New new energy car subsidy is publicized, BYD receives more than 4.3 billion “red envelopes”

Another wave of subsidies are on the road.

On March 13, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicized the 2019 new energy vehicle promotion application subsidy fund liquidation review terminated. The audit information shows that 4,17,530 new energy vehicles in the 2019 enterprise declaration subsidies have been approved, and the funds shall be subsidized for 1.3696 billion yuan, and 3.296 billion is proposed.

If there is no objection to publicity, BYD will subsidize the subsidy of more than 4.3 billion yuan, and become the new energy car manufacturer of the “red envelope” of this charge.

It is worth noting that because the number of declarations required, does not meet the number of driving mileage requirements, some new energy cars have not been reviewed by the relevant requirements for uploading data or on-site verification. The approved subsidies of SAIC Volkswagen and Jiangling Holdings are zero.

At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also publicized the review of vehicle review in 2016-2018, respectively approved the subsidy funds 340,000 yuan, 135 million yuan and 743 million yuan.

[Focus on “Electric Vehicle Observer” public account, and replied to the “subsidy” in the public number dialog, you can get the 2016-2018 complaint vehicle review and the 2019 new energy vehicle promotion application subsidy fund liquidation review fee]


BYD over 43 billion largest red envelopes

Similar to the year, 2019 new energy car subsidies, main beneficiaries are still traditional independent brands such as BYD, Beiqi, Yutong, SAIC, Geely.

BYD has become a new energy vehicle production brand that is the most funded by the year, including 2 BYD Auto Co., Ltd. and BYD Auto Industry Co., Ltd..

Source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Following BYD, the Beiqi Group is Northern Automobile Group. In 2019, the funds should be subsidized for 1.711 billion yuan, including 3 North Automobile Co., Ltd., Beiqi Futian Automobile Co., Ltd. and Beijing New Energy Auto Co., Ltd..

In 2019, the SAIC Group and Geely Automobiles were $ 959 million and 783 million yuan, respectively.

The new energy commercial vehicle company that has been subsidized in the same year is Yutong Bus, which shall subsidize funds of 1459 billion yuan.

It is worth mentioning that several joint ventures, such as the SAIC, Changan Ford, due to the “on-site verification, and part of the funds, according to the accounting situation”, the subsidy is not obtained.


The model is reduced, the reason is?

Similar to the year, not all new energy vehicles for the subsidies, can be reviewed.

The main reasons for declaring vehicles in 2019 include: do not meet the number of declarations, do not meet the mileage requirements, not uploading data on request, and the driving motor is inconsistent with the recommended directory parameters or on-site verification.

As mentioned above, the reasons for the new energy vehicles such as SAIC’s new energy vehicles were “not passed”.

It does not meet the requirements of the driving mileage and the relevant requirements for uploading data, and is also the cause of some new energy models. Responsible for the last and mileage data of new energy vehicles and mileage data is a national regulatory platform, the platform is again highlighted in the subsidy review.

Subsidy part of the reason for the application of vehicles

In addition, “Not satisfying the number of declarations” has also become a basis for some new energy models being truck outside the subsidy.

According to April 23, 2020, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Notice on Perfecting New Energy Motors”, from 2020, new energy passenger car, commercial vehicle enterprise The number of single declaration of clearing the vehicle should reach 10,000 units, 1000 units, respectively.

Although the 2019 subsidy is not clear “not satisfied with the number of declaration requirements” specifically, but we speculate, “10,000 units and 1000” requirements are likely to be implemented in advance. There is also a new energy vehicle manufacturer also reflects the “electric car observationers”, and 2019 is indeed unable to declare because there is no number of requirements.

As of 2019, the main winners of China’s new energy car subsidies are still traditional independent brands. However, in 2020 new energy vehicles, especially the huge variation of the passenger car market, may indicate that the self-owned brand will be a history.

Especially at the end of 2019, Tesla Shanghai Factory began to put production, so there was no listing of the subsidy of the same year. But in 2020, as the best-selling electric car in China, MODEL 3 produced by Shanghai factory can help Kitla, which is worthy of attention.

In addition, the mainstream car companies such as Beiqi, Jianghuai, Chang’an, in 2020, will also affect its subsidy. First, I lost the user, then lost the “red envelope” given by the government, and the situation of these independent brands will be more serious.


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