New shift mode? Tesla once again subverts regular cognition

Tesla has always been in the car market discussion focus, and it can always lead to many netizens, this is not, Mask has recently have new operations, indicating that Tesla will cancel the traditional shift lever, replaced The steering wheel roller shift, screen touch shift and AI wisdom shift. So does this idea have a safety hazard? Can you accept it as a real consumer?

As the first person dare to “challenge users”, Tesla is not constantly increasingly innovative in the back of the sales myth, dare to think, dare to do and make consumers to pay, Tesla is indeed in this area. It is very successful. However, on the perspective of consumers, users did not get a very convenient experience, and vice versa to challenge their habits to meet Testra’s innovation, however, fresh things are often full of temptation.

Taking Model S as an example, the disclosure of its profiled steering wheel is “sleeping face” by many netizens, but there is no figure in the subsequent photos. In addition to this, it disappears together is the car’s block, until the latest new Model S / X shift mode is announced, Tesla brought three new shifts, respectively, in the middle control screen The upper and lower slide modules on the left side are shifted, and the shift and the vehicle itself automatically shifts according to the environment AI according to the environment.

This innovation has no more challenged the inherent cognition of traditional consumers. It sounds a very very new experience, and according to the Answer of the US National Highway Safety Administration, Tesla’s change is new design. It is also in line with the requirements of the federal motor vehicle. At present, it is worthy of worrying that the owner is not used to the safety hazards, after all, it is necessary to adapt and require high software sensitivity, or how to accurately perform gear switch in more complicated road conditions.

Constantly innovation is really a very important thing for emerging cars, but for users, efficient, convenient, intelligent car experience is not, Tesla is unresses the risk of being accepted by users. Inherent cognition, and many Chinese independent brands have made constant efforts to bring a better experience to consumers, and domestic cars pay more attention to the safety performance of driving, the author believes that the innovation The challenge is not necessarily a good thing, the real intelligence is the win-win situation of the car and the win-winning battle.

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