Peugeot new 308cc rendering diagram exposure, double door convertible, or will launch a mixed model

Speaking of the law, it has been brilliant in China for a while, whether it is Peugeot or Citroen or DS, has launched a good car that has been recognized by the Chinese people. Especially in terms of chassis, the legal car is more performance. But the design of the boss adds a simple single interior style, as well as the operation design that is not adapted to many domestic owners, and makes the proud law truck encountered Waterloo.

But for each car company, China’s auto market is a huge cake. In order to recast in the past, the legal truck represented by Peugeot has also frequently burst a variety of new cars spy photos and rendering. Let us see how much changes have occurred in their quiet years.

Recent foreign media stream came back to Peugeot new 308cc rendering chart, you can see that the new car uses a double door convertible design. Have to say that the double-door and coupe models are connected together in most car owners, and the hood is a romantic that must be indispensable in the past, and the new car of the legal car is also let us feel again. Go to the romance of the French.

From the design, the front headlights of the new car use a narrow 7-shaped design, which is also compliant with the latest family-style language. The Chinese network has chosen the borderless dot style. The internal new lion shield logo is brought to A new feeling of renewing is quite a bit of a bit of great cow. The blade shape is used inside the mist lamp area of ​​the lower grid and the left and right sides, which is filled with aerodynamic design. From the side of the body side, the new car uses a multi-microfit alloy wheel, the gap between the wheel arch and the hub, so that this new Peugeot 308cc has better grip and stability, the door handle does not use hidden design, see It’s small and exquisite. Above the rear wheel can be seen from the push-back convertible, more like a small tail you pick. Which male owner can resist the temptation of the chair of the hood?

Of course, in addition to the design, the interior is also a place where many young people are picky, although this new Peugeot 308CC does not publish specific interiors. However, foreign media guessing, the new car probability will be the same as the new Peugeot 308 hatchback model, using the E-Legend concept of Peugeot family. The classic double-fly multi-function steering wheel that is changing the standard, the I-Cockpit LCD dashboard and the suspended large medium control screen will appear in this new car, which makes the technology atmosphere in the car more intense. At the same time, as a convertible car, it is believed that there will be more coupe elements internally.

In motion, the implementation of the official has not yet announced the specific parameters of this model, but since it is a two coupe model, it is believed that the new car is still expected to launch a hybrid model.

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