Olympic Zhang Jianping: Sharing and changing is a general trend

Left 2. Zhang Jianping, Joint Chairman of the Olympic New Energy

“Multi-brand multi-brand sharing exchange, we think it will be trend.”

On April 19, Zhang Jianping, Joint Chairman of the Olympic New Energy, threw this view when accepting interviews.

In this Shanghai Auto Show, Austrian new energy has become the only power-saving operation enterprise that has been stationed in the passenger car show, bringing 20 seconds speed-speed power-exchanged scene real car demonstration, and showing multi-brand multimetime sharing power transmission technology through video.

At the scene, General Manager of the Olympic New Energy Group Brand and Market Center, Huang Chunhua, general manager of East China Region, also released the “Red Olympic Strategic Plan”, to 2025 goals:

Form more than 100 urban-level power-exchanged service networks.

Construction of more than 20 seconds speed shift stations.

It is a multimetary shared power exchange platform that meets more than 2 million new energy vehicles.

The picture shows the “Red Olympic Strategic Plan”

In the subsequent media interview, Zhang Jianping shared the future strategy about the Olympics. He believes that the sharing of electricity exchange has realized the “station compatibility”, that is, a power-saving station can exchange multiple models, which will also prompt the Olympics to the private power-saving market. He said, “You can buy a model that can be exchanged in the Olympic exchange next year.


21 years of experience summary

“What we said is multi-brand, multi-model sharing exchange power. We do not specify the battery brand and specifications, just unify battery pack size and physical interface, you can realize multi-model sharing power transfer services.”

Zhang Jianping gave the above answer when he replied with the power station and the model.

Shanghai Auto Show Callout Battery Package

The power-saving mode promotes all the way, a big reason is that it is universally adapted. If you take a power-saving mode in the whole industry, you should match all electric vehicles, and the chain is very long, the participants are numerous, and the resources that need coordination and integration are too large.

If it is a single model to make electricity, high investment costs, the promotion is slow, and there may be a single service model after completion, and there is a problem with a single asset utilization. It is a special example of a special case, and its shift is to create an ultimate user experience. Other host plants are difficult to bear such a large investment.

The generally feasible way is the current Austrian new energy with a 21-year exploitation of exchanging power transmission: everyone can unify a battery pack size and physical interface, you can realize multi-model sharing power transmission.

This program avoids the burden of individual investments, which is allocated, which helps the rapid spread of the power-saving mode.

Zhang Jianping revealed that the relevant departments of the national replacement battery pack is a standard. At the end of this year or early next year, group standards are expected to be launched first, and then according to different models of different models, the Olympics is also one of the standard drafting units.

After the standard, the expected elevation of the share-on-exchange, the problem of “the chicken and egg who first who first”, will be solved. Once the power-on power-on station is built, the potential service customers will be much more than before.


Real car electricity is not a dream

If there is a stage of development in the exchange mode, it is a 1.0-stage power-saving station is 1.0 stage – the change station is corresponding to the model, which can only serve its own brand model.

The 2.0 stage is to achieve “station compatibility”, and different brands of vehicles can be exchanged in the same shift station.

The final 3.0 stage is “car compatibility”, all the cars have the size of the unified battery pack, which can achieve the N ships to adapt to 1 battery pack to achieve real power-exchange sharing. At this point, the real “electricity separation” can be realized.

“Electric Separation” in the industry is still in the Beta version, and consumers still need to hold batteries or payment battery rentals.

Like a model, it is necessary to pay the battery rental fee every month, but you need to pay for each month until you sell the car.

Once the Olympics is in the process of 2.0 to 3.0, once the “car is compatible”, the user does not have to hold an asset, and there is no need to change which battery is changed, only need to buy a favorite body.

Olympics can provide users with mileage, or provide rental package, and users can pay.

At this stage, a 10,000 car, remove the price of the body after the battery, can be directly dropped to 100,000. Suppose the Roewe EI5 is an example, 2021 income version of the guide price of 139,800, 61-degree battery cost is calculated from 70,000 yuan, and after removal, the body is only 70,000 yuan.

At present, the Olympic exchange network has spread all over more than 20 cities across the country, which is based on service rental and webmarks. It has achieved “station compatibility”. Next, it is necessary to further popularize it, and it will inevitably enter the private consumption market.

“You can buy a model that can be exchanged in the Olympic Solvance. Zhang Jianping will answer when answering when to enter the private resilience.


Like gas stations are not like gas stations

“At present, although our power-saving main service B-terminal operations, the ultimate will be like gas stations. Whether you are B-terminal or C-terminal users, the products and services are the same. Change station will also Like, I am providing energy. “This is Zhang Jianping’s positioning for the future development of the electric power station.

In his opinion, the core of the shift is to do energy management and service. The first is to manage the safety and life of the battery. Safety is to manage the “thermal out of control” of the battery. We are the full life cycle management and will not overturn. ” The second is to serve, when the battery assets are peeled off from the user, the user only cares about how far. Olympics provides good shift services, just like refueling, users will have their own gas stations, for a few minutes, and they will not consider the oil problem, so the power-saving mode does not need to change the user’s use scene and habits. .

That is still different from the gas station, gasoline is a disposable consumables and will not regenerate. Since the power saving station has done a full lifecycle management, the use is traceable. After the battery is retired, there is still a residual value to play, and you can enter the ladder utilization area batch.


Construction station will exceed the imagination

Just in the early stage of the auto show, the Olympics and Sinopec signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and the two sides will jointly join hands, which will greatly improve the speed of the Olympic power-on network layout, further reducing the cost of exchange, and improve the energy exchange energy efficiency.

Olympics and Sinopec Strategic cooperation signing

According to Zhang Jianping, “Future Olympics will exceed everyone’s imagination, we may have completed our 2025 goals in advance.”

Huang Chunhua also gave a specific number. Since last time we arrived on March 11th, the Octavian has been completed in Shanghai, and the Olympics has been built in Shanghai. It is necessary to do 50 in Shanghai this year, 50 service operation vehicles reach 5,000. “

In addition to the grand objectives, huge battery assets will also become a fragrant. Zhang Jianping said that there is currently working on battery assetization, and many partners are communicating with Olympic communication.

The power-saving mode has once again risen, and has adhered to the 21st anion, ushered in an unprecedented opportunity. This company has completed the company from 0 to 1, it is to take this Dongfeng, expand rapidly, and complete the transformation from 1 to 10, to 100.


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