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Raising children is not so easy and ask these mothers who work in showbiz … not only raising children but also raising them so it is necessary to keep them with you showbiz There are many mothers who raised their children by taking them to work.

Shaista Lodhi
Shaista Lodhi started working in showbiz after marriage. When she came into the industry, the child was young. After her two young sons, when she was fully engaged in the morning show, Iman stepped into life. Little Iman used to come to the office with her mother. Then when she started going to school, Shaista would finish the show and run to pick them up without taking off her make-up. Shaista often accompanied her children to the office. I kept it so that they could keep it in front of their eyes.

Arusa Siddiqui
Actress Arusa Siddiqui has lost a lot of weight these days and after the birth of her son she stepped back into the industry … appeared in a comedy drama and often went to interviews … but little Hamza stayed with her forever. The bride also has an aunt for the baby, but she is in front of her eyes.
Nada Yasir
The big name of the morning show, Nada Yasir’s third child Balaj was born for the morning show … He was often playing in the make-up room and as long as Nada was there, he would walk behind her. When he got a little older and started going to school, he started leaving her at home, otherwise he would have had to handle the backstage in the show too. Nada’s father had said in a new interview that when his children, Nada and his sister, When the brothers were younger, we both worked in PTV and often took the children … sometimes the mother took care of me and sometimes.

3 actresses who openly tell the world that they are pregnant

Being a mother is certainly a very happy news but in our society it is still avoided to speak openly and when it comes to the baby at the right time, it is made public … but Times are changing and the trend of regular news coverage in the industry apart from pregnancy photo shoots is increasing.
Sara Khan
When Sara Khan’s health deteriorated, her husband shared pictures of her on social media … but did not openly say what the reason was … our web was the first to give this news to her colleagues. The good news is coming to Sara Khan’s house but then Sara Khan regularly announced her new journey on social media and also thanked her Lord.

Fatima Affandi

Fatima Affandi did a regular photo shoot of this news and even when she became a mother for the second time, she shared this news with everyone … She not only shared her journey with everyone but also told how she did it. Time will pass because they already have one child and now they have to fulfill the responsibility of two.

Fada Ali
Fiza Ali went through the process of becoming a mother after many years of marriage and this news was very big for her She shared her photos in front of everyone during her daughter’s entire pregnancy and also said that she How is she taking care of her health … She eats regular desi ghee prathas and is also shopping for her baby … Now her daughter is six years old and this is six years old when She shared her pregnancy with the world.

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