Only by the poor said that he is a leeks, Tesla old owners love “enjoy early and enjoy”

On March 16th, @ 不 看 车 released a short message “935 superchantry of Xiaopeng Automobile daily, is not brand super charge, this is easy to let everyone think that Xiaopeng car charging network Bitzra is also a cattle At the end of 2020, Xiaopeng brand super charging station had only 159, this is the target of Tesla super charge. And Tesla’s super charging station in the mainland has reached 760 ~ “This news, At the core position of Xiaopeng Automobile “The headline number (multiple deleted me content)” is also a honeycomb, and the comment of Xiaopeng’s decks is really a connection.

One of them: “Xiaopeng promotion is 935 free charging stations! Tesla is outside the batch of free charging engines who are cut by leeks, other owners? Those costs that are cut off the leeks. The electricity fee is. “Seeing this, I gave him a say:” Only the poor people feel that they are leeks, enjoy early, understand! “

Many netizens don’t understand at all, in Tesla Model S, Model X car owners, saying that they are young people, because everyone knows the value of time and the more value behind the time. Everyone complained that after the start of MODEL 3, the deterioration of the entire Tesra owner’s car owner and the deterioration of Tesla owners in the outer image.

Every time I talk to my friend, I almost form a unified consensus: “Tesra Model S, Model X owners must not do this, these people have time too gold, rights Time may have already earned it. So, there is a problem with the car, it is good to buy new! Rights, but a bigger loss! “

Similar views, it is also very common on the public platform: “It is very good for sales after domestic production. What demon ghosts have come out,” “”, “Squsla will break 200,000 thresholds in China, think about it. “,” I really serve, everything is quasi “… So, only those poor owners who” think that can be distributed “will feel that they are leeks, oil polls and Weilai, Xiaopeng’s fans I think that Tesla owners are leeks. Normal owners know how to pay for their choices, they can accept and enjoy “break early”!

Said here, I feel that those spans are somewhat poor. If you don’t understand, you will mess up, spurt those early Model S, Model X owners are leeks, spray them care, it is really a frog in the well, I don’t know how the sky is high!

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