P5 – Xiaopeng’s marketing adventure

On April 14, Xiaopeng P5 – This model is widely used in Guangzhou to unveil the veil in Guangzhou. Putting the time to January 8 this year, in the face of the upcoming P5, I wrote a “Xiaopeng’s Blade”, because the information is extremely limited, so more stations in the traditional market perspective at the time. Then there is such a definition.

And this time, although the official disclosure of information is still limited, the core has already been opened – smart, including XPilot 3.0 automatic driving assistance system, XMART OS 3.0 full-time vehicle system, plus theater, drone and other concepts Join, now P5 makes me a special feeling – this is a new species, it is a smart car, and the electric attribute has been abandoned.

For the new energy market, this is a dangerous signal. From the development timeline of smart electric vehicles, the short-term electricity is long-term, which is a peer in the industry. However, from Xiaopeng’s current marketing, P5 has undoubtedly have come to the second stage and cross the first paragraph.

For Xiaopeng’s intelligent technology and application level, I will never doubt, but so quickly to switch marketing to “full intelligence” in the second phase, and then discard the most valuable electric properties of most consumers, this will not Is there a certain risk? Is this a wise decision?

1, a selling point – intelligence

In the face of P5, a model of all expected, it is right in front of the auto show, and then watching Tesla’s rights exchange incident yesterday, Xiaopeng was once again highlighting. Although the time point is good, we see that there are two main sounds in the industry: designed to design the chain, intelligent invincible.

For P5 styling, everyone has a lot of vomiting, such as detail can’t afford, sharp and softness, oil change mark is still obvious, and so on. Even if these spits between these areas are not professional, but compared to P7 amazing, P5 is indeed flat. Of course, the shape is not the core selling point of P5, the intelligence is, so the spit on the shape is not around the overall expectation of P5.

As we all know, Xiaopeng’s intelligence is very strong, and it is still evolving, this is the most terrible. Last year, the Guangzhou Auto Show, He Xiaopeng shared his understanding and thinking about the hardware and software of next-generation intelligent system, including full-closed loop to form data and algorithms, support fast function iteration, hardware, including laser radar scheme, etc.

In P5, He Xiaopeng’s so-called “next generation” intelligent system is first equipped. Since the current disclosure information is limited, we can easily understand that on the most core smart driving XPilot system, based on P7, Xiaopeng last year is from 2.5 advanced to 3.0, which is based on P5 this year, it is from 3.0 advancement to 3.5.

Simply, although P7 is located, on the XPilot system, P5 has led a body, from marketing, this is the first point for P5 to everyone. Of course, since the XPilot system is OTA, the P7 will be upgraded to 3.5 version should not be a problem.

According to reports, in hardware, XPilot 3.5 system fused 13 HD cameras, 5 millimeter-wave radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 2 car regulations laser radar total 32 sensors, and 1 set high-precision positioning unit (GNSS + IMU ), 360 ° dual fusion perception of visual + radar.

Yes, the hardware level, especially the world’s world’s first addition, so that everyone has a higher expectation for P5’s automatic auxiliary driving. I asked Huawei to see how the laser radar and pure visual programs, he said that the pure visual program is currently better, and long-term laser radar schemes currently have a relatively high cost.

The third is the most popular secondary driving – NGP (automatic navigation assist driving) in the beginning of the year, and this time NGP has achieved new evolution, the scope of application is expanded from high-speed road to city road, and practicality is getting higher and higher.

According to the description, the new NGP can perform a driving task according to the navigation route, and have the ability to pass the traffic intersection; with urban roadway overtaking capacity, customization with car capacity, roundabout capacity, can perform dynamic speed limit according to ground / road conditions adjust.

Finally, the chip, force strength and storage, the same level is first equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon SA8155P car grade chip, and the force increase is more than 3 times higher than the previous generation, with 128GB of storage space, 12GB ultra high storage, support powerful car mobile interconnection With communication skills, human-computer interaction experience is more fluent.

The above is the current disclosure of the P5 disclosed in Xiaopeng’s intelligence, which reminds me of the new product conference a few days ago, each point is very strong, the style is very useful. Other non-core parts, it is difficult to hang consumer appetite, such as 23 hours smart space, I can’t get get to this point.

As for the electric attribute part of the battery, motor, platform, Xiaopeng has not said. Especially the endless mileage, as the first performance indicator of the current majority of electric vehicles, Xiaopeng is also hidden. I originally thought that No. 14 didn’t say, is there? But the result is still disappointing.

Therefore, for Xiaopeng P5, everyone only knows the intelligence part without knowing the electric part. A smart electric car is only intelligent, there is no battery life? Perhaps Xiaopeng will make up the life-related information, but the world is constantly constipation, and there is a regret. So, how to see Xiaopeng this “self-defective” marketing?

2, explore the B surface – adventure

Although P5 is expected, reviewing the fate from now, it is not over. That was said on the 14th, P5 arrival was originally a big thing in a sensation, but a G3 sudden self-ignition incident, and the major industries and user groups were all spread all over the major industries. It also thoroughly disrupted Xiaopeng’s marketing rhythm.

On the spot, under the neon light, Xiaopeng market people’s face was filled with oligomatics. What did they do wrong? not at all. Just say the three-power system, or the electric attribute of the smart electric vehicle is still concerned with most people, this is a dictation of a industry, temporarily unable to eradicate, Xiaopeng also can’t escape.

On the three-power system, in the new forces, Xiaopeng’s acceleration performance may prominently, but safety stability is not necessarily. Plus this, from last year, Xiaopeng electric car has already burned three, two G3, one P7. As a contrast, it has never spontaneously happened since then in 2019.

Perhaps, this three cars are not all the reasons for Xiaopeng. For example, the first G3 is a chassis bump, “being spontaneous”, but the damage to Xiaopeng is still unable to estimate.

In the field of smartphones, in addition to the “Samsung Explosive Event” affects very large, overall, everyone is not so much to the battery and life, more is the system, chip, run points, etc. Perhaps the smart electric car will also move toward this direction, but now, most people still pay more attention to the three electricity, pay more attention to battery safety, and even the endless mileage.

Today, Xiaopeng is “big” in intelligence, but it is also not ignored the basic three-electricity performance. In this way, I will see that the global debut, although I published a laser radar, but the lack of the two-electricity performance, so that this post conference does not seem to be successful.

Perhaps now the smart electric car users will be called fast about P5 laser radar, but what are the potential users of electric vehicles, new energy industry people? After all, laser radar is a professional, niche’s part, can’t represent all. In the marketing direction, the control of Xiapeng can’t drill the little alley, and forgot the world.

At the beginning of last year, Xiaopeng P7 was listed, and there was a BYD Han EV together. Electric potential believes that in terms of comprehensive product, P7 is stronger than Han EV. But now, it is no longer a magnitude, and the P7 month is about 3,000. Han EV breaks 10,000. What is the reason? Fundamentally lies in the security of the Han EV strong blade battery, that is, the three electrical properties.

About the safety dispute of lithium iron phosphate and three yuan lithium, this is another topic, not more described here, I am interested in seeing the most recent articles in the electric motor (“BYD surprised: last year Three lithium, this year’s miles 811 “). Maybe P7 is lost to Han EV is more than just this factor, but the success of the latter has attracted the attention of Xiaopeng.

Therefore, how does Xiaopeng do P5 marketing? How do I get back to a city after a position? After all, this time just appeared, I have not finally launched, everything has a room.

In fact, if I ignore the lack of the three-circuit sector information, P5 is a new thinking and market direction for us. If you don’t consider the three-power system information such as the battery, how many consumers are willing to be simply Intelligent payment? When electric performance cannot break through the A-class car market, can intelligent performance?

According to the multiplier in March data, the A00-level pure electric market share is 39%, and the share of the A-grade pure electric market is 17%, and the B-level pure electric market share is 34%. Yes, the P5 positioning the A-class car has entered a narrow market. If the P5 is impacted in an electric performance, it is estimated that life and death is estimated, but if you play in a smart label, it is not necessarily.

Because, with the name of Xiaopeng, intelligence is the strongest sharp blade of P5. Intelligence is still a scarcity configuration, making a Class A car as a B-class car, it is entirely possible. For those who value smart, as long as the intelligence is strong, the car is small, how is it?

Of course, regardless of the “premeditious” of Xiaopeng, this is an adventure, after all, there is no previous.

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