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“In January 2017, Waymo CEO John Krafcik announced that the cost of automatically driving a key sensor laser radar was successfully cut to $ 7500 from $ 75,000. In 2019, Luminar announced that the price of laser radar announced as low as it 1,000 US dollars. At the beginning of 2021, Huawei issued a laser radar product, hoping to reduce product costs of laser radar to $ 200, while the future had to reach $ 100.

These three time points are quite marked, and the decline in laser thunder is decided to determine the key production. Today, this key node seems to be in China in 2021. ”

Today, because the epidemic has not been a lot of car show for two years, the car has finally waited for the opening of the show, and the car enterprises have a hard work, new brands, new products, and new technologies, there is no newcomer. The released boom is even half a month in advance.

In the hot release, Xiaopeng and polar fox played the slogan of the first laser radar mass production car. It is just that the ET7 released this year as “laser radar carrier” this auto show will also publish interior information … … So the new species column of this auto show, we are concerned about the four “laser radar quantities vehicles”.

Xiaopeng P5

P5 is the third car of Xiaopeng, with a compact pure electric car with the G3 platform, officially released on April 14, today opened blind, the price has not yet been announced, it is said to be 15-..2 million. The design of many people spitting P5, but I found that the spit is a male, the female acceptance seems to be good, round, home style is still quite intimate, plus lively use, quite journey Car, if the price is really like a rumor, the explosion will be great.

In response to the automatic driving ability of P5, the official statement is an XPilot 3.5 automatic driving assistance system, the world’s only stack self-research and the world’s first mass laser radar smart car.

The whole car is equipped with 13 high-definition camera, 5 millimeter-wave radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 2 car regulations laser radar total 32 sensors and 1 set of high-precision positioning units, the environment for visual + radar dual fusion, improve For pedestrians, static obstacles, small objects, cover more dark night, weak light, backlight, tunnel, and dark, alternating, etc., enhance safety redundancy.

Extreme fox alpha s hi

The ancestors released the second car Alpha S, which is the first work of Huawei Hi “Getting on the Car”. Today, Alpha S Hi debuts, next to Huawei booth, and two popular bursts.

Huawei may be one of the biggest stars in this auto show (the other is Tesla), which is said because many high-gloss models of this auto show are equipped with Hi program, and everyone is helpless. .

Whether it is a supplier or a role model, Huawei is too strong in the car circle. The latest Alpha s body in the extreme fox is even more obvious, HI version of the world’s first laser radar mass production car, is super strong.

As a brand that has just been out of time, the polarity needs Huawei’s traffic back book, and strong partners need to rive the label for brand value.

Huawei cooperation has a lot of brands, but this is only a very fox family, you can say that each other’s achievements: Neglox hopes to use Huawei to lay the brand’s technical value, and Huawei is a smart car solution that requires a very fox to land.

However, Huawei’s news has been very stunned, and the car is not limited to the car. Three years later, who can get the most advanced automatic driving plan?

There is Magna and Huawei to help, plus the new energy foundation of Beiqi for many years, the starting point of the extreme fox is undoubtedly high, and as a high-vehicle brand, the researchers are not issued, and the most important thing is Nothing is expected, this requires a good job of branding, and doing relationships with users, this matter is now depends on the speed of the pole channel and the speed of the user accumulated, and the experience at each user contact.

蔚 来 ET7

ET7 may be the highest model of price line in this new species.

ET7 was first debuted on Nio Day on January 9, and the plan will be delivered in January 1st. Two big selling points are can be equipped with solid state batteries and laser radar, of course, it is also a 2.0 platform – a new platform based on automatic driving, as well as the performance of EP9 sports car performance – the official ET7’s 100-kilometer acceleration data is 3.7 seconds, Enter the scope of electric sports car.

At today’s auto show, the ET7 interior exposed. It was a scene of “Second Living Room” in the concept car EVE. Now this concept uses the ET7 interior design, and the simple and exquisite style is still familiar with the aware formula. Various features in the cabin. Different materials, the rear row is also equipped with a flying headrest and ring handrail … Zero zerizes indicate high-end positioning.

Said to the laser radar, this year, the supplier explodes the news, and the laser radar of ET7 comes from a winning electron. According to Li Bin, this laser radar has 120 degrees of super-wide viewing angle, equivalent 300 ultra-high resolution, the farthest detection distance can reach 500 meters, and has a focus function, which can distinguish more details.

When ET7 debuts, the “angle” arrangement of laser radar has caused a wave of controversy. Laser radar era, cost problems solved, but the aesthetic problem remains to be broken. Of course, breakthrough is just a time problem. We also saw the roof of the roof of the roof. Compared to it, it is still a great look. By the way, Xiaopeng and the extreme fox are placed in the fog position.

The new brand is intelligent, and the brand from Ali and SAIC will marry, the brand has been released soon, and the layout is tired.

Those who are most anticipated is undoubtedly the Ali and SAIC. The last time I gave birth to Zebra and a generation of gods RX5, this time? What is the surprise?

In addition to the product itself, user operations may be one of them. In the pre-sale site, I published the CSOP User Data Rights Program. This is a plan to create user operations and users to play the ultimate plan: Zhix others will use 4.9% of the shares in the initial wheel investment as a back book, 300 million “Original Stone”, mapping the asset gains and dividends corresponding to the equity of the equity, using a series of front-edge technology, including the block chain, feedback users in the manner of data rights. In the future, the intellectual car will return the part of the equity income to the user based on the number of original stones held by the user. After the user gets the original stone, it can be used not only for the hardware and software iteration of the product, but also shares a bonus of the company’s appreciation.

Simply put, buy a car to enter the share.

Of course, I said that I returned to the laser radar, and I’ve only put a car installed with laser radar in the scene. When I communicated with the staff, I didn’t get specific replies about the laser radar vendor or mass production plan. However, since the brand is called intelligence, the future product positioning feature is also coming out, and the high-level automatic driving plan is less. This car is delivered in the first quarter of 2022 and is similar to ET7.

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