largest driver market.

In this Shanghai Auto Show, it also revealed the latest developments in my country’s automatic driving development, that is, high-end automatic driving is ushered in the full outbreak period. For example, Xiaopeng launched a new car P5, which is equipped with the scope of the XPLiot automatic driving assistance system has expanded from the highway to urban roads; Weima launched a new model Weimar W6, equipped with Qualcomm 8155 chip, can reach the L4 level Automatic driving.

At the Shanghai Auto Show site, China Mobile, Dado, Skyline, 4D Tu New, Dongsoft Group, Zhongke Chuasha, etc. nearly 100 chips, radar, ADAS, automatic driving solutions, car network, high-precision map companies also ushered in Unveiled, the system demonstrates the new state of the automatic driving track.

The new era Securities believes that long-term perspective, as the main development direction of the second half of the electric car, automatic driving is developing from the current L2 level to a higher level, and the penetration will gradually improve.

New forces, new brands dance

In recent years, more and more new car companies have begun to land in major A car show, at this year’s Shanghai International Auto Show, Tesla, Wei, Ideal, Xiaopeng, Weima, Gao, which is, zero run, etc. The new car is also gathered together to connect with the traditional car company.

It is worth noting that Evergrande, which is highly attached to the capital market and the automotive industry, also brighteed the car show for the first time. It is understood that in the fourth quarter of this year, Hengchi will fully launch a test production, and it will achieve large-scale delivery in 2021.

The new car is collectively, and traditional car companies are not good. Recently, a number of traditional car companies have launched high-end new energy car brands, and they are also high-end in powerful brands while anchoring an electric motor. At the scene of the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, Dongfeng’s new brand, SAIC’s new brand is intelligent, Beiqi’s new brand great fox and Geely new brand extreme, etc., and launched a fierce competition surrounded by intelligent electricity. .

At the same time, the Tank 300 model of the Great Wall Motor Wey brand also completed the span of a new brand from a product. Industry insiders revealed the road, the independence of the tank brand is to better focus on off-road segment, accelerate the shaping of the brand.

The reporter noted that in addition to promoting new brands, more and more traditional car companies have begun to distinguish between product positioning, and thereby rising to the positioning remodeling of the brand level. BYD’s internal person tells the Securities Times reporter. In the face of fast-changing and full of opportunities, traditional vehicle companies must accelerate transformation, and more accurate user portraits, providing different products for different user groups, and then completed Reinforcement in the brand.

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