Participation Broadcasting Capacity PK: Representative Members involved the proposal of intelligent electric vehicles

On March 4th and March 5, the four conferences of the 13th National People’s Political Consultative Conference and the 13th National People’s Congress were opened in Beijing.

This year’s two sessions, a number of people’s representatives from the automotive enterprises, the battery industry and the Internet, brought a number of motion proposals on new energy vehicles and intelligent networks.

Some of these proposals, such as intelligent networks, autonomous research and development, automatic driving laws and regulations, “electricity separation”, power battery standards, hydrogen fuel batteries, etc., many appearances in different representatives, members In the proposal proposal, the company reflects the commonality difficulties, pain points and focus of the company in practice.

“Electric Vehicle Observer” has combed the proposal of the new energy and intelligent network of automobiles at the two sessions of this year, and give you a reference. Welcome everyone to participate in voting at the end of the text, select your most supported proposal, motion.


Automobile network security

○ National People’s Congress, Director Chen Hong – “Suggestions on Strengthening Automotive Data Safety and Privacy Protection in Digital Ecological Environment”

Establishing an access system: Intelligent NTU data (including high-precision map data) collection, storage, and commercial use must be recorded by relevant national departments, only cars that meet data security and privacy protection can enter the car announcement catalog.

Strengthen data privacy protection: Intelligent Network Auto Enterprises give users free choice when collecting, use, transfer, and delete data.

Formulation Process Review System: The digital service provided by the Intelligent Net Cars should be accepted by government departments, and make a clear provision related to sensitive data and personal privacy data.

Severely punish illegal violations: strictly implement data security and personal information protection laws and regulations. Punitive measures and group compensation mechanisms should be developed for hazards or abuse involving national security and user privacy data.

○ National CPPCC member, 360 group founder Zhou Hongyi – “Proposity on Strengthening Smart Automobile Network Security”

Incorporate smart vehicles in the vehicle production, sales and service system, and gradually forms mandatory requirements, like car seat belts, is listed as car safety standards.

Industry-level, building intelligent network automotive safety big data platform, safety intelligent analysis platform, emergency response platform, etc., forming a smart network car safety capacity system.

The test level requires the industry to develop a smart vehicle attack test tool for real application scenarios, establish a systematic attack test case library of covering car companies, sales, operation, and user full business processes.

Data security supervision level, strengthen the supervision of data collection during use during use, prohibiting collecting users uninformed data, prohibiting excessive collection of geographic environment data that meets smart car functions. It can make the standard specification of smart network cars to collect user data and geographic environment data, strengthen these data outbound supervision, refine the security requirements of intelligent network auto-related data.


The chip is autonomous

○ National People’s Congress representative, Changan Auto Party Committee Secretary, Chairman Zhu Huarong – “Suggestions on promoting domestic chip industrialization and maintenance of automobile supply chain security”

Establish a major special project for the domestic core chip and production equipment; it is recommended to strengthen the incentive policy to encourage companies to increase investment, promote and encourage the main plant dare to try or have a large-scale application of domestic car main chips; give appropriate tolerance on the basis of reliable security Degree, from the defective product recall system, moderately relaxation of the unexpected fault recall of related components; strengthen industry standard development, mainly testing verification standards, ensuring semiconductor products to standardize, let the whole car dare to use domestic chips.

○ National People’s Congress, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the SAIC Group, “About the improvement of the domestic system of the car, enhances the self-controlled capacity of domestic auto supply chains”

The top design route of the model chip “two steps”: The first step is jointly promoted by the host factory and system suppliers, support key chip enterprises, to help the technical threshold, low-level chip, localization, The second step is mainly driven by the chip supplier, and the technical threshold is solved the domestic system of the car grade chip.

Increase the support of the car regulation chip industry, so that the whole vehicle and parts enterprises are willing to use, dare to use, active “. The support policy of the focus cycle chip, including research and development and production line investment subsidies, first set of application subsidies, reduce corporate input and product prices; and pull the insurance company design product liability insurance, reduce vehicle, system and chip Enterprise application risk.

It is recommended to promote the specific high-tech threshold chip, and promote the special joint research project of the establishment of the whole vehicle, the system, and the chip, and the government, enterprises share the research and development funds, share patents, and occupy the highlights of future industry.

○ National People’s Congress, the party secretary of the Qirui Auto Co., Ltd., Chairman Yin Yue – “By strengthening the industrial ecological integration to break through the car chip” card neck “technology”

Develop outline of domestic car chip technology route development. Clarify the development goals of the domestic system of car chips, increase the construction of chip industry chain, key support and intellectual property protection; set up a chip innovation development platform. From standard, standard, talent, technical level to give the chip industry, the parts industry and the whole vehicle; strengthen the industrial ecological integration. In the ecology of industrial chain, encouragement and financial support, promote the ecology of the chip ecology and components, and the ecological integration of the whole vehicle. ○ National People’s Congress representative, Guangqi Group Party Committee Secretary, Chairman Zeng Qinghong – Suggestions on Strengthening the Industrial Chain Construction of Automobile Key Parts

Develop and implement special incentives for automotive semiconductors and key electronic components; accelerate the construction of domestic car semiconductor standard system and the implementation of the road map of automobile key electronic components; strengthen and improve the supervision mechanism of the automotive semiconductor industry; optimize the business environment, Help enterprise investment integration; strengthen anti-monopoly law enforcement in the field of basic people’s livelihood, guide platform enterprises and other relevant social capital flows into chips and key automotive electronic components, etc., the national strategic science and technology are required for long-term investment; national level increase international cooperation, explore joint venture cooperation Or in the way in depth strategic cooperation, further enhance the international competitiveness of industry chains.


Automatic driving legislation and insurance, etc.

○ National People’s Congress, Great Wall Auto President Wang Fengying – “Suggestions on Optimizing Laws and Regulations to Promote Intelligent Network Auto Commercialization

The current industrial management of intelligent networks is difficult to adapt to the rapid breakthrough of scientific and technological innovation in product standards, laws and regulations applicability, industrial access, etc., which restricts the development of intelligent networks. Therefore, it is recommended to accelerate the formation of cross-sectoral, cross-industry, cross-sectoral coordination mechanism; accelerate the revision of intelligent network car laws and regulations; the relationship between scientific and technological progress and legal stability is handled.

○ National People’s Congress representative, Guangqi Group Party Committee Secretary, Chairman Zeng Qinghong – Suggestions on Accelerating the Development of New Energy Vehicles in Intelligent Network

It is recommended to make corresponding coordination and matching in infrastructure construction, laws, regulations, research and development testing, technology promotion, road construction, etc.

Establish an automatic driving car test and operational data sharing mechanism, providing basic data support for the design of insurance products; the discussion of the “Automatic Driving Area Infringement Legal Responsibility” is launched and clearly clarified that the relevant responsibility is subject to the subject problem; build and automatic driving technology The insurance system; set up automatic driving without fault liability insurance system and strengthens assist in the rescue fund.

○ National People’s Congress, the Party Secretary of the Qirui Auto Co., Ltd., Chairman Yin Yue – “Strengthening the Policy Policy Support, the L3 level automatic driving in the low-speed scene”

It is recommended that L3 automatically drives in low-speed scenes, first try; open L3 automatically drives the right to drive under low speed; through low-speed scene mileage, accumulate automatic driving work conditions, to automatically drive high-speed automatic driving.

○ National Committee, Baidu Chairman and CEO Li Yanhong

It is recommended that the national level further strengthens policy innovation, supports automatic driving commercial and intelligent transportation: the national level further increases policy innovation, and opens up legalization paths for automatic driving scale; establishing all levels of government, industry and academics The automatic driving scale commercial propulsion mechanism; encourages enterprises to increase the development and innovation of automatic driving vehicles and key soft and hard parts, promote automatic driving vehicles.


“Electric Separation” Commercialization

○ National People’s Congress representative, Director Chen Hong – “Suggestions on Perfecting New Energy Automobile” Electric Separation “Business Model Policy System”

It is recommended that the state encourages non-fast-changing and quick-replacement “electric switch” model promotion applications; the relevant state departments have collaborate, and the “Electric Separation” model is fully combed and the improved management policies. The smooth implementation of the “Electric Separation” mode involves a number of links such as product announcement, vehicle registration registration, taxation, insurance, etc. It is recommended that the relevant ministries and commissions of the national commission will improve the corresponding policies and processes. Accelerate the “Electric Separation” application landing.

○ National Committee, Netease CEO CEO – “Promoting New Energy Automobile Battery National Standards”

It is recommended that the power-saving station is the new infrastructure focus, “Electricity Separation” exchange service network, “即 即 即, ie, change”, effectively solve the pain point for limited life, with this to drive new energy cars consumption demand, The “Blue Sky Defense War” contributes power.


Hydrogen fuel cell promotion

○ National People’s Congress representative, Great Wall Auto President Wang Fengying – “Suggestions on Promoting Fuel Battery Automobile Development Realizing Carbon Peaks, Carbon Normalization Targets”

Develop hydrogen energy national top-level design, improve standard regulations; guide to increase the basic research investment in hydrogen fuel cells, break through core materials and key components; accelerate the industrialization capacity of fuel cell vehicles, encourage multi-means to reduce promotion costs; strengthen quality Resources, optimize the industrial development environment.

○ National People’s Congress, Directors, Chairman Chen Hong – “” “”

It is recommended that the national level will form a unified China Hydrogen Energy Strategic Planning, Clear Stage Objectives and Step-General; Secondly to establish a sound management system mechanism, clear the lead authority, establish a strong cross-departmental coordination mechanism, and coordinate hydrogen energy strategy Implementation. It is recommended to break through the Hydrogen Energy Management Policy Regulations. For example, the upper and lower industrial chains of hydrogen energy, form a special regulatory policy separately, in the approval, regulatory processes and fuel tank oil as much as possible.

It is recommended to expand the scope of reducing project scope and carbon transactions in the national carbon emissions trading market quota management.

It is recommended to demonstrate the special subsidies for a certain period of time using hydrogen (hydrogen energy generated by renewable energy) in a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.


Power battery safety and standard

○ National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Zeng Qun, Chairman of Ningde Times – “About Strengthening Proposal for Lithium Battery Intellectual Property Protection”

It is recommended to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights from three aspects: First, deepen evidence preservation system rules, reduce the difficulty and rights cost of the proof stage. The second is to establish an intellectual property special trial procedure such as improving trial efficiency and shorten the trial cycle. The third is to recommend accelerating the introduction of the business secret protection system. Thus, it is necessary to serve the needs of corporate rights protection, solve the difficulties of the management of the company’s rights protection.

○ National Committee, Netease CEO CEO – “Promoting New Energy Automobile Battery National Standards”

It is recommended to settle the national mandatory standards of the power battery, adopt “unified specifications, interchanges”, reduce the comprehensive cost of the power battery production chain to ensure operational safety.

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